New Music: Action Bronson “Drug Shit”


Produced by DJ Semi, Action Bronson gets right into his comfort zone on his new recording. No word on where this will live, but hopefully Bam Bam’s got more in the stash.


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  • A dose of dopeness

  • bpb

    i cant handle dude’s voice

  • pat

    sick ass art work!

  • tha OG

    The white rick ross????

  • chillthrillz

    lot of white boys spittin more than ever,,,,,,,he sound like the god,,,,,starks,,,for real,,,,,,,time will tell

    on his talent cause sooner or later,,,,he gonna have to build his own unique sound and tone,,,for real

    back in the days this would be considered biting styles and shit,,,,,,,,

    but this is the whatever era,,,,and their aint no out of bounds no more,,,,,,,kill the man with the football


  • Shamelwatson

    Action Bronson is my favorite rapper;keep up the great music,and bars.

  • Shamelwatson

    Honest he’s not biting he sounds and talk like that.

  • damn

    this is just a remix. the original song is called “consensual rape”. this is just a unofficial remix with a old verse

  • The Wise

    This guys cover art?! …exactly why he isnt took serious

  • Tec1Nyc

    @damn Thnx for the info man. YouTube that shit. Still a dope song

  • TImeChange

    yea,i dont like em and his corny voice, but i fuck with action. yea,he sounds like ghostface but his music is still good