• RIP Chris Lighty..

  • Logic

    I would be suprised if niggas find a way to hate on this

  • Seealejo

    Rip thanks to u we heard so much great music.

  • pptheTRUTH

    Damn this had me a lil exicted.. Soundin like his untouchable flow like he had on “The Big Bang Theory” Amazing lyrics and production throughout.. That cd reinvigorated my loce mr. busta rhymes.

  • Luigi

    This hard, busta’s flow and delivery is impeccable

  • LOL

    where’s 50 Cent’s tribute? he hasn’t said shit since dude passed.

  • bcro28

    50 cent dosen’t have to say shit. Lighty’s family is already taking care of because of 50. When 50 dies he said he’s leaving all his money to chris lighty’s daughter.

  • jus10

    wow. I think Busta is the only rapper who remembered this… or cares enough.
    Busta = true HipHop head 🙂

  • Kwesi B

    Hard, straight bars and heart felt lyrics.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!