• whipton

    i can’t grab the rim but i can touch the mesh//

    sign me now

  • bOb

    he is absolute trash

  • Descent…Overall I give this 7/10.
    Took a point off because of the wait.

  • LuxuryRap

    29 songs. I guess he’s getting all the bullshit out his system.

  • DaTruthWillSetYouFree

    Decent. Can’t hate on free music.

  • The real b dot

    Lil Wayne is above Jay z

  • Biggzxxl

    not hating, just don’t like this mixtape. So many artist with skill now, Wayne need to step it up. Look at dudes like Kendrick, KING LOS, J Ortiz, Euro.

    Wanye always rapping about bitches and his dick.

  • 400_Degreez

    This is a breath of fresh air to any Wayne fan

  • O block

    Wasn’t lots of talk about pussy on this tape. Thank god

  • I find it funny how so many niggaz hate on Wayne yet listen to every song he put out. When you’ve put out so many classic mixtapes ( Squad Ups, Da Drought series, Louisanimal series, Dedication series and countless others ) its tough to meet those standards. I will admit Wayne isnt as lyrical as he used to be but people forget about all the classic shit he gave us. Im 25 so I grew up on Wayne mixtapes.

    Think about it like this…How many time have u seen Kobe do a monster dunk. If he did a windmill in a game it wouldnt be a surprise because hes did it so many times were use to it. For Wayne this was more like a long range 3. Did it go in?


    the fuck is wrong with this nigga? lol

  • kingk

    pleasently suprised to see Chance on the tape

  • chriskelly

    damn… chance the rapper on this bitch


  • Chronic

    Had no idea he was dropping another tape…we can hate on wayne all we want, and believe me I will, but he does stay puttin out a steady stream of music

  • Dontoure

    B Nation doesn’t own the block is hot……. Poor fella

  • Midsize Jerm

    Well, it’s better than D4…then again, just about anything is better than D4. it’s great that he got Chance on here though, I would never have expected that.



    Safe to say you lost it nigga!!!! #Digginyourowngrave

  • truthreal

    jay z diss i think

    you aint got bars nigga
    recharge your going dead
    you cant kill me i was born dead
    crown of thorns head
    devil horns red/ima pornhead
    ima serial killer your lucky charms dead
    in that trash bag they find that arm leg leg arm head(refering to “heaven” on mchg)

    lil wayne- devastation

  • This was a pleasant surprise. sounds like Wayne is getting back into his old form a little bit.

  • truthreal

    @bo [email protected] fo real tho this dude has so much classic song it crazy! how he not a legend let me list his achievements:

    classic albums:carter 1&2 some say carter 3
    sold a milli in a week
    changed the mixtape game with the droughts, dedication , plus 1000’s of other songs that brought breath in the game again..
    put cash money empire on his back and made it twice as huge!
    put bling bling in the dictionary -now thats history(fuck twerk lol)
    made people think he was the best rapper alive from 2005-09. thats 4 yrs a president term.
    hes been in the game since 98 do the math thats 15yrs!

    now name someone else whos done that besides jay,eminem

  • You Song ft chance is dope

  • Ravi


    Take it back to the Carter 1 – Wayne has a song where he says “shoot em, arm leg leg arm head”
    Just saying. This Dedication 5 track could be a diss towards Jay but Wayne’s said that a while back.

  • MrSkeezyMak

    Defacation 5

  • I like rapsody mixtape with drama better then this junk.dude need to step his game up its not about pussy and sucking dick.wayne need to talk about something because the game is changing.we wonna here you talk about something like j.cole k.dot or even drake

  • DaTruthWillSetYouFree

    After a few spins….This shit is fire. Wayne really came thru on this one.

  • Leon Sandcastle

    On one song he was like
    “I had a phone in jail…that’s a cell phone”


    BARSS! (Chocolate Droppa voice)

  • headedhard

    tunechi back, shits fire

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  • fireeee


  • Q

    -__- We need That O.K.E mixtape frm Chuck…..this ain’t duin it

  • Texas Boy

    To say Lil Wayne is above Jay-Z blasphemy. Even those few bars going at was weak, CMON FOLKS WAKE THE FUCK UP. Dont be deceived into the YMCMB BULLSHIT.

    Jay-Z AKA Hova bka GOD MC is always and will be better than Lil Wayne. Facts only, Jay killed Wayne on….

    T.I. -Watch What you Say
    J. Cole- Mr. Nice Watch
    Watch the Throne- H.A.M
    Jay-Z – Trouble

    Hova has been forever killing wayne, so shut this shit and BOW DOWN BITCHES!!!

  • tim


    Kendrick is ass. Don’t know why yall keep dckriding dude

  • Freshy Clean

    Lil Wayne is talented… D5 is fire damn

  • Top Flight

    straight garbage


    WOw… lil wayne rides the fail train, better than he rides skateboard…

  • Mista LND

    Not bad for Wayne’s standards…at least n 2k13…lol

    Follow Endless Ambition Apparel on instagram. Dropping real soon.

  • lucky sleven

    he should stop putting out music for awhile