• She’s really trying to be something she’s not. She pure sex appeal, no lyrical talent. Sex appeal fades away. She needs to do something else. Queen Latifah and Missy are the only female rappers that are actually talented, all these pretty hos got one thing goin for them. I respect her hustle but it sure ain’t rapping, it’s looking sexy while it last.

  • tha OG

    Bitch just show yo ass

  • antone512

    ^^ damn, 1st comment pretty much nailed it…

  • The Wise

    Nobodys checkin for this video vixon broad..stick to not sayin shit infront of the camera…not models wanna be rappers?!? Fuckin pathetic..really wish sum of the greats like missy would come back she still a beast

  • G1NO

    Refer to 1st comment. Thank You.

  • Theblackrushlinbaugh

    *now that’s a barbie*

  • Shooga

    Idgaf about this song, I just watched some of her photos and Los is one lucky bastard.

  • TBS

    Most of the comments that were left for the Lore’l applies to Lola too. SMH.