• herbsaac

    Do all artists now have the same person in charge of marketing?? Your shit has to be successful like Dedication or G-Unit radio to be naming it a part 2 and shit.. None of the mixtapes that are on number like meek mill (love ya project pat i got the first mixtape) and the dreamchasers shit. or big sean and his shit.. sTOP YOU FUCKING CORNY RAPPER RUINING THE GAME.. Cheesy shit. Fake shit. FUCKING HATE RAP NOw

  • herbsaac

    My previous comment was not bashing project pat in any way.. One of the dudes who I thought was the least skilled way back in the 90’s is now better than 10 times the artists out there.. seriously project pat dope music but its over shadowed by this swag nonsense all these rappers who will be broke in 15 years talking shit. I hate all rappers. I hate them. They are ruining a once great art form

  • The Wise

    Wtf u doin on this site GTFOH

  • louise1aamey

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  • Facts

    @ herbsaac

    Turn the radio off and put some effort into getting what you want since it is there

  • Elizabeth N. Wear

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  • Theblackrushlinbaugh

    ^^^^ dude mad his sister got fucked and played by a black man, haha!!! So he goes on rap blogs comment sections to voice his frustrations. What a clown go get in your Toyota Prius and drive off a cliff.

  • detroit niggroe

    This tape hard as hell. Project ALWAYS kept it real n never made no bitch made albums for radio play. So few real niggas in this rap game now compared to all these weak ass turtle ass rap nigga

  • AznGangsta

    project pat thrown it down