Jay-Z Sells Nets Share To Jason Kidd?


 According to Page Six, rumor has it that Jay-Z will be selling his Brooklyn Nets stake to former NBA player, now team head coach Jason Kidd. In 2003, Kidd convinced Hov to buy a stake in the franchise.

Back in April, Jay forfeited his part ownership of the team after obtaining his NBA agent license and launching Roc Nation Sports.

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  • Your Life Is A Lie

    Brooklyn, you just got sold out by your favorite son from Marcy! He was used by the Money Masters to rope in your support and got paid nicely for a job well done. Business, never personal

  • Black Shady

    ^ lol

  • Izzy__Ballin

    Remember that Jay Z owned 0.1608 percent of the Brooklyn Nets according to NBC Sports. What a poser!

  • Inside I’m Ice!, Outside I’m Lava!

    Why do ppl hate this man’s success? They hate his music cause he doesn’t rap for the hood, but for the globe. They hate him owning, then selling, then owning only selling to make more pe$os. What if Jay was Jaz would you still hate him?

  • Capricorn Religion



    Odd but, hey, that’s his money. I don’t get it after hyping it as much as he did. Even in some records but, again, its his money. On to the next one

  • df

    jayz is a legend

  • Oh god not again

    I take it this site only posts positive articles on Sean because you seem to have missed a few out which are more post worthy than this story.

  • The Real Truth


    you sound ignorant no matter how much of something you own, you still OWN it…. if you can make money off of it , you still own it, whether its 100%, 50%, 25% ect…… go back to school. because it seems like you lack it….. learn business…. the guy from Facebook that owned only 7% made over a billion dollars

    And you dummies forget…. he sold his share of the team but he “owned” a larger stake in the Barclay’s Center which he own’s 10%…. thats where the money is

  • ZoomZoomDad-Otis

    Izzy__Ballin doesnt own anything. Dude on the school Library computer right now.

  • NovaKaine

    Nelly gets no live doesnt he own the bobcats or something business and makeing money comes from buying and selling always upgrading setting standards

  • tha OG

    The nets are still the 2end team in NY the Knicks are the best team in NY

  • HipHop Culture will alll ways be looked down on at a higher level, I say fuck them

  • jbuck

    How can he sell something he was forced to give up 5 or 6 months ago?????? Am I missing something?? He had stake in the Nets AND was part of the ownership team??? HUH???

  • michelle

    HOV or KANYE needs to sign this kid. he sounds JUST LIKE HIM. https://soundcloud.com/love_at_first_sound/recklessyouth

  • Man Jay’s an entrepreneur Creative thinking! I Support His Power moves! Broke Niggaz Complain! Go Gettaz Don’t Have time for Small shit!

  • That’s Crazy! But That’s Business Huh? Well Jay-z Doing His thing Right Now i will say that!