• Hard work pays off…

  • Safe Dwade

    I heard the tape was mehhh af


    tryin od hard to be artistic

  • Northwest
  • juju

    Cool vid, weak song

  • D

    Mona Lisa & Ashley should have been the main 2 singles off Sean’s album…not this nd Beware (which isn’t bad…but it’s not a hit)

  • DAC miesel

    If songs like this are what makes up HOF I’m not going to even listen. Sounds like a “Detroit” throw away track

  • This video doesn’t make justice to the song. Smh, that’s a shame..

  • hah

    i’m not even going to lie the album was very disappointing to me

  • Dope update, thanks for posting this before everyone else!

  • thirdeyijimmy

    this nigga been trash…yall fell for the hype…can’t name one credible bar…#dtownlost and berserk sucks.

  • dll32

    album was dope! worth a shot!

  • mac DIESEL



  • Dashing

    Album was a massive letdown. Especially the way they were hyping it.

  • Black Shady

    I honestly dont get the Big Sean hype. he sounds like someone who cant rap. oh god…

  • Peekay


  • The Wise

    Its over dor this fuck boi..he jus dropped a solid brick..ain nobody listenin to that shit..not one banger on the whole shit..an on this track he sound like he fightin thru his puberty stages…hes soon to be forgotten

  • Belize


  • I don’t understand the Big Sean hate. His projects before Detroit were dope. But he still has catchy wordplay for dancing. He use to pick unique instrumentals to chill or ride to, now he picks the same trap beat every time. His Mike Posner features back in the day were solid, they made hits and his ish with chiddy bang were dope. I really don’t feel the growth yet, but maybe he will realize he needs a more unique sound after HOF drops. He really came make it happen if he reaches outside the box again. Something must of changed in his life to make him feel content with his beat choice. Bruh, you gotta bring that thing that made you dope in the first place. A Mike Posner / Big Sean tape would be dope, with his beats and your lyrics there is no way you can miss. Peace. I know Sean’s people be reading the comments, translate this to him and he’ll be a hit.
    A fan from day one

  • PHREASHest

    It sounds like half the people hating on the album here are judging off of the singles or a couple of songs they heard…give the music a chance yo! If you do and you still don’t fuck with it…cool. I think this shit was dope and I CAN hear the progression. If he gave y’all FF3 forever, y’all would be going in on him for being stuck on the same shit. Can never please niggas smh

  • tucq

    Am I watchin the same shit u guys are watchin?
    I think this is pretty damn good. I can relate to what he’s sayin, the beat is coo, and the visuals is dope.

    Its not the greatest song I ever heard, but its above average. Yall some cold muhfuhkuhs. “I’m workin like I’m mexican/that means I go from 10 to 10/then 10 to 10/ and 10 again……. I can relate to that shit niggaz

  • Mister B

    Best song on the album which was pretty good.

  • tucq

    Big Sean is a very good rapper.

    I think Sean could’ve had a bigger 1st week if he kept the R&B flavor more in his singles. “Beware” is coo but its more of a Pop song. He didn’t have to crossover IMO.

    His first big songs were more R&B
    (“Chardonnay”, “My Last”), then he did “A$$”, “Clique”, and “Mercy”….
    None of those are pop songs so I don’t see why he switched it up.

  • norway

    What the hell, this is not to be taken serious, Vocals must have been recored in his bathroom while he was takin a sh!t and crying about it. This I dont fux wit,

  • The Wise

    to the guy sumwhere up there sayin he make catchy dance music…KILL URSELF…garbage as average rapper with no apeall..working like a mexican?!?!?! who the fuck wants to say i woke up like a mexican…lmafao such fuckin shitt music…

  • Mathematician

    The video sucks but the record really ain’t that bad. At least it’s not as bad as some of the comments make it seem…

  • Jaymalls

    niggas just hate 2 hate… lol! 95% of the people above didn’t even buy the album or an album in the last 3 months PERIOD, yet have the most 2 say!

  • The Wise

    ^ umm to this moron above..ive bought plenty of albums.an u dont even make sense..so i have to own a cd to say wether its trash or not..srry groupie but ur favorite rapper put out a trash album..u know he got it bad wen he has to begg people to buy the cd an then therers an article saying def jam didnt wanna put out the album..obviously people like me an his label see that he aint shit his second go around..u new generation of pussys make me sic with ur soft ass rappers!

  • yeemjay

    FROM TEN NA TEEEEEEEEENNNNNN TO TEN AGAAAAAAAAINNNNNNNNNNNN Salute my hard working black brother #hardworking

  • daff

    How people calling the album trash based off 3 songs??? lmao

  • I heard Big Sean’s album and I thought it was dope.better than his debut.Not as dope as the detroit mixtape, but real tight.Not as many chick songs.More real life talk.His album is hot.This video is alright,but he could have done more w/ the visual IMO
    Loch Afro American Horror Story Mixtape Hosted by @DJDooWop http://piff.me/d91349e

  • Little Sean

    Song sucks, album was a let down.

  • The Wise

    Can believ sum of yall actually have standards for this clown..yall actually expected him to actually give u an album that would last the test of time..lmfao haha terrible taste an yeah i heard the whole album..this kidd jus like j.cole is not intrestin at all more dull an boring an the only thing he could do is give u floss rap..an look what happen he gives u an album trynin to be personal an still is lost in translation..so no what can yall say he gave u floss an personal an neither stood out..so hang the mic son..im 25 an will not be that guy who say big sean is dope..ill leave that to yall youngins

  • it’s the roc

    This sucks.

  • Cody

    What the fuck was that running across the screen at 1:49?!!??!?!?!?!?!

  • STFU

    I just don’t like his voice. He is not lyrical, at all. Next.

  • Hannibal Lecture

    His album sucked end of story for all you queer ass fans of his! Should have put control on the album. Hes slated to do 70k the first week. Careers over!

  • Melman

    I had hopes for this dude..his feature games has been crazy but his one mistake I say son made was giving away that Detroit mix tape…he went to hard for that to be a free tape..if that was his album he would’ve put up at least a 100k first and respect for that matter. I listened to the album, gotta sit with it for a couple of months to really get it but then again..born sinner magna carte and yeezus was a instant hit to me…also IMO this dude Is to soft…why nobody on good music rallied behind pusha t and go after them YMCA rappers…they could’ve Made some good team music instead you got this bubble gum shit..I feel him and the positive shit he’s on but dam..how you a team and letting your mans go to war then make songs with them fools…it was to early for that..

  • LuxuryRap

    1st week sales are low because “Beware” is not an accurate representation of HOF. I’ve been a fan of Big Sean since Ye was posting mixtape tracks on his blog kanyeuniversecity.com. I wasn’t really looking forward to the album cause I thought it was all gonna be like “Beware” and I really don’t care for that song. The rest of the album is great, IMO. He has a lot of solid tracks that you’ll probably hear on satellite radio lol

  • Theblackrushlinbaugh

    Can’t front. *banger*

  • daz

    This beat sounds so familiar anyone know what song this sounds similiar to?