New Music: Meek Mill “Ooh Kill ‘Em” (Kendrick Response)

ohh kill em-cover

Over Dr. Dre’s classic, Meek Mill goes on killing spree with his Kendrick response. Terio approved. Dreamchasers 3 drops September 29.

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  • Tev Milli

    This shit is flames!!!….
    Could of been a lil longer tho….
    That’s all I got 2 say

  • Truu

    Is this a Kendrick “response” =/diss or sumn?


    this sounds like a kendrick response..

  • Ra’Nique

    > “Kendrick U Next”!!!

  • JustMyOpinion

    Wow. This is RAP. Nice.

  • I’m thinking..

    Maybe he recorded this before Snupes murder.

  • the truth

    who gives a fuck about meek mill? dude is so corny….aint even worth a listen. fucker is always screaming on tracks sounding like hes in the middle of taking a shit…makes him impossible to listen to, unless ur a fuck boi

  • rico

    this is just the WARNING…# Fuck Niggaz

  • Hannibal Lecture

    Weak Will mad Kendrick blew up! No plaque shawty its been almost a year!!!

  • firiesport8

    Suprisingly good…

  • dmc

    kendrick better respond to this fool

  • Truu

    ^^^ You new kids are fans of artists and not music. There’s no way you can’t say this joint doesn’t go. Meek went in && I ain’t even a fan like that.

  • Black Shady

    I hope Kdot reply to Meek. It wont even take much to destroy this nigga lol

    but I give it to meek. he’s showing some heart going at Cass and Kendrick

  • tha OG

    This shit is garbage

  • rico

    Game all fuck up when you got weirdo/backpack rappers ACTIN’ like they more street than real HOOD niggaz…that’s the shit I don’t like

  • ThisShitRightHereNigga

    lol. stop. this foo is so wack.

    with every single response, it’s just making Kendrick look better.

  • Is datchu

    Stfu rico, you talking like you meek mill or sum.

  • mr.lino79

    Meek jst lost a fan…nigga didnt evn gt dissed but he mad…meek aint goin gold at all..its koo..nigga a mixtape cat…nigga aint sellin cd

  • Hannibal Lecture

    Kendrick is going on tour with Kanye. Meek is Chitlin Circuit!

  • rico

    215 A-D…fuck niggaz mad when A real nigga speak # Fuck Dem

  • haze

    @Hannibal Lecture argument over lol my nigga

  • Loki

    Ayoooo rico Stfu. Everybody can hear your screams from a mile away

  • Donn



  • C Note


  • SleeJaxson

    The Truth… shut the fuck up. You don’t know shit if you think Meek is corny. Meek > Kendrick hater!

  • Junior

    This can’t even compare to Kendricks verse in control hahaha. Not to mention, this is late as fuck

  • SleeJaxson

    and mr. lino… he did get dissed… u need to listen to Control

  • Yardee

    Virgin Islands rapper Yardee

  • Jax

    Never been a big Meek fan, but he WENT ALL THE WAY IN on this one. Its some KDOT fans gone catch feelings over this one.

  • Tef

    The lyrics, Mediocre at best, the production is what makes the track tolerable. If this is a Kendrick diss, the producer should get credit, Meek was a feature.

  • yoboi345

    meek is trash

  • TPE

    he slapped em up a lil bit..definitely didnt kill nothin…the beat was the best part! #TEAMshit

  • TEFF


  • thirdeyijimmy

    #meeklost no bars, no word play, no passion…foh bol.

  • Kev

    This attempt at a response to Kendrick is the reason Meek Mills won’t be relevant much longer, he’s not even worthy of being mentioned in the same breath as Drake and Kendrick

  • Balla

    Did I just see a nigga say Meek>Kendrick?


    I hope he goes at joe budden next! This was light and kendrick wont respond to this shit most likely

  • NovaKaine been in the game for a few years but if he talkin on major shii id rather have a year and some change and a platinum yhe a few years and never touched gold.

  • creo

    Lmao @ hannibal lecture no plaque shawty lol

  • Magna Cart-Ugh Holy Fail

    yall tripping how is this shit good? lmao go listen to K.Dot control verse again lol he aint gonna respond to this but i wanted him to respond just for the hell of it lol

  • mackfree

    Kendrick won’t say anything back to anyone unless he knows there harmless lol

    Kendrick would respond back to:
    Big sean
    Jay z
    Wouldn’t respond to:
    Meek millz
    I understand its about your rap sheet but if your lyrical like u claim you are then you need to respond to everyone..ill be expecting a response kendrick

  • really 23

    this shit was weak

  • Theblackrushlinbaugh

    ^^^ why u fags worrying about who’s going gold and platinum? Did u support the album? If not shut the fluck up, and go clean your room you pussys!!! Haha

  • Theblackrushlinbaugh

    *dc3* it’s coming in a month like ya bitch period!!! Had a layover in Denver missed my flight. Good shit rap radar wit the posts made the time fly bye!!!


    Nice beat flip. Great production. Who produced this?

    Again, the beat was epic.

    p.s: Kendrick will not waste time responding to non-lyrical niggas, sorry Mr Mill.

  • matrix

    This shit weak…especially compared to the cassidy shit…got damn this shit weak…

  • Mister B

    Milly the boss of MMG now, spitting far better shit than Ross

  • Evil

    That was weak!
    The Cassidy diss was alot better,this was trash.Kendrick will kill you

  • prai$e

    meek screamed like a bitch at the end lol.

  • prai$e

    nice attempt to get a buzz for the new mixtape. thats all this is.

  • prai$e

    kevin harts response was better.

  • Ben E. Ficial

    This cat weak skills is the only thing he killin…. The rap game… cars and chains dont get you RESPECT, they get you robbed…
    Making youngins believe that they should be a weenie with no bars and hide like the fake rick ross is what got the game ficked up right now….
    come to the bay area with that weakness and see how cats live what they rap about and be in the streets and on the flyer so if there is a problem… cats can get at you.
    you CANNOT square off with HEATERS and not get burned.
    listen to Jacka from the Mob Figaz, mistah FAB, e-40, Husalah, J-Stalin, San Quinn, TaydaTay or any other individual who puttin on some REALness and dont have to front about cars when they in em… Your rebuttle is garbage, and DR. Dre did the original beat for those who dont know. step your library game up and pay attention….
    Y’all need to ketch-up like french fry toppings….

    Ben E. Ficial (the original)…. tm with a circle around it for all you wierdos

  • kayandgee

    oooh kill em meek!

  • Tracy Woodruff

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  • Z

    Dude we can even take good kid maad city outta the equation and every kendrick project shits on this guy not to mention he’s not smart enough to know he wasn’t dissed lmfao

  • bk2chiraq2dtown

    Great fuckin job MEEK these lil bookbag ass niggas will never relate if they tried OOOOOOOO KILL EM OOOOOO KILL EM OOOOOO LMFAOOO YALL MAD kenny lamar got snuffed around on this 1, Meek and Pap best so far

  • Dashing

    This is the best song Meek has EVER made! This shit is fire and I don’t even fuck with Meek like that.

    HE didn’t “kill Kendrick” but he made a dope ass song and showed he can spit his ass off. That shit was hot.

  • Juice

    I really dont get the meek hate. People been saying he’s wack but everyone and their grandmama know he spits flames. From DC1 -2 this guy had the game by the balls and was killing features and his own shit. Fair enough the album was subpar but DC3 is gonna correct that and meek is gonna go back to that heat.

    As for this joint meek went hard. How many of the niggaz with a big buzz like meek do you know that will respond to original spitters like and Cassidy and still hold his own. Hardly any so give meek his props.

  • IM730

    Yo i never comment on shit but are yall retarded… Yea he didnt “kill” kendrick but this shit right here nigga? this shit right here? this is dope.. First of all took a dope song that was being played BY EVERYONE when it was out and added a new twist to the beat then on top of that made a dope ass song. I get it, i was tired of meeks yelling and sounding the same on everything he did but this is dope.. This and Lil nigga snupe to me are best tracks of all time. Haha Im beginging to think that nothing can satisfy some of you greedy niggas..

    Not everybody can rap like Kendrick but shit not everybody wanna rap like kendrick..
    cut my check now cause I know someone gonna steal that////

  • Paperboy

    I’m confused I mean did any of these rappers listen to the control verse cause I think oy thing most of them caught was the king my line did any of these dudes catch it whn Kendrick told ur chances of winning is like ur drink grandpa trying to land a jet with arthritis in his hands an ur parachute is a latex condem hook to a dred meaning none of them have a chance which this weak ass response proves most new artis are corny that’s how they get signed these days

  • What?

    Why is everything panned to the left?

  • sean

    kendrick is somewhere laugh say is this best you could do after month of thinking and writing lol haha

  • RaTheGod

    People hate based on the name, not listens. You new ni99as, are such big fans of these new rappers that y’all get offended if somebody tries to go for their head, like they’re supposed to. This is a hip hop moment, not the greatest diss of all time, but respectable. Stop whining & complaining and just enjoy some lyrical warfare, sheesh.

  • WhoWantWhat

    This was a warning shot! Backpack niggas stop acting hurt. Kendrick is not that nigga!

  • realtalk

    dam kendrick got smacked up real quick. lol. and meek will crush kendrick lamar. the media n fake hip hop fans who never buy albums neway. hypin him up.

  • StarFox64

    when are the heavy drugs gonna wear off for me??

  • Hannibal Lecture

    @Theblackrushlinbaugh must be a female publicist for Dreamchasers records!

  • Drew

    I’m a big Kendrick Lamar fan I gotta give respect where respect is due meek bodied that joint I forgot who said it but people are just being fans and listening to the music meek went in!!!!

  • Drew

    And meek did go at Kendrick people just cause every line in the song wasn’t a diss like ether or what papoose did to big sean doesn’t mean it not a diss track, open up your ears people. Meek & Kendrick are homies but I like competition in rap.

  • Ya’ll crazy. MEEK WENT HAM. “What the f*ck I gotta whisper to niggas?” Wooooo! Just gained so much more respect for me. Wow, TOP 10.


    that was hot! I just hope it stays on wax, lets keep it hip hop people!


    I f*cks with Meek Mill but let’s keep it all the way 100 this track was just alright and in all honesty shocking of a response to Kendrick Lamar when “WE” all know he’s a beast. While again, the Control track wasn’t necessarily a diss it was still hella disrespectful when you really think about it. Competition, yeah cool but K.Dot said he wanted to make sure nobody listened to Meek and all the other rappers mentioned so technically he wants to Ja Rule you meaning no one will ever care about you finishing your career which will ultimately take money from you being able to feed your fam. Meek Mill wants to respond to Cassidy & Kendrick but has yet to respond to Cyssero’s One Shot Kill Diss track that MURDERED Meek. If you hungry and it’s about Hip-Hop come at him first before worrying about these other guys. It’s funny because it took Meek quite awhile to even respond but what’s worse is that the response is hella mediocre. SMH

  • caseyp

    Worst part is he was ACTUALLY trying haha

  • realgshit

    dis go hard, kendrick suck a dick

  • ualreadyknoo

    niggas can front all they want… this shit hard haa…. blap ba ba blap blap

  • B

    how is it a diss response if he never says his name?!?!

    “say my name, say my name”

    Papoose response still best, by too far!!!! that summer jam line to start it off!?!? cray


    weak mills

  • tre

    yeah the production is sick on this joint

    but the lyrics are garbage

  • Young King 206

    It wasn’t bad. At all, but not super dope.

  • mrholloway

    This is bad…not real bad…but really close to real bad.

  • mrholloway

    Ok…it’s not a bad record….its a bad diss record…

  • not a fan

    All these cassidy dick riders I didnt know 1 nut can be swallowed by so many

  • sean

    is this best he could do after a month

    meek has one more album before his over

  • qbeezy

    he should just sick to house party and shit like that,, cause he bad at making diss records!!! gold chains and cars dont belong in a diss record

  • AgnesOBurke

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  • Chuck Ridge

    Dope!…. Denzil Porter woulda Ripped this shit meng!!!!!!!

  • Willy Lump Lump


  • TRUTH IS..

    Why Big Homie keep chasing the words in the preview? Nigga done changed the words like 5 times. I know this site on MMG dick but damn!

  • AgnesOBurke

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  • meek mill talks all that gun talk but this will never be settled in a gun fight …

    thats just not gonna happen .. so why say it ?

    Kendrick bodies Meek Mill FULL STOP

  • BlapBlapBlapBlapBlap

    I don’t usually comment, but was just bumpin this in the whip and it goes hard as fuck

  • Black Shady

    Cassidy droppin a response toniteeeeeeeeeeee


    Thank you Kendrick… Its unfortunate tho niggas dropping respond records when they mixtape/album coming out smh

  • Capo12-4

    Meek went crazy real rap fuck all that lyrical shit that’s for y’all pussy back pack suckas fr fr Kendrick is cool but he ight he for y’all lame fucks Dat ain’t from the hood

  • .


    Uh well this is a LYRICAL battle so um yeah he can yell all he wants it still is a weak response

  • SMH!!!!!!

    THIS IS GARBAGE!!!!!!!!!!

  • SpaceGhost

    Kendrick Diss????? Really???? I couldn’t tell. I thought it was just some producer making a club/booty track out of Dr. Dre’s classic “Forgot about Dre.” That is terrible in an of itself to fuck up such a classically dope beat from Dre. Meek doesn’t REALLY want it with Kendrick…does he? He shouldn’t because Cassidy keeps kicking him in his ass.

  • Mista LND

    Dope….Meek spit flames on this…..DC3 shapin’ up to be nice….

    Follow Endless Ambition Apparel on instagram. Dropping real soon.


    @Capo12-4 You sound like a STONE COLD DICK RIDER. and I quote “Meek went crazy real rap fuck all that lyrical shit that’s for y’all pussy back pack suckas” Nigga take the dick out your mouth. So if a nigga raps a children’s book it’s gonna be “crazy” ??? Kill yourself please, I f*cks with Meek but for you to say that shit you are an idiot. What’s the point of dissing somebody if it doesn’t involve some certain of lyrical ability? It’s niggas like you that will be on Meek Mill IG sucking this nigga dick in the comments. SMH. Meek is nice but I feel he shouldn’t have said anything now he just looks like he wants some attention which he clearly does for his mixtape.

  • kayandgee

    milly went innnnnnnnn, i dont care what anyone else says

  • MrHeat

    So this cockboy tries to grasp Em’s flow and rhymes, No go and no win. You aint close to the greatness and you should just keep your filthy hands of that rhyme

  • AgnesOBurke

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  • Uncle Murda’s Camp

    he rode the beat

  • Mehhhhhhhh

  • Willy Lump Lump

    This is like Ja droppin Clap Back at 50. That RAID track was a death blow…

  • bill vegas

    in as much as meek is my best rapper currently,that ooh kill em track lacks sumn…meek didnt go as hard as was expect thats where kdot kills deez rappaz.he freakin hits soo hard.meek can do better.change that shit!!

  • bill vegas

    all o yall dumb ass fellas and i mean rico and the gang,jus hatin on meek!meek dnt need platinum or freak ass tours with kanye to murk deez bitch ass rappers!!he dont need that shit coz he ‘still drive the same whips that stunna do’ case in sample,diddy,stunna man dnt go platinum like most niggas buh they freakin rich!so either way meek be a made philly boss so suck dick!!

  • Philly’s best kept secret

    Good job show just how philly nigga are crabs in a barrel.
    This just prove we have no loyalty or brotherly love.
    Instead of get together and working as a team niggas start showing off for other cities and diss they own. I’m from philly and can tell u for sure none of these niggas run this city and if they did they would get duck taped and killed because this ain’t the place for one individual to run. The niggas hanging around these niggas now r waiting for the right moment to strike and bite these dumb niggas head off u watch in the next couple of years these niggas gone be singing a whole new tune.

  • koO


  • Uncle Murda’s Camp

    average bar, however great production. he rode the beat, you can’t deny that.

  • Coobs

    Kudos to whoever engineered this. Shit is dope

  • Ant

    I’m not your average Philly dude. Most dudes from Philly say that everything Meek puts out is good just because he’s from Philly. This song was GARBAGE. Kendrick Your Next was pretty good. Cassidy diss was good too. Meek only put out good disses when he coming at Philly rappers.

  • Garbage

    This is by FAR the worst response… I’m in tears hahahahah

  • The Goatherder

    Cassidy killed him. Again. But this is hot. Truth is truth.

  • cheerioo
  • bleh

    people just like the beat lol the beat hard meek mill not

  • cheerioo

    this is that good good all the rapper now just say whatever thats way Kendrick kills it and im nxt.

  • Theblackrushlinbaugh

    ^^^^ what you say peckawood? U feeling some type of way punk? Haha

  • Theblackrushlinbaugh

    *go listen to riff raff square* this shit is beyond u pussy!! Haha

  • HK

    This was hot. BUT this was not as dope lyrically as kendrick’s verse or the better responses, e.g. Joell Ortiz

  • doux it

    Kendrick is better period. Personally I think it was unwise to use one of Dre’s beat and drag him into it. There’s a lot of respect for him in the industry and you don’t provoke a fight you won’t win.

    P.S. when talking about guns at 1:02 mark… The first gun sound is lower which usually corresponds to a higher caliber versus his being higher pitch means its a smaller caliber? Congrats on saying their guns are bigger than yours.