T.I. Trouble Man Goes Gold


Round of applause for the Kang. As of last week, his LPĀ Trouble Man: Heavy Is The Head has surpassed the 500,000 mark in sales. Congrats! Available on iTunes here.


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  • Gambino

    Classic album

  • Starfox64

    These numbers actually don’t sound made up for once..

  • chan

    Really good solid album.

    But i felt he or they could of pushed it more after the release with several songs that could have been singles.

    I thin rappers should follow through on albums not just promote upto the release. Take macklemore for example he has kept promoting the album with different singles and videos to keep interest going.

  • Black Shady

    damn its sad when the “KANG” use to do those #s in a week or 2.

  • Tec1Nyc

    @Black Shady everybody has there turn and now it’s macklemore and drake

  • DAC miesel

    There’s a lot Macklemore talk, is the album really worth a listen? If its all music that sounds similar to the singles then its not my kind of “hip hop”

  • joy road killa

    the t i era is officially over…lil wayne era is over…game era is over..these niggaz are tv actors now album been out since dec and just now gold? t i aint getting no bigger nigga said he want 75 million for who? big country? fuck outta here atlantic got who they want b o b…keep it moving t i do movies or something you..50..all you niggaz are done…its a drake..kendrick..j cole world now..trap season is over hell yeah!

  • yung

    macklemore does numbers one time and niggas think he’s here to stay lole

  • K.I.N.G

    @joy road killa shut yo bandwagon ass up

  • JustMyOpinion

    @ chan
    ^ agree.

    I thought this was the album every song would have a video or am I confusing it with another artist?

  • fucktheleague

    yea dude on tht bandwagon hard at this point in his career its nolonger bout numbers slbum still better thn ur fav rapper its a money thing nd unlike ur fsv rapper TIP got raps on raps on raps so naw foo he hear to stay also setting fire to anything he jump on thm new niggas jus new,niggas right ight thn

  • Charlamagne Tha Lord

    Eminem said it best, you gotta know when your run is up… T.I.’s run is definitly up. He had a good one. Smh. Kendrick album did this in a month, same with J.Cole… Damn, T.I.P.

  • Mic Jonez

    Atlantic didn’t promote this album at all!!! It was his last album on the label I see why but this project should’ve been huge!!!

  • creo

    Tip career aint nowhere near over. Atlantic drop the ball album was dope af i still bang dat shit. Tip just got out the pen twice he stay out he sell a million again.shit take time the nigga aint wack dats all that matters. Niggaz always talking sales fuck dat shit its bout the music

  • prai$e

    when did this album come out?

  • Theblackrushlinbaugh

    *the eminem show just went 10x’s platinum*

  • Kaly

    why is macklemore even being brought up in this conversation?! some of yall are ridiculous

    this TI album was dope, definitely should’ve done more numbers, but that’s how the numbers fell so congrats to the king

  • TI is at war with himself as of now because nothing’s wrong with cleaning up and changing your image,but unfortunately for him,in hiphop,that won’t culminate into record sales.

  • realtalkbru

    I DONT KNOW IF I SHOULD BELIVE THIS OR NOT lololol fake sales t.i been wack since 08 – 09 after paper trail

  • tha OG

    All I got to say is congrats T.I keep the good music comeing & mixtapes hustle gang niggas!!!!!!!

  • Scott mouth

    T.I. really deserve more sales but it’s really good for a come back . People who doubt him wate till u see his next album cause now he is everywhere killing everything .

  • veasy

    T.I. is the man he deserve more sales the album was one ogf the bes who comes last years and it’s honorable for a comeback… people who doubt him wait till u see what he is about to do with his next album !

  • joy road killa

    k .i .n .g you bumass nigga yeah i said it T I..TIP..CLIFFORD…is over he’s all trapped out..nigga on tv being cliff huxtable..how can we believe the trap talk? fuck outta here south run is just about up..only ross and jeezy are left the rest are 1 hit and done…trap season is over niggaz! hell yeah!

  • LOL

    more proof that waiting on dropping any srt of music will only go so far, Gold is good but that what most these rappers are gonna get these days. they shouldn’t worry about record sales, just give the consmers some quality music.

  • Da Business

    Lp is dope. I felt that they pushed the wrong singles. The joint w/ Pink is a banger plus the one w/ Kells. Smh @ Atlantic…

  • tucq

    @Dac Miesel

    Macklemore has really clean production and dude can rap but its like ‘clean rap’ and a bit preachy. If u like that gutta shit only then don’t buy it…. but it is a respectable album.

    T.I… congrats homey. U put together a tight project.

  • One of the best albums out last year and it took him this long to go gold. People don’t support good music anymore smh

  • That ninja went Gold and ninjas talking about his run is over! Only Hip Hop fans are this stupid. And Only In America.

    Only a few ppl went Gold this year. The ninjas thats really hot are, only going Platinum. Not Double Triple and Quadruple Platinum..

    Jay ,kendrick ,and Macklemore . Thats 3 fucking People who are Platinum or is about to be.

    Also Its more Impressive for an Established cat to do solid numbers on his 5,6,7,8 Album than a new cat who’s hot and is on his 1st or 2nd release.

    That means their brand has staying Power.

    I cant go In the Future but lets see How Hot Drake, Cole and Kendrick are when their on they 9th album. If their even around for that long.
    Ninjas Perspectives be Short Sighted. Yall caught up in the Moment as apposed to being up on yah History Suckas

  • Yeah

    It’s crazy how fans don’t respect good music these days. Must be because most of the bloggers are rappers themselves. T.I album was pretty good. He has done enough promotion. Hip-Hop ain’t about sales anyway. Its about making great music that represents the culture.

  • doads

    I don’t like T.I because he’s a snitch who does music with Lady GaGa and Cher Lloyd. He’s a true definition of a bubblegum rapper… straight joke. Shit music, shit image and shit brand, asking for $75 million, fuck out of here!

  • RRCoolJ

    I think this album was just bad timing. It was good but it came out at a time when the world was pre-occupied with other things. Obama’s re-election, Watch The Throne, etc. Plus Tip doesn’t help matters by being a clean cut family man on TV and a dope boy on his songs. I can appreciate the duality cuz that’s really him but I doubt the average fan can make the distinction

  • really real

    The shamba guy has it exactly right going gold at this stage in his career is really good

  • NovaKaine

    Nothin but love for T.I that purple panties song had potential and still does that sgit #Bang

  • I can tell you niggas is either young, stupid, or both. T.I. came up during that last period of big album sales for rap, but before that, going gold was the standard.

    It says more about the time and era then it does about his own personal relevance because hardly anyone goes platinum now compared to when T.I. first came out…