• tha OG

    Kendrick Lamar is the new generation king of west coast hip hop!!!

  • Jungz

    Ab-Soul, School Boy, and Jay Rock were all on the showlist too… dem niggas aint get NAANN shine

  • mrzee

    crowd know the dam words.

  • MadShot

    Despite all that energy on “maad city”, Kendrick was awful on it. It’s like he forgot all of his words.

  • mrholloway

    King of NY…King Kendrick Lamar!

  • Vins

    I know what u mean, but he wasn’t forgetting the words. He did the same thing when I saw him live, that’s just the way he does some of his verses. I don’t like it either though.

  • Q

    The King of NY

  • StarFox64

    i personally think kendrick’s run has been prolonged..

  • Black Shady

    ^ you fooling yourself! with his plat album that keeps on selling and his sold out shows? LOL u wish
    are you from NY ? lololol

  • brza

    keep the rock band and bring the turntables

  • Black Shady

    LMAO my nigga kendrick got ZERO breath-control hahahahahahaha he’s spitting half of his lyrics lol

  • RRCoolJ

    Live bands are usually dope but his band kinda “jazzed” up his songs a bit too much. The crowd was mad hype but the band and Kendrick put a weird spin on a lot of the songs. Good stuff nonetheless. Kid got jams

  • flo

    prob because NIN was headlining, he wanted to get some live instruments in there?

  • Word

    @RRCoolJ I see what you did there.

    Yeah I hate when Kendrick kinda cuts words out of his performances too but hey, when you flow like him its hard to perform that same way without gasing yourself out quick. Dope either way tho.

  • kayandgee

    dope performance

  • Theblackrushlinbaugh

    *fucking problems* #1 collaboration of the year, hands down!!!

  • Drake sitdown

    kendrick is impressive live, wow

  • Fiasco

    Damn his energy his crazy… I wasn’t a fan but I’d kill to see him live, he has 2pac mic fire presence

  • Killllahz

    impressive performance, it’s rare when a rapper can kill it like that :O

  • JohnnBBC

    this guy is crazy, crazy as fuck

  • SpawN

    Great concer, as usual with this man

  • watchthethrone

    Quality performance

  • vvho

    that was a pretty dope performance but look on youtube his live concert i amsterdam, that shit was truly epic especially when he did cartoon and cereal

  • slime

    Love Kendrick but him live isnt as dope as his music is…he always spits half his lines and he repeats instructions constantly to get the crowd involved…which is good, but only if youre goin as hard as they are…its almost like theyre performing and hes not