Drake On Kendrick “Control” Verse


Drake still plans to do right and kill everything. In his Billboard cover story, he gives his thoughts on Kendrick Lamar’s “Control” verse and says he’s impervious to his attack.

“I didn’t really have anything to say about it,” Drake says of the verse, which has so far inspired responses from A$AP Rocky, Joey Bada$$, former Los Angeles Lakers coach Phil Jackson and too many others to count. “It just sounded like an ambitious thought to me. That’s all it was. I know good and well that Kendrick’s not murdering me, at all, in any platform. So when that day presents itself, I guess we can revisit the topic.”

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  • wewewew

    Drake sound hurt haha. Kendrick will murk that foo in rap. Get on a song with him where niggas rap and kendrick gon murk him. F”in problems proved that.

    • K.Dot wouldn’t Murk Drake fags

      Drake beat KEndrick on that boi. Get your Fanboy ass outta here.

  • k

  • LOL

    we’ll probably get a reponse of some sort on his album, maybe a jab or two.

  • Best response by far.

  • juju

    Drizzy Drake.

  • juju

    @k1ngeljay lol, it seriously is

  • Black Shady


  • Phyucku Dusumtin

    @wewewew – Drake had a better verse than Kendrick’s on ASAP’s “Fuckin Problem” and “Poetic Justice,” just sayin’…

  • DAC miesel

    We need a jab or two on NWTS and MNIMN

  • mac DIESEL
    • B.Dot

      @Mac DIESEL end Drake’s career? Stop it.

  • juju

    @wewewew Drake kinda killed kdot on “Poetic Justice” dog…

  • KoldCase

    Kendrick is way better than drake and its not even close

  • Devante

    Leave it up to Drake to respond so nicely lol

  • epod

    word i feel it *turns on Buried Alive (Interlude)”

  • Respect

    This nigga be FAKIN in his magazine interviews he prob. Already texted kendrick apologizing, I can’t wait till kendrick takes home that Grammy over him nd actually gets to make a televised speech

  • Ye

    macklamore and ryan lewis gonna take that rap grammy. Shock everyone then everyone gonna really be mad.

  • Ye


  • Drake needs to just swag it out for control for he can kill it if he once too.

  • Evil

    “I didnt really have anything to say about it” LOL

    Kendrick said he was gonna murder you,make sure your core fans never heard of you and that they never wanna hear one more noun or verb from you..and you got nothing to say about it?

    Drake,listen to me and listen good.

    You dont stand stand a chance what so ever against Kendrick,not now or at any given time in your life.
    The reason you didnt respond is simple,you are afraid.
    Afraid to be exposed,afraid to take an L,afraid to get eaten alive by a REAL MC.
    You know it,i know it and the world knows it.

    You know if you get involved in a beef with Kendrick,you know your soft singing bullshit wont match up to real rap music.

  • @BDot to be fair, 50 did it to Ja. Right now Drake seems to have enough people who despise his style enough for that to happen again. Hate becomes very effective once it gets a popular spokesperson

  • drakes career is made off of hit singles that “feature” his ability. clearly his strong point taking the nerd energy from whatever project and making his portion of it hotter or appear hotter or just be hotter bc dude is featured EVERYWHERE.

    BUT this dude needs to slow the fuck down if he thinks he can RAP like Kendrick. sure drake has catchy shit. but NO ONE is afraid of him….period so drake………

    do right and kill everything

    and prolly watch your mouth for hangin with rozay so much em gonna slap you around sumthin vicious lyrically Kendrick too..

    I just don’t know how this pop startlet thinks that he cant be touched on wax. started from the bottom my ass his dad has grammys and his ass was an ACTOR. why should the “game” or a magazine interview be any different?


  • Prevett19

    The thing with this is does anybody even consider kendrick and drake to be in the same lane? I mean kendrick is old school straight rap 90% of the time and drake is new age emo hip/hop-soul. Most of drakes fanbase doesn’t even know what a Tupac is…I don’t see the competition here.

  • tha OG

    Kendrick Lamar>>>lame ass drake

    • Kendrick ain’t shit

      Kendrick is the most overrated bitch in the game. He got mad responses for Control and half them killed him lmao. Budden, Ortiz, Cassidy, Papoose. The fact Kendrick thinks he’s a king is just pathetic.
      “Tell Kendrick and TDE they need to lay off the PCP

      Far from the king, this is the city of BDP

      You’ll never be a real west coast artist like Eazy E

      You a fucking joke, we laugh at you like hee hee hee

      Y’all probably stick dildoes in each other like Stevie G”- Papoose

      “King of New York, my nigga stop it 5

      Keep it funky Drake washed you twice” -Budden

      Drake already bodied Kendrick on the two collaborations they had, so get this Kendrick will murder Drake shot outta here.

  • Ye

    Did you do a study on how many drake fans know who Tupac is lol?
    Dumbest thing i ever herd

  • Dashing

    Too many people are saying this is the “best response” Why?

    Bravado + Swag + Hit records does not equal best MC.

    There’s the missing ingredient of dropping a classic rap album. Jay, Big, Nas, Em all have bravado, swag and hit records. But they also have classic albums. Where’s Drake’s classic rap albums? He still hasn’t topped So Far Gone and that was less rap than pop/R&B. The dude is talented and great, but you can’t talk like Jay-z in an interview when you don’t have the Rap catalogue to back it up. Not collabos, not singles, I’m talking about classic rap albums. Take Care was good, not classic. Thank Me Later had a lotta wack shit on it.

    GKMC and Section 80 are the closest thing we’ve got to modern (the last 5 years) classic rap albums. Control reginited MCing and rap in a way that hasn’t happened in a LOOONG time. Drake could never do that cause he doesn’t have the respect from his rap peers that Kendrick does. He’s got more fans, more hits, and more potential to sell, but that’s not the only factor in this. If it was Flo Rida could start making claims of being the best in the game cause he consistently makes hits that go multiplatinum and crossover to pop.

    That said, this was not the “best response” This was a calculated statement to appear dominant and avoid the issue of MCing that Kendrick brought up on Control. And judging from the responses from bloggers so far, some people are foolish enough to fall for it. If he said wait for “Nothing Was the Same” to drop to hear why I don’t need to respond I woulda respected him a bit more…

    The only platform that Drake is beating Kendrick in is number of white fans, record sales, and R&B singing prowess. Otherwise K.Dot got the lyrics, the classic albums, the peer respect, the critical acclaim, and more MCs shaking in their boots.

    Somebody needs to tell Drake that swag and that “fake it til you make it” shit can only take you so far.

  • ayyeee

    When it comes to rap skills kendrick murders Drake… I think even Drake knows this.

  • JHP

    Poetic Justice was a tie to me. That song didn’t strike me as a “who had the best verse?” type song, it was more of a great song all around. As for “Fuckin’ Problems”, Drake didn’t just fucking destroy Kendrick, but he still got him. Of course Drake thinks he’s the best in the game, that’s what anybody worth they’re salt as an artist is supposed to think about themselves isn’t it?

  • Gambino

    Mac Diesel vs B.Dot please

  • emee.fresh

    i hate fake rap stans.. drake can rap his ass off..hes a better rapper than singer he just gets more notoriety for his pop songs but that doesnt change the fact that drake can fucking rap. people are talking like drake cant go toe to toe with kendrick..face it haters drake is a great rapper and if you dont agree its cause you refuse to listen

  • buttajones

    name me a wack drake verse..don’t worry i’ll wait

  • I Dunno

    Lyrical k.dot kills drake (end of discussion)

  • Dashing

    Only legends earn the right to not have to respond on wax when being called out. LEGENDS. That’s why Jay didn’t have to respond to Jim Jones, Wayne, Fat Joe or whoever thru subliminals at him. But he DID have to when someone of equal weight (Nas) challenged him.

    Pretending that Kendrick isn’t a worthy adversary is not a good defense.

    Show me the best verse of Drake’s career(Lord Knows, Stay Schemin, 9am in Dallas, 5am in Toronto?) and I’ll show you 10 Kendrick verses hotter than it (Hiipower, Ignorance is Bliss, Rigamortis, Game “The City”, The Heart Pt 3, The Heart Pt 2, P&P 1.5, Backseat freestyle, Control,)

    Drake can rap his ass off, just not as well as Kendrick so he needs to stop pretending like he’s not getting murdered by Kendrick on that MCing shit.

  • df

    drake is a legend in the game

  • Respect

    jay z threw shots at jim jones that joint was just wack nd he lost to camron lmao, dont bring that nigga up

  • Dashing

    Fact is Drake is risk-averse. It’s safer to dismiss Kendrick than to risk getting bodied by him so he slyly dismisses him (not outright insulting him, which could start a battle) so that it doesn’t have to go on wax.

    Fact is unless you’re a struggling rapper trying to make a name for yourself you don’t want it with Kendrick. And that’s what that Drake response was about. Fear masquerading as cockiness.

  • paulpierce

    i would get mad at what cats is sayin on here bout kendrick is the better one, kendrick is dope end of story. buttttttt drake is terribly better. kendrick just should stick to the boom bap for the old niggas…keep killin drizzy

  • Anthony Graham

    Drake better than Kendrick, PERIOD . . . Kendrick drop one classic & everybody on his dick now. Where was all y’all K.dot fans wen the “Kendrick Lamar EP” & “Overly Dedicated” was out? Kendrick that dude & I listen to him almost everyday but he’s no Drake.

  • mac DIESEL

    @ B.Dot

    @Mac DIESEL end Drake

  • Anthony Graham

    Every song Drake & Kendrick on together drake has the better verse. It’s close na, but he does

  • TRUTH IS..

    Drake is dope. But he doesn’t want shit with Kendrick. K.dot spits that real shit.

  • Drake has quotables for days

  • LAThaGawd

    DRAKE MAKE BETTER MUSIC THAN KENDRICK!!! All that lyrical shit nice & all but at the end of day it’s tons of niggas that can’t make good songs but be lyrical as hell. For example look at Slaughter House & Wiz Khalifa. Slaughter house more lyrical by far but who make better music & had more songs charted on billboard, Wiz Khalifa.

  • tmb

    kendricks winning the best rap album grammy next year and the grammy deadline is always the end of sept or early oct so idk if nwts is even gonna be eligible to be nominated. but i’ve been saying since it dropped that kdot gonna be the first to beat kanye for best rap album. and i loved yeezus too.

    but drake, this is the best response though

  • Facts

    Who got more hits? Who got more classic music? Who is considered the leader of the new skool? Who has 2 albums that you don’t have to skip ah single song on? Who did Kanye say keeps the most pressure on him? ALL DRAKE NIGGAS!!!

  • B124EZ

    Most of the people on Kendrick’s dick probably don’t even listen to GKMC anymore. That Control verse was cool but that shit was not Takeover or Ether. Kendrick still has to prove he can make a quality follow-up album.

  • Anti Bias

    @TRUTHIS Drake spit that real shit too nigga. Just because his type of real has to do with love, women, stats, & not anything with the hood doesn’t mean it ain’t real. Most of these so called “gangsta’s” nowadays relate to drake more anyways. They ain’t bout that street shit Forreal.

  • Word

    @Dashing is going in right now haha.

    Kendrick not murdering Drake in every platform but I think he has him in some.

    Lyrically, I mean come on. Drake can rap but Kendrick got him there. Subject matter, I like both of them but Kendrick has the flow IMO. Kendrick is a superior rapper to me.

    Appeal, Drake but Kendrick could catch him there. Kendrick actually still has ALL his singles in a steady consistent rotation. They all did well on the charts and have sold pretty good too. GKMC is platinum too, even Cole doesn’t have a platinum plaque yet.

    Awards, Drake so far but Kendrick could catch him there as well. They both perform well. Head to head, Fucking Problems was about even. I dunno where else to compare them. Kendricks ceiling is high.

  • room2roam

    “he’s not killin me on ANY platform”…HA

    Drizzy > KDot

    and im a fan of kendrick…


  • Cap


  • Dashing

    @Facts, Flo Rida got hits too. So does Nelly. 2 albums that you don’t have to skip a single song on??? You are wildin dude. His first album is half garbage. The second album has at least 4 tracks that are skippable and a lot of so-so joints. Nothing skippable on GKMC, except maybe the joint with Drake.

    @B124EZ GKMC came out almost a year ago and he still has 2 singles getting play on radio from it. AS for follow up album, go peep Section 80. GKMC was the follow up to that. He already has 2 classics.

    Drake got the hits. And he can rap. And he makes interesting cool music and is pushing the boundaries of R&B/rap, but he can’t fuck with Kendrick when it comes to MCing. That is a fact. An undeniable fact.

  • Luis

    In my opinion Drake is the best right now. Kendrick Lamar is good, but Drake is more talented. Also, sometimes its difficult to understand what Kendrick is saying on he’s songs. This nigga sounds like a fucking alien. Lol

  • Dom

    Pound for pound kendrick is better than great.. And I’m a huge Drake fan.. Is Good Kid Maad City better than Drake’s first album? YUP! BUT THAT’S KENDRICKS ONLY POINT! Kendrick does not have the hits, height of fame, or the longevity that Drake has.. Kendrick can easily flop on his next album.. 50 Cent and Eminem were big too at one time but sometimes consistency is hard to keep up.. DRAKE is ON TOP and sorry kendrick (even though your first album was better than drake’s first album) DRAKE IS STILL #1… and at minimum you DID NOT MURDER HIM (iRobot voice)

  • Capricorn Religion

    I Fucking love it. Perfect response. THIS, is how your suppose to response. But, it only works for Drake because lets be honest, THIS, is who Kendrink was waiting for, and all he got was:

    “Eh, it was alright. Its whatever but, I’m not worried about him in any form of music”

    That only works for Drake as I said because Kendrink was mainly pointing at him out of all those dudes. Period. THIS, response is the one he was waiting for, an I bet this is the one that made Kendrink bit mad at least.

    Out of all the songs that dropped, it meant nothing compared to that sentence.


  • mob

    drake overrated as fuck

  • rauu

    I’m a fan of drake but he ain’t seeing Kendrick Lamar here…

  • JohnnBBC

    Why is this bitch talking ? Kendrick is sitting on a great indie album and a modern day classic, drake is sitting on 2 average albums… and it’s coming from a lil wayne fan

  • Genh0o

    Drake is aveage, he shouldn’t talk about Kendrick who is sitting on 2 curtified GREAT albums.

    the hip hop indsutry knows that Drake’s best album si a 7/10 at most while kednrick is sitting on a possible classic

  • traimg

    I used to be a massive fan of Drake but I can’t lie, Kendrick shits on him 🙁

  • SpawN

    Kenrick is twice as good as you nigga, and I’m not even a fan.
    Just give up drake.

  • Killllahz

    Kendrick > Drake

    and it’s coming from a ymcmb fan xD

  • AverageJoe

    Kendrick murdered him on almsot every featuring, he should retire.

  • Drake sitdown

    Kendrick is miles ahead of Drake.

    Kendrikc is the most complete rapper of this generation and his iimpressive discography speaks for itself.

    Drake is just another above average mcee

  • lmaooo

    Drake pelase, sit down, I’m a bif fan but you can’t go against kendrick who has a far better discography than you nigga

  • Fiasco

    i’ll always support kendrick even if I don’t like him because I don’t want to let hip hop die

  • chriskelly

    B.dot and Mac Diesel been kinda cool with each other lately?


  • #FactsOnly

    Lyrically Drake would lose to K Dot but Drake is a good rapper. Can’t deny that. We all know who the real MC is though and Kendrick truly has a passion for Hip Hop.

  • This nigga Drake think he really Jay.. haha.. He’s obviously taking the Joe Cool approach.
    I would say poetic justice all tho wasnt really that type of song was a tie. Drake got him on F’in Problems.

    Body of work , Lyrics, Subj Matter, Concepts etc. I would give that to Kendrick.
    Records Sales Drake but face it Kendrick Just went Plat and is hot right now.
    Choruses, Hit singles Radio Airplay Drake all day

    Add all that up Drake should take Kendrick more seriously or maybe he does and is doing his best Ali or Jay for the magazines.

    Im pretty sure Drake knows how important the success of his new album is.. I mean a Flop at this time and His King of the Niggas status could be in jeopardy..

  • King of the New Niggas – Typo *

  • Niggas keep bringing up Poetic Justic or F’n problems like it was Brooklyn’s Finest, Renegade’s or some shit like that. Neither of them tracks are real mc tracks like that, so you can’t judge no potential battle off them bars.

    Point blank, nobody expects Drake to outrap Kendrick, so if he dropped a diss sayin ANYTHING at all, niggas would be overhyping all crazy, so it’s really a lose-lose for Kendrick in my eyes…

  • A Dubb

    Ya’ll mufucckas just don’t wanna admit that your man Drake don’t want it with Dot, fuck who sold more records or who on the radio, who winnin awards or whatever. Drake need to spit some “heat” at Kendrick, then we can talk. If Drake considers himself the best, then he got to defend that, not in an interview, he gotta spit that fire. I don’t care about record sales, video/radio rotation (if ya’ll wanna take it there, Kendrick is killin Drake on the charts right now but that’s another story) Drake gotta talk that shit, see but he really not built for it, so this lil interview/shot made sense to try to downplay the situation…………. Sound like a scare tactic to me…………bottom line is that, none of the new niggas want it with Dot!!! #HIGHPOWER

  • A Dubb

    Kendrick don’t have songs where he just singing, that makes him better than Drake already. Drake don’t wanna really respond because if he loses, that takes all his credibility away!!! #HIGHPOWER

  • Fame is going to this nigga’s head too much! The buzz got him thinking he is the Jordan of hip hop, but when it comes bar for bar Kendrick gon’ bury his Canadian dry ass

  • LA

    Drake’s “Versace” verse alone was better than Kendrick’s “Control” verse.
    Real talk.
    You Smendricks need to get outta year with all this hype-beasting.

  • Nickey Black

    Dude said his Versace verse was better than Control verse….Oh wow!

    I’m for Kendrick all day. I’m glad he’s here. He’s better than Eminem and Drake. Plus Kdots album shuts down Holy Grail Magna Cater.

    I still play his album daily. There is not one Drake song fucking with Ks Dying of thirst.

    Keep it 100. K is the new Hip Hop savior

    He’s KRS ONE 3000….Lol

  • E!


  • J Whistles

    LOL at everyone saying this is a chess move by Drake. Drake doesn’t know how to be tough, this is the only response he has.

  • Jerzzz

    That response is the exact bitchmade pussy ass reason hip hop has become so fuckin lame. New Niggas and your soft as charmin attitude, no fuckin hunger or will to compete is faggotry. Check your purses and fuckin chanel chains at the entrance to the gladiator arena that IS HIP HOP……. OR GET THE FUCK OUT

  • josh

    everyone going on how kendrick would murder drake are just looking at it from the raw rapping side – yeah course kendrick is a better rapper than kendrick, that said drake held his own on poetic justice and problems – lyrically arguable not but the swag of the whole verse he smashed it.

    as an artist drake has it though, the whole project he brings when he does an album is impressive , me makes shit you wanna listen to (obv some dont like him or some just hate cos they hate), but even if kendrick was overall ahead of drake – kdot sure aint ‘murdering him’ thats for sure.

    dont get me wrong though they are both in my top 5 for the last 4 years.

  • josh

    *kendrick is a better rapper than drake (that mistake was embarrassing)

  • Theblackrushlinbaugh

    *thats ymcmb talking* drake is a very intelligent brotha, he know he’s the best at what he does !!

  • Da Business

    Damn, shots fired!!!

    As much as I fux w/ K. Dot, Drake is right though. He’s @ the top of the game right now as far as the new school is concerned. Drake is Jay, to Kendrick’s Nas…

  • observer_21

    this was a good response Drake knows that he’s on top… out of all new niggas he just has a sound for this shit!

    Drake actually took a shot, KDot is relevant but when he reaches my platform thennn we’ll revisit the topic haa

    #TeamWale doe

  • tjp

    Let’s face it here, the jab Kendrick had on Control was nothing at all, he only mentioned people he knew weren’t better than him.

    I’d love to see Kendrick go at a veteran like Drake did Common, just so he’d get put in his place.

  • Texas Boy

    MT. Olympus BIG K.R.I.T. Here comes the south