• Gambino

    I’m kinda done with Chip. He’s been around for awhile and has never amounted to much. Think about it, The Cleveland Show was his peak. Anyways, probably not going to give this a listen.

  • juju

    I know what you mean.

  • Set303

    The best song on this tape is a song that didn’t make Indicud or MNIMN.

  • gammaboi

    Got to agree with Gambino as well.
    The Cleveland Show and Gift Raps were last projects from him that I bumped religiously.
    Seems like he’s been running in one spot while a now.
    Not much growth,

  • gammaboi

    *for a while now

  • t whip

    shulda never changed his name to KING….that shits played out…chip tha ripper sounds much rawer…i enjoyed tell ya friends…gone give this a listen….

  • Everybody can’t rap, thanks p diddy for starting the BS

  • ss

    good shit. production is dope

  • Carolyne1JBurgess

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