New Mixtape: Shakespeare #InvincibleDream


Following his appearance on Sway In The Morning, Broo


klyn upstart Shakespeare continues to make a name for himself with his warm up set, #InvincibleDream. Hosted by Sway, listen to the six tracks below.

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  • Chronic

    Meh… Cheap mans tito Lopez

  • TessaKatrina

    Love this compilation, def worth a listen

  • fuxyall

    Y’all finally up on son? He’s been putting in work

  • Billy

    Fire! looking forward to the next project.

  • bun son bricks

    not bad never heard of dude but this makes me feel like I’m back in high school

  • Lee Jon

    Just got done listening. Yo this dude took it back to the actual mixtape era of the 90s! And he did his thing on these records. Really dope. I hope he does more of these.

  • Silver

    There’s nothing like great music. The Incomparable Shakespeare is who to look for!! #InvincibleDream

  • bkflacco

    this was a dope vibe. love how he actually got a DJ to ACTUALLY mix… He killed that Roots remix. and that Black Moon joint too.

  • Is the era of the REAL MIXTAPES coming back?!?!?!?! I’m a believer #Invincibledream

  • qbert

    I can’t seem to stop listening to this mix tape!!!! So good!!!! #heavyrotation

  • Lucian

    A sense of my youth envelops me when hearing records like this. It gives me hope that we all haven’t gone to shit and my kids have a chance at surviving the great musical Armageddon.

  • 2Trill

    I don’t know why ppl acting like this shit hot. Its ok. Nigga sound like every other NY rapper going over old ass beats

  • a+

    so dope! on constant rotation ever since downloading this mixtape. props!

  • Kris Jenner’s Landscaper

    I fucks with this. You don’t hear mixtapes blended like this with niggas cuttin and shit anymore. These DJs straight forgot how to do that shit. Dope overall.

    @2Trill Quit hatin my nigga.

  • 100% dope.

  • 2Trill

    look I ain’t saying the nigga wack but cmon. Y’all giving dis nigga way too much credit. But I can;t take a nigga serious that call himself Kris Jenner Landscaper

  • Banged Yo Moms

    @2Trill nah, the beats are one thing. The melody in his verses is something else. NY wished we had more new MCs like this. Everyone trying to sound like they come from somewhere else.

  • JD

    Yooo this shit is that knock !! Download now this is hip hop at its finest .. Beats rhymes & ill mixing !! What more can u ask for str8 fire !!!


    NY rap!!! like the legit ny rap!

  • 2Trill

    y’all Ny niggas so thirst. That’s why K.Dot came in and hurt yall feelings



  • Drizz

    This tape is restoring that feeling… A new golden era is upon us.. Rejoice & enjoy this moment…

  • QueenSDub

    Real hip hop! Is this artist signed? He is dope!

  • varski

    im loving this! more more moooooooore noise! yessssss!

  • chriskelly

    im lost… ohhh now i see whats going on here

  • This mixtape is amazing production is dope and the bars are sick,make sure you keep a watch out for this guy coz I think he will be next up!!!!! #onrepeat #24/7

  • This is hot i cannot front

  • Support that brother Shake… If you listen close you will see how much of a beast he really is!!! Download that new tape like now!!!

  • Carlye

    This is awesome! I don’t usually listen to this kinda stuff but when my girl is right, she’s right! Might play it the rest of the day…

  • JB

    We’re witnessing a verbal assassin with a vintage flow on classic beats… Back 2 The Future of The Golden Era! #INVINCIBLEDREAM