• Z

    Sean one of the best performers in the game and probably the most humble artist, it’s sad the people don’t gravitate to his projects like some of the other rap stars and he’s an above average rapper…maybe Def Jam/GOOD just dropped the ball with getting him the right exposure for the album “Hall of Fame” is a good body of work and has no business doing only 77,000 the first week!

  • JustMyOpinion

    ^ People are tired of SINGING rappers, if you claim to be a rapper then give us 18 tracks of RAP. Nothing more, nothing less. And, what does he do? Bring out another SINGING “rapper” at his show.

    That “control” song is a turning point in this rap thing.

  • villa


    Your opinion is stupid…wtf is Drake??? a singing rapper that’s gonna prob do a mill first week…no one is tired of it, Big sean should have released around “clique”when he had the most buzz

  • Z

    “Clique” was his song and was suppose to be on the album he said it in an interview awhile back…I think GOOD music put it on Cruel Summer cause it only had one hit which was “Mercy” and that was basically Sean’s song too he got the most shyne of it..imagine if both them joints was on Hall of Fame!! and “Control”..we would be talking about another classic album just off of hit songs!

  • Jax

    Big Sean’s first and second album sales are actually good numbers in today’s climate for music.
    But the appearance is that he’s flopping. According to the hip hop media Sean is just as big as Wale or J Cole or Wiz or Kendrick. So if that’s the case, why is he not doing their numbers? The problem IMO is he’s suffering from what I would categorize as Fan Envy or Fan Revenge. IMO you can blame the bloggers and MTV for his low sales. I’m sure many Kendrick, Wale and J Cole fans are also fans of Big Sean. But when the hip hop media pits rappers against each other, fans take sides. For example MTV has been trying to convince fans that Sean is so hot, he’s not only hotter than Wale and J Cole and Wiz, hell, he’s even hotter than Kanye! Trust and believe its a whole bunch of Kanye and J Cole stans who will probably never buy a Big Sean album, just because. Same goes for die hard fans of Wale and Wiz. Then the whole Control thing happened and the bloggers jumped all over that. It was Kendrick’s verse that made the song, but I think a lot of listeners associated Big Sean with putting out a cocky record.

  • Hannibal Lecture

    70k the first week arent good numbers. Your career is based on your second albums success. He should have put Control on the album!

  • 7 mile style

    Ha bitch ass nigga your album flopped! Anyone who defended this pussy when i told yall hes not authentic disrespecting me fuck you and ya mama. 70k ha where all this niggas fans now. Probably downloaded his shit for free and got the nerve to talk to me. SUPPORT REAL DETROIT NOT THIS SELLOUT AS NIGGA!

  • Z

    ^ Sean ain’t a sellout…I happen to be from the D too “7 mile” this nigga put on for the city 4real I was at the show yesterday he had Ice Wear Vezzo opening, Team Eastside, DBCO, Dusty Mcfly in the building plus all his niggas from the D so you can’t say Sean a sell out…Bro that’s what’s wrong wit Detroit now we all hating on ones success or because he ain’t hood or out here talking street shit like all detroit rappers we can’t support?? Come on bro

  • The Wise

    77,000 lmfao considering how ive heard nothing but bad review for this album..lol an this album was complete trash…not one song..10 2 10 suppose to be ur big single lmfao he lost an flopped harrrrd..i knew he wasnt gonna do shit after i heard that fuckin wack ass beware shitt..he a cornball that claims a part of detroit he not frm…ur not hard small fry…leave it to em an rouce an trick trick to throw up the 313

  • The Truth Hurts

    Drake had the crowd rockin. Nicki should’ve performed some of her own hits just like Drake did. That’s just my opinion from a performance perspective. I just think it would’ve flowed better. That “Milf” track is whack af, Juicy’s verse was the only thing I could respect on that one. In response to all these comments about Big Sean’s career.. I’m guessing his album didn’t have solid numbers. Honestly I don’t care if he sold 250k, 100k, 50k or even 10k in the first week cause that nigga is whack period. I’m not a hater at all cause I respect his talent. I’m not saying he’s a horrible rapper or his music is horrible but a lame nigga will never succeed in this business. He got all the buzz he deserves for his talent but now his true colors are gona start showing and it’s about to be a wrap for his career. I suggest he just puts the mic down before somebody humiliates this clown like when Lil B got fired on in his own city. I could see this nigga on world star getting punked like Jo Jo or somethin. He’s not built for this shit and it’s a matter of time before he realizes it himself.

  • 7 Mile Style

    Co Sign @The Truth Hurts Hes not authentic seriously! I would be happy for any nigga from my city because I know how hard it is for Detroit artist to break but Big Sean is not Detroit. He can play that tough shit like he has in his interviews but nigga you not Detroit and your album flopped!

    Dude the nigga is a sellout Say It Aint Tone is his artist and got more respect/buzz in Detroit than Big Sean lame ass. Of course this nigga will let artist open up in the “city” put niggas on records. Had a mixtape called Detroit and didn’t have one Detroit artist on his mixtape and he putting on for the city right? Fuck outta here.

  • Cool c

    I cannot believe all of you disloyal ass niggas I’m from the D and you right big sean not from the hood of detroit but he still from the D. If you don’t like him just don’t comment. I’m tired of people hating for no reason. If you from the D and don’t respect how much love he show then you don’t even deserve to live here or rep it….

  • theone

    I can’t say if Hall Of Fame is better than Detroit but it’s close. Nothing Is Stopping You and All Figured Out are amazing tracks. Skits were better on Detroit though. It’s going to do well in the long run because it has pretty good singles. Beware is now top 50 on Billboard after 1 month and I think it’s gonna do even better. M.I.L.F, Ashley, World Ablaze gonna be hits and maybe Mona Lisa too.

  • Some artists really need to learn to ride their Buzz, I agree with @villa. That’s just the way it is in music right now, when your up your the man (or Nicki) lol.

    Big is a great artist, but it’s all about hype and what your camp/team is doing for you…

  • Theblackrushlinbaugh

    ^^^^ 77,000 that’s good numbers for a rapper of big Sean’s caliber. He’s a 106&park type of rapper!!! He’s not a mainstream rapper from a big market.