Cam’Ron 1st Of The Month Trailer


At one point in Cam’ron’s career, he turned down three movies. But after starring in two featured films, he’s now bringing his talents to YouTube along with Cousin Bang and wifey, Juju. Here’s the trailer to his drama series, 1st Of The Month. Hopefully, those sex scenes don’t raise any red flags.


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  • Black Shady

    watch it never drop like Cousin Bang movie and the other 2 movies he was supposed to do…

    but if it does i’ll tune in!

  • LoverofHipHop

    I enjoy the shit cam & cousin bang put out together.

    And I gotta say, Killa has great taste in womens physique’s. Always has had him one with a serious fatty and some hips.

  • Black!knight

    Lol Cam and 50 gotta work together on something. Music or comedy. Shit will be classic.

  • LOL

    them dominicana bitches in here look like prostitutes

  • brandonpitts

    This shit is never seeing the light of day… Believe me I want to see this too

  • @BlueScalise

    Shit look like it was shot on a iPad..

  • Mista LND

    Looks kinda interesting…might check it out…Cam’s been underrated no only as a MC, but as a movie producer as well…

    Follow Endless Ambition Apparel on instagram. Dropping real soon.

  • lwilsonjr

    And the ignorance continues.

  • Anti-Lollipop KId

    This looks awesome bro, so it that really what the hood is like Killa??? Computers putin’ boobity boopin’.