• Gboy

    Amazing Video For A Corny Song. what a waste.

  • LmAo

    ain’t 50 cent suppose to end these niggaz career from 2010

  • Bitch Gang

    ^ ^
    Thumbs up for GBoy.

    Dre Films did a good job, but the song is corny AF.

  • pptheTRUTH

    Wait so the song is actually about sticking up a brinks truck????? Wow. Wow. Ross and Baby have lost more touch than when they started.

  • steph


  • Neighbourhood Bully


  • crysis

    wtf is this ohhhh yea hot garbage. LOL

  • Peekay

    1st question, why is Birdshit credited? Other than appearing in the video, he didn’t do shit. 2nd, the video doesn’t match the song at all. 3rd, what a boring song! Has Ross affiliated himself with the Bloods now too?
    Video was a complete waste of money.

  • Grigori Rasputin

    Can’t believe my nigga assisted in making this garbage ass video.

  • Magna Cart-Ugh Holy Fail

    damn dem corny ass niccas killin hip hop kendric shoulda diss dem niccas

    • 90’s

      unfortunately these nigga aint goin anywhere …..they here to stay smh sad but we had em back in the 90’s its like part of the culture ..

  • ZoomZoomDad-Otis

    You should b ashamed of yourself if you seriously like this crap.

  • ME


  • thirdeyijimmy

    whhhhddddaaaaccck! as fuck.

  • Well that escalated quickly
    Loch Afro American Horror Story Mixtape Hosted by @DJDooWop http://piff.me/d91349e

  • observer_21

    they love to hate Ross its not working he has the recipe for success