Pusha T My Name Is My Name Cover


Kanye returned to Twitter today to unveil the covers of Pusha T’s long awaited solo album.

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  • tucq

    Ok….. I’m lookin at it with my smartphone….. how do I scan it

  • Parker

    i will be coping this. Push!

  • Black Shady

    what do you mean scannable with my smart phone?

  • Black Shady

    just read this on another website ;

    “Update: If you scan that barcode with the Amazon application, it will bring you to the album pre-order. So, while the below art sports some style, the above is purely functional. Not a bad idea at all. You might be on to something, DONDA.”

  • jamie

    That’s actually a ill cover…it looks demonic…which is the whole theme behine MNIMN

  • Everyone asking how to scan it. Download the scan app for free. Then scen it. It will probably take you to more pusha t merchandise. Love the illuminati conspiracy that this will bring up. Seeing that they believe that bar codes are a mark of the beast ??

  • Would Marlo Stanfield like it?

  • Mitch Transue

    It’s like the opposite of the Yeezus cover. Very cool.

  • amazing ye

  • dope

  • icandigit

    It’s unfortunate that this album will never see the light of day. If big sean had to fight to put his album out, do you really think DEF JAM is going to be behind this album? Pusha is doing r&b songs trying to get something to “pop” I just don’t see how this album will be profitable for a major label. Just my opine hope Pusha proves myself and others “socalledhaters” wrong.

  • bk2chiraq2dtown

    King Push the best right now http://m.youtube.com/w atch?v=N7blWPL-WYo#

  • bk2chiraq2dtown
  • Shamba Menelek

    these album covers are getting stupid… Its like ordering a 50 dealer meal and then they give u a plate with some swirling sauce and a piece of lettuce, Here is your steak sir! lol

  • Leon Sandcastle

    Shits wack.

  • Safe Dwade

    “DORIS” reigns supreme fuck this shit

  • i hate these wierdos yo.

  • Young Lucky

    @icandigit man what in the fuck do you know? NO ONE has had the consistent steam as push over the last 2years so snort a line you fucking dweeb

  • The Brain Trust

    The deluxe cover is really dope.

    Mahn, i’m so amped for this!

  • #FactsOnly

    A functional cover is a great idea tbh. W for DONDA. Both covers are dope & I know the album is fire. The machine gun record is hard and I wonder if Chase & Status is letting Push throw it on his album as a bonus. Either way I am anticipating this.

  • “What the f*ck you know about what I need on my mind muthaf*cka?!?”

  • This shit better not ever disappoint.

  • jdubcreative

    numerology is a muhfucka

  • Morris Day Laugh

    I knew that shit in the middle was going to add up to 24 so that 2 + 4 = 6 so it could be 6 6 6. Get off that devil shit man damn…shit is played out

  • Lil wayne- Friday The 13th #D5

  • wouzi


  • Theblackrushlinbaugh

    *120000 first week sales #1hh&r&b* he got that weird fan base, street niggas like him and so do backpackers/ college student types!!!

  • Real Spitter

    Street Rap Is Back!!!! Tired of all these Singing Rappers, Backpack Rappers, and Club Rappers. That Real Hood Ish will smack you lame @$$ haterz in the face. I can see the majority of the folks with negative comments running in the house when the real n!ggas drive down the street bumping that Pusha T.