Jay-Z Magna Carta Holy Grail Goes 2x Platinum


R-I-Double-A, appreciate your certification. A week after Jay-Z released Magna Carta Holy Grail, he received his platinum plaque. Billboard, your move. Cop the album here.

UPDATE: 2 months later, 2x platinum. 2x congrats. RIAA says:

Congratulations to Jay Z!  Not satisfied with Platinum alone, “Magna Carta…Holy Grail” is now DOUBLE-Platinum for selling more than two million copies in the United States.

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  • Harden

    “Yellow Basquiat in my kitchen corner
    Go ahead lean on that shit Blue you own it UGH”


  • kobby dope

    facts only…follow me @kobbydope

  • Yardee
  • Nathaniel

    basquiat in the back.

  • Devante

    Lol this shit is funny.. Cause it just hit the stores today..


    Great album. Love the production. But how about the other rapper from Roc Nation. Isn’t he number 1 on the charts right now? Where is that post Bdot?

    • B.Dot

      @BB Gun Who? Wale is on Roc Nation management. And if you search the archives, it was posted a week ago

  • #newrules

  • The Wise

    I fuck with jay z but its a pretty bullshit way to go platinum when ur cd jus dropped today an a phone company bought all the copies…i huess he didnt wanna take a chance in people actually havein a choice in buyin the cd an rather had a guarentee plaque frm a phone service..he deffinetly wont of went platnium atleast not this fast

  • KingJuggaNott

    Change the MFing game Big Homie……gotta respect the fuck out of Jay man…that boy bout the bidness. All these other niggas talking a whole bunch of NOTHING.

  • Pifflighty

    #newrules niggaz Hov changing the game! The worlds gone digital you ain’t. Know!…



    CHART DATE: 07/08/2013
    LAST UPDATE: 07/09/2013 12:29:01

    LW TW artist / album label power index % change
    2 1 J. COLE ROC NATION/COLUMBIA 55,732 -33%
    1 2 WALE ATLANTIC 48,870 -68%
    3 3 KANYE WEST ROC-A-FELLA/DEF JAM/IDJ 40,366 -39%

  • Nathaniel

    “The Wise: still don’t get it.

    soon you’ll understand. #newrules

  • apocryphenom

    FUCK this. I’ll say it again – Jay-Z is one of the best to ever do it and he had the longest run of relevancy ever in hip-hop. But he’s no longer a rapper – he’s a marketer of his own legend.

    What’s next Jay? You gonna “retire” again for your next album? Already worked twice!

  • LR

    a week? it was released on thursday.

  • FTW

    Here’s to finding a loop holes in the game.

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  • Trippy

    Congrats homie

  • london

    right and we all know why . i think the album is shit but i heard good and bad reviews so to each his own.not my shit. congrats tho [ elliott is losing it , stan ]

  • Dashing

    @The Wise, he’ll still have the number 1 album even with giving away all of those albums for “free”…

    I’m waiting to hear the hip hop reviews cause the album is pretty great, but it’s getting shitted on by these non-hip hop outlets that like Pitchfork, LA Times etc. that seem to hate on Jay cause this album is the anti-Yeezus and because of the Samsung affiliation. I swear if I hear another person say “Why’s he gotta rap about how much dough he’s got?” one more time as if Jay hasn’t BEEN on the shit since day 1…………Cop the new Kweli album and keep it moving. I’ll be bumping Picasso Baby real loud.

    Best rap album(Yes, Yeezus included) of the year, hands down.

  • Sample

    @ b.dot hook me up with a internship or something at rapradar man. I know y’all could use a extra hand or need somebody to mop the floors. What’s good !?!?!

  • mac DIESEL

    @ B.Dot

    LIR-I-Double-A, appreciate your certification. A week after Jay-Z released Magna Carta Holy Grail, he received his platinum plaque. Billboard, your move. Cop the album here.





  • Zeggy Shah

    albul still trash

  • Black Shady

    but how much did Jay-Z get paid for the whole 1 million copies deal with Samsung? just curious

  • Word

    Reviews arem ixed to positive. I said its his 4th best album, and Jay said the same on Twitter yesterday. I love the album overall though. Good work. My FAVORITES (not whats “best” IMO) still goes Born Sinner, Watching Movies, MCHG, The Gifted, Long.Live.A$AP, Yeezus, so far this year out of the major releases.

  • B.Dot

    I know this sex offender @Mac DIESEL ain’t talking….u get my 8 x10 in the mail yet?

  • Musikal

    Platinum already lol.

  • Word

    @Black Shady I read somewhere it was about 5 million.

  • Ridalen

    @black shady

    He got 5 million for the album. It’s a 20 million dollar deal though so they must have some other stuff planned too

  • Word

    But there was a larger deal made worth 20mil too. So Roc Nation made about 20mil I read. Samsung pulls in 4 billion a year so 20mil is nothing anyway, but I dont think this relationship between samsung and Jay ends here.

  • M.T

    nice. Magna Carta was a great album. also shout out to cole for getting that #1 spot.

  • Nathaniel

    i don’t see magna carta as the anti yeezus.

    sonically, both albums are busy. yeezus is just more frantic and visceral. i’d say born sinner is a “safe” rap album if i’ve ever heard one.

    and that’s no shot at cole. to me, mchg, yeezus, born sinner, the gifted… all that has it’s place within hip hop. all the albums are dope in their own right. if you know how to listen to them. you don’t pop in a rick ross album with an immortal technique tuned ear or expectation.

  • DopeeeeeNesssss

    New upcoming artist ya should check out
    Supe Dupe | World In My Hands | (Official Sneak Peek Video) http://t.co/Ss84rSxIK0

  • Sample

    At bdot, brah y’all got any internships round there or nah ? Help a brother out!

  • Day

    50 Em & Wayne went Plat in a week and people actually went out and bought the album. This was a sucker move !

    To me this album was a mature version of born sinner.

  • bumpy johnson

    …. hova da god , I should be rappin with a turban ……. u sure are sean , swear nobody is doper ……………

  • rahrahrah
  • Dashing

    @Nathaniel, By anti-Yeezus I was referring to the fact that MCHG 1) has big corporate ties 2) has many radio-friendly records on it and 3)the musical tone is generally positive/easy to listen to.
    Yeezus is intentionally anti-corporate, very difficult to listen to and not real positive in tone…

    For that reason a lot of pretentious folks will shit on MCHG as too “safe” and commercial and a lot of traditional hip hop heads will shit on Yeezus as too dark/weird.

    I fuxx with weird and I liked 808s, but Yeezus isn’t for me. Some people love it, but there are a lot who also just like the idea of the album and what it represents (anti-radio/commercialism, breaking boundaries, crossing genres etc.) more than the actual musical content.

    Those same folks shit on Jay as shallow, which is ironic, cause his lyrics have more layers to them than probably any rapper in the game…but people love to hate on Jay. It makes sense. Corporate ties, stays winning, it’s an annoying storyline.

    Either way hip hop has won the year so far. A lot of very original dope music. MCHG, Born Sinner, The Gifted, Watching Movies, Long Live A$AP, Yeezus, Wolf. None of those albums sound too “typical” of what’s currently on the radio. And we’re only halfway thru the year. Can’t think of a year recently that’s been this good.

    And we still got Schoolboy Q, Eminem, Pusha T, Drake, Nas, Slaughterhouse (exec prod by Just Blaze) on the way…

  • Tron

    Yo B.Dot.. or someone.. Who are the two people standing to the right of the plaque.. Ive seen them with Jay before.. They with RocNation??

  • StarFox64


  • ZoomZoomDad-Otis

    50 Cent, G Unit forever!

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  • room2roam

    samsung bought all the copies. i respect the bizness mind but not the actual album sales bc of the way it came about. w/o the deal he might’ve sold 300k tops. not bad but not even close to plat..and the album gets a 2.5 outta 5 imo. all he does is rap slow and say UH through the entire album…

  • ZoomZoomDad-Otis

    Jay-Z is 1 UGLY motherfucker. 50 Cent is sexier than him, and thats a fact.

  • Converse


  • Bangers N Mash

    cheap ass way to go platinum. wouldn’t have even of gone gold regularly I bet.

  • A$AP

    dumbest thing I have ever seen in my 12 long years of life

  • Megamind

    Time for the MIND!!!!! LOL

    This album is DOPE! Period, it has introspection, arrogance, lyrics, braggadacio and things for the sublime. I’m like Crown, Heaven, Somewhereinamerica (DOPE…listen to this record, this is representative of the powers that be STILL knocking Jay as “new” money…shit i’ll take it).

    But you’ll have you own POVs and opinions…I really want to comment on the fake ass “gate keeper”. I refuse to let ANY internet nerd, blogger, pitchfork, fader, hype cat TELL ME SHIT ABOUT THE CULTURE. Now I was gonna say “MY” culture BUT they participate in the culture too BUT they don’t LIVE it…and it’s a difference. Yeezus is a good album on it’s on accord but listening to the song in succession their no real context to it. But these blogs will try to pit these 2 artist against each other. Both are successful cats….BUT they don’t mind pushing Ye’s angry, black man shit out there like that’s revolutionary.

    That’s the one thing I can’t respect from Ye, it’s like come on B! “WHAT ARE YOU ANGRY ABOUT??”….Anti establishment, anti corporation…FAM you’re signed to the biggest label in the world, UMG. You ARE for sale on every digital retailer, target and walmart in the country. Now here’s the twist, this album wasn’t FORCED upon Ye. He’s acting like the label was on his ass to deliver an album. Dude is the most consistent artist on Def Jam…him and Rihanna. He’s put out and album every year since like 08 (google it!)….so why turn in a project and NOT promote like you’re anti the major label system?? Meanwhile, some kid in Minneapolis (great music town)…blogger/internet geek is acting like Yeezus is so sonically different and content-wise never been done…both Mos Def – Black Magic (anti-label album)/Nas – N*GGER album (better CONTENT and RAPS).

    In closing, LOL…Hov is a victim of his own circumstance at this point….and the irony is he’s STILL the underdog! People are mad, angry, resentful at his success, their waiting for the other shoe to drop bc it’s happened to ALL our “heroes & institutions”…MJ, Tyson, Death Row, Marvin Gaye, No Limit…I could go on. Funny thing is, he’s taken MAD public L’s…he’s just so savvy and composed and his team is so tight that those L’s don’t affect his credibility and marketing impact.

    All in all…don’t let “them” dictate that, that angry, ranting black man shit is BETTER than a black man speaking FACTUAL success! FUCK THAT….not to knock Yeezus…but they will planet seed in your mind just to defeat you by thinking that shit…that’s how made at Hov they are.
    You don’t have to like the album…BUT applaud the movements. You can learn a thing or two.


  • That Guy

    illegitimate. when 1 mill individuals, not a corporation, cop this album I’ll acknowledge the platinum.

  • assmaster

    the only think i didnt like about the album is he changed his flow to some of the flow styles that are hot now. not so hot move on his part.

  • WestCoast

    hh wtf platinum !!! so eminem album x6 platinum

  • jimmythirdeyi

    definitely not feeling the album but the hustle is to be applauded!

  • Lil Majer The Cartune

    This is great and all, I love Jay-Z and I even bought the album, but I will agree with commenters who said this whole ‘platinum already/working deals/#newrules’ crap just looks like a sucker move on his behalf… Honestly it’s not legitimate. And actually if you wanna get technical it makes it no different than Birdman and Lil Wayne purchasing copies of Tha Carter 4, only difference is, they did their dirty work under the table and Jay-Z made an actual professional deal.

    But either way, I congratulate Jay, I never hate on another man’s success!

  • Jay should broaden his horizons. Basquiat, Warhol, and Picasso are not the only artists on planet earth. You could pick up on the next great artist by looking around. There are plenty of artists you could support, that are alive and well, and creating daily. If that matters to you.

  • j

    the press JayZ gets is ridic.

    like BIG said “I never thought hip-hop would take it this far”

  • da commanda

    He didnt REALLY go platinum…He cheated, so everyone please remove yourselves from his balls….

  • J Whistles

    I just cant stop laughing at the haters.

    Whats the most amount of money you’ve made from selling something? Im willing to bet nobody that commented has even sold something worth $50,000, and a house or some bullshit doesn’t count unless you built the damn thing from the ground up then sold it.

    If somebody offered any of you 5 Million, MILLION in one shot you would all “sell-out” and take the money and run like hell. Jay-Z is not a rapper, Jay-Z is a hustler and one of his hustles happens to be rap. This is no secret to any Jigga fan so i really don’t understand why anyone is shocked he sold a million albums in one shot for a nice payout.

    And how many of you actually bought this album? Im betting under 5, so you can thank yourselves for why this is happening to the music industry. Selling records at Best Buy isn’t making artists money.

  • J Whistles

    Jay was also a platinum artist well before this album. Its not like J Cole sold the million to Samsung and is running around screaming about his platinum status. Even is Magna Carta didn’t exist Jay-Z is still a multi-platinum selling artist.

    Keep hating though, you all have really valid points lmao

  • bigseanny

    Jay Z is a hip hop legend.Enough said

  • The drummer from Metallica owned original Basquiats in the last 80’s when Sean Carter was busy pretending to be JAZ-O

    But I digress

    I didn’t hear a “great album” or even an album.
    A mish mash of songs that were lazily thrown together in the name of commerce. Selling apps. I mean Jay made a mixtape to go with his sneakers why not appease a big corporation , Samsung, & put out an album in conjunction with the DeNiro (see what i did there) he was getting paid for anyway.

    Low on quotables. Flows were just an updated version of what’s hot, which is Jay’s MO in the 2000’s. In the end, it was a good album and perhaps GREAT in contrast to the average albums that were overhyped like “Born Sinner” and ‘The Gifted” . Two albums that were solid but both had a them of desperate campaign to be validated for something they haven’t earned. J Cole is not the GREATEST or the next or anything. HIs album was about him and his love/hate for girls. snore
    Wale, just needs a hug & will buy you J’s if you do hug him. Nah

    Thanks Jay tho for giving @B. Dot something to tweet about for the next few months. He can bore us w/his tales of being here & being there as we yawn to the same old same old

    Word to Samo

    @p0is0nedkoola on Twitter
    FOLLOW ME & I’LL FOLLOW BACK if you got the reference in the last line

  • JIMMY 2 G’Z


  • Hip-Hop

    SMH. @p0is0nedkoola is nothing but a bdot groupie. YOUR on his website and yet you envy from a far. Stop pandhandling your twitter account. No one wants to follow u.

  • @hip hop


    You should do your research junior

    @p0is0nedkoola on twitter
    First ya kids use “classic” incorrectly, now “groupie” sheesh

  • Realistically

    If any other rapper would have done this, they would be a “sell-out” or a “cheat.” Jay-Z does it, and he’s a “genius.” But it’s not. What’s the point of celebrating a “platinum album” bought by a company? What kind of feat is that? I mean, instead of saying “pay me for my endorsement”, he’s basically saying, “buy my albums.” It’s cheating.

    No way Jay would have put up the same numbers as these new guys (Drake, Kendrick, Cole) or even Kanye … because he’s mostly hype and critical acclaim. He’d probably do 150-200K first week at best. But great way to save face, Sean. Good job.

  • C

    buying the album

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  • mac DIESEL

    @ B.Dot

    UPDATE: 2 months later, 2x platinum. 2x congrats. RIAA says:

    Congratulations to Jay Z! Not satisfied with Platinum alone, “Magna Carta…Holy Grail” is now DOUBLE-Platinum for selling more than two million copies in the United States.




  • Uh-oh

    Artificial ass double platinum lol. Dude only going platinum (which in 2013 and being 17 years in isn’t a bad thing). They just try so hard to pad anything Jay does now.

  • A Dot smith

    Something fishy is going on.

  • ^^^^What he said.

  • killrapfans

    full all the other shit…..paid in full

  • Angelo

    I’ll never knock a person’s hustle or them getting their dough, but it really has been 10 years since Jay-Z put out a dope/solid album. The last 5 are mega weak

  • The Wise

    They album got old pretty fast like most album these days but..sumtin is deffinetly up hes jus playin the money game with these albums..i have to yet find one person who owns a physical copy

  • you dad

    you motherfuckers need to quit putting new stories with old comment threads.

    that shit is the worst.

  • Black Shady

    Yall need to listen to the classics Jay offered us back in the day..and listen to the Magna Carta…..

    This shit aint even half of what Blueprint is…

  • If any other rapper would have done this, they would be a “sell-out” or a “cheat.” Jay-Z does it, and he’s a “genius.” But it’s not. What’s the point of celebrating a “platinum album” bought by a company? What kind of feat is that? I mean, instead of saying “pay me for my endorsement”, he’s basically saying, “buy my albums.” It’s cheating.

    No way Jay would have put up the same numbers as these new guys (Drake, Kendrick, Cole) or even Kanye … because he’s mostly hype and critical acclaim. He’d probably do 150-200K first week at best. But great way to save face, Sean. Good job.

    C’mon @Realistically do you really think Jay would not make the same numbers as the new guys really ? Take Away the Samsung it’s still would have been a platinum album nuffin really would have changed. Oh yhh to your point about hype and acclaim, bare in mind that this is a 40 year old man who still can get almost any fan, he aint only catering to hip-hop fans, his fans are too general now compared to the new guys, Sorry but as talented as they are,Drake and Kendrick’s resume aint fucking with Jay Z’s for a long time

  • ROYALmike

    Stay winning!! On the way to triple for a just good not Great album

  • michelle
  • prai$e

    does kanye get credit for inspiring jay z on this album? jay is always following trends.

  • Reblogged this on thehiltonburnellfiles and commented:
    Great album from Hov. Love the tracks, beats from the producers and shit. Best album of the fucking world.

  • Benz

    Why y’all MADD he sold 1 mill to Samsung and 1 mill to individual people dudes been out hea since 96 and he still spitting better then most I understand the music is different but atleast is real, all this other rappers worth millions still talkin about trapping in the corner it never makes sense but people still complain about shit

    • Tharsan Tdoggs Jeyachandran

      he only did 1.1million without cheating he would of only done 130k and thats only 6k more than 50s 2014 wack LP

  • Benz

    I guess most people like listening to em talk about killing his mom and shit or Ross talk about bricks he never sold even tho I do fuck with Ross cuz it’s intertainin to me and his beats are sick

  • LA Tha Gawd

    If you like good music checkout mine. https://soundcloud.com/boi-genuis

  • smfh

    no its not 937000 is not double platinum

  • .

    if Men lie and if women lie then can you really trust the numbers if they’re provided by liars?

  • Jays

    So what’s the issue that he found a new way to go platinum ? The song sucks ? Or y’all just mad ?

  • Album was the worst… Hammer, nelly and other wack albums sold millions… But the music was bad… Sad when money comes more important that virtue .. Values and good music…

  • Tec1Nyc

    The hype is real. Thank you corporate America

  • Virgod

    Megamind makes some very good points on Jay and Ye’s music. Respect to Wale..Ye..and Cole..on their success. My POV is that Jay deserves respect as a businessman…having roots in the hiphop/rap industry. That man is strickley about his money. So what the Samsung deal guaranteed his platinun status. His business ventures and efforts opens doors for other black moguls…especially rappers. Its big shyt. Lets not down play dude because he makes moves thats broader than rap. Having that deal with samsung is prob lookin real good on his resume right abt now. Aint no tellin where he goin next. Yall act like rappers cant be more than rappers. Nga could be makin money anywhere tho..lettin his money make mo money..but his heart still in rap and in pushin it forward. When you been in the game that long you gotta want to see change…he showin these ngas how to go dbl platinum…you need them business ties… Lets not pretend he took the easy way out…samsung aint handin out deals like that to everyone…that nga was smart…And for the dirt slingers….come on son lets stop pretendin jayz is some washed up artist who cant sell…every nga on this site prob copped more jayz albums everytime they drop than any other artist…numbers dont lie.

  • jack

    is this even an accomplishment anymore?