New Music: Papoose “First Chain” (Big Sean Diss)


Not taking any like to the “Who’s Papoose” comment from Big Sean, Pap gets on his own instrumental and responds with another furious diss track. Oh God!

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  • Streetz


  • world

    this is hot, and i usually think papoose is corny – shame sean wont respond

  • Rozay

    Oh Gawd!!!

    damn Sean you my dude from the city but Papoose killed you son, Pap may not sell any records bit he smacked Kendrick and Big Sean, who is next Drake. this shit crack.

  • majormar

    He killed sean. If he dont respond he not. Real. He know who. Pap was try n act like he didnt. I guess he learned today. Dont even rep Detroit no more leave it to em and tricktrick

  • 8 Mile Mitch

    Yall lettin pap disrespect the D?


    lol its been over 10 years and papoose is still trying to become relevant

  • Dashing

    DAMNN this shit was fire. Papoose fucked around and has become one of the most talked about rappers in 2013 and then he dropped this. I really thought it was gonna be a so-so verse, but he just expanded on the shit he dropped in Control. Honestly, Sean probably shouldn’t respond but he got burned. And after dropping a wack album, maybe he should spit something back…

  • Nickey Black


    I don’t like “small sean” anyways….Lmbo

  • DMVinYourchick

    YOOOOOOOOO WTF? Pappoose went hard, i thought this was gonna be shitty but if sean dont respond i dont even know what to say, and too add insult to injury he used his own beat? this nigga said “Never say who, who is a rock group in london”? OH GAWDD!

  • DMVinYourchick

    they gone put papoose on hottest MCs just because of this, big sean has something to prove now, he just got smitted, NAYA RIVERA cant save you

  • Damn man Big Sean shouldn’t have said that he just got torn apart

  • KoldCase

    His last mixtape was called detroit

    and his album was originally going to be titled hall of fame : memoirs of a detroit playa

    fuck you mean he dont rep his city he always is talkin bout detroit

  • Young Lucky

    why the fuck should sean respond? if we didnt fuck with the blogs, this song wouldve never been heard. pap needs to give it the fuck up, a fucking worthless has been who barely had it to be a has been

  • Just Saying

    Good diss but nothing will happen.

  • DMVinyourchick

    This nigga big sean bouta go catch up on all the movies papoose said he never seen to get back some of his credibility

  • John John

    Papoose would make a great ghost writer! I always felt he had lyrics, clever wordplay and concepts but his voice is extremely annoying to me for some reason. Also his rap name is horrible!!!

  • So-So

    Papoose and Fred Godson should find some young teenage rap dudes and ghostwrite for them.

  • Bingo

    I almost wasn’t gonna listen to it. I never really liked Pap but I’m glad I did listen. Pap killed it!

  • The Wise

    Damn he really got a babay sean bitch ass this good pap finish these soft boys


    Papoose is married to Remy Ma. #dead

  • Morris Day Laugh


  • Hannibal Lecture

    If Big Sean album didnt flop Pap wouldnt have said shit. Pap was waiting on those first week sells smart move. Big Sean and Pap are on the same level only difference is Sean put out albums.

  • Coney

    WOW. This shit fire.

  • Mar-tian


  • rahrahrah

    I didn’t watch the Big Sean breakfast club interview where Sean said “who” when asked about Papoose.

    Like Big Daddy Kane said, all of the twitter stuff and interviews is blogging. Getting in the booth is hip-hop.

    What Pap did was hip-hop, don’t like the song though. Yes it had funny lines, but I didn’t like the song when Big Sean did it with Cudi and Nas, so wasn’t going to like the remix. It did make me go back to the original “First Chain”. It’s not a bad song in retrospect.

    Pap is gaining a few fans off of this, hope he doesn’t loose too many.

    Big Sean is going to respond with a song called “Pap-who”. It would be only right.

    Perhaps Trick Trick will get at Pap, since he’s concerned about his welfare.

  • Inside I’m Ice!, Outside I’m Lava!

    This is going to be interesting on how the industry treats Pap. Btw this is NY rap, straight diss to the core!

  • LOL

    Pappose shitted on this cornball, if u don’t like this chances are u are a fag who listens to these trendy rappers.

  • static

    bars and hip hop… good shit i pesonally dont like big sean music he dont have his own hit.

  • 7 mile style

    Pap know this nigga a fraud ass nigga! Sean bitch ass scared of them Brooklyn niggas lol remember Maino ran up on that bitch nigga on the red carpet at the bet awards. Detroit niggas aint scared of no nigga.

  • pone

    Big Sean pop ass been dead only sold 65 k lol flop

  • rahrahrah

    @ice lava

    Well his next mixtape is titled “Blackballed”..

  • King Game

    RIP lil sean

  • 7 mile style

    Remember that pussy ass nigga. Plus you still scared of Danny Brown dont try to act tough in those interviews pussy! SUPPORT REAL DETROIT RAP!!!


  • tdE

    Small Sean corny no real niggas lookin out for his clown ass nigga sold like 20k lol Rich Boy or hurricane Chris selling more units

  • Reply

    40 glocc Sells more CDs then Lil Sean who would wlk in a store and cop a hard copy smh corn ball Sean

  • Q

    Why u gonna do the guy that raps about rainbows like that tho??? Ha RIP


    yeah this was a nice diss track, pap really went down a list, shittin on all of sean’s work and style.

    this was better than his response to kendrick, i haven’t heard a good diss track like this in a long time.

  • Your Life Is A Lie

    That was a spanking

  • Peekay

    Not a fan of Sean or the instrumental on this diss track. Agree with the line about skipping Sean’s verse on Control. Most overrated in the game IMO.

  • prai$e

    big sean’ album was some pop music bullshit. get em pap!



  • Crewz Control

    Wack Flow Wack Diss from a Wack Nigga …

    New York Hates you Papoose #Killyourself


    Oh God lol

  • Black Shady

    I usually find papoose corny, but im gladdddddddd he went at Big Sean. Wish he would go at wale’s bitch ass too lol

  • dmfslimm


  • ***CROMER BEATS***

    This was absolutely CRACKTASTIC!!! Yo…No lie Pap spittin some crazy shit again lately.



    – Cromer Beats

  • Kobe

    #HallofShame 65 K on a major label with hella buzz you lose Oh God

  • Evil

    Pap wrecking nikkas left and right.First Kendrick now Big Sean.

    Lets hope Drake is next.


    @BlkShady Co sign that!!

  • lordhavemercy


  • derk

    The only thing worth listening to posted on rap radar in a while. This is sick. Finally somebody calling out all this femenization of the black man by their slave masters. They should be ashamed of themselves.

  • dmc

    Holy shit

  • Inside I’m Ice!, Outside I’m Lava!

    @rah, thanx, will check it out!

  • J Roc

    Let’s be honest we don’t like either of these dudes pap voice ugh and lil sean voice hell no!!! But pap didn’t kill his career his career die a few days ago when his 2nd lp floped thats 2 ina row thats how u no illuminati with him cause they still got this Flop artist around but they gonna cut him off soon cause no units even know he promotes there homosexual agenda

  • Rah hill

    Wow. This nigga just S out.

  • tha OG

    Pap killed big Sean!!!!

  • rahrahrah

    Haaaah! Papoose!

  • Hip-Hop Fiend

    Pap your career was over before it was started, New Yorkers didnt even cop your album

  • W33D~RolL iT

    Got’ DAMN! PaP!……..

  • Dashing

    Big Sean is having the worst month ever. “Now let’s take a sec to look back”

    1. First, Big Sean goes on a limb and says he’s killed every rapper that he’s been on a track with. Calling this debatable is extremely charitable, but people mostly ignore the comment as album hype. He also talks about the “classic” Hall of Fame album he’s about to drop and talks about the Eminem feature he has for the album.
    2. Big Sean drops the video for “Fire” which only features Miley Cyrus (and no Big Sean) and she’s not even twerking! Heads everywhere are scratching.
    3. Big Sean drops “Control”, which nearly shuts down the internet and the entire state of hip hop. Unfortunately, for Sean, the song is NOT on his album and all of the talk is about Kendrick Lamar and about how he got bodied on his own track, making his point about killing every rapper all the more hilarious in hindsight.
    4. Big Sean responds by saying he thinks his verse is better (which no one agrees with), then he says that Kendrick’s verse was only hot because of the name dropping, then he defends himself by saying that he decided NOT to change his verse because he’s not a “hoe ass nigga.”To this day, he’s still the only person in the world who thought his verse was better than Kendrick’s.
    5. In the week following the release of Control, Kendrick’s Twitter followers increase by over 500% and good kid m.A.A.d city gets a bump in sales and goes platinum. Big Sean gets no “bump”…
    6. Big Sean drops Hall of Fame with little to no buzz and no Eminem feature. The album sells less in its first week than his debut album and is generally either considered average or wack, but mostly forgettable, and sells significantly less than his peers J. Cole, Wale, A$AP Rocky, Tyler, or his boss Kanye.
    7.Big Sean unintentionally “disses” Papoose during a radio interview and gets dissed for over 4 minutes by Papoose on “First Chain” Despite the fact that it’s coming from Papoose the jabs sting and only further highlight what has been a very rough month for Big Sean.

    At least he’s still got Naya though…

  • mackfree

    Yo pap is exposing these illuminatti puppets! Truth is he should go at every artist that are hot, claiming they are good haha
    Pap get wiz khalifa next!
    These new dudes can’t battle lol

  • Nangamboko

    Pap pap?

    LOOOOOOL Alotta truths on this song. Bodied Sean. But alotta bitchassness too.

    Mourning Hannah Montana b? How old are you, Pap Pap Pap?


  • it’s the roc


  • LMAO

  • Papoose is the Hip Hop , Freedom Fighter of the Game right now.

  • Ra

    Before all the Big Sean fanboys talk about relevance, that’s not how a battle works. Relevance has nothing to do with somebody calling you out lyrically, LL Cool J was bigger than Big Sean & Canibus was less relevant than Pap, when they went at it. Nelly was bigger than Big Sean & Krs1 less relevant than Pap when they went at it. This is Hip Hop!! When somebody challenges you, you respond, period.

  • dsunn723

    ngz cant fukk wit PAP

  • pap would Kill Em too, pap Exposing these illuminati Puppets

  • Nangamboko

    Yo @Dashing, are you a girl? Then we should kick it sometime lool. So you tell me more bout Sean mad month.

  • Curtis75Black

    Papoose came with it. I like when emcees let em know !!

  • yo he fucking slayed sean

  • louise1aamey

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  • Shaolin


  • Rap Real

    This shit is ASS. Papoose be having the corniest punchlines.

    P.S. Everybody besides me in the comments is pretty much the same person over and over.

    Nice try PAPOOSE.

  • Shady


  • chillthrillz

    pap,,,, pulled his motherfuckin file,,,lol

  • Set303

    Damn he went hard on Sean just for saying “who” when asked about who he was. Papoose went in on Sean. Sean is too subtle of a person to respond but if he does it will be very interesting. Papoose is picking up steam this year, who the fuck would have thought that at the beginning of the year.

  • Elizabeth N. Wear

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  • K.I.N.G

    trash. this nigga talkin bout how sean got hot when his ass ain’t never been hot. stfu

  • MrSkeezyMak

    Too bad only like 2000 people will hear this, haha. Big Sean > Papoose.

  • Rum47

    yo Pap killed him but Big Sean still hot so until Pap start selling he as no room to talk and i been rocking with Pap for years but come on Pap let me hear you on the radio

  • Papoose gave Big Sean some hip hop ether on this one.. I know Big Sean nor Kanye West will respond back, but this joint is still tough rap music.



  • Ben E. Ficial

    I cant believe you “knowbodys in life” dont have no bodies in life… are y’all missin the point of what papoose was bringin to the table???
    We have got to bypass the fame of these WACK and weak MCs and REALly call em how we see em…

    Like a baby shoe, they booty….

    Bars is what this true game was built on, after listening to the EPMD 25th anniversary of strickly businss… the essense was there… and we were uplifting everyone through the struggle of what we had to do and where we came from in order for someone else to do better than we had it….

    Not too many youngins knew like Joe Budden said “before a crack addict knew he was a crack addict”, and even if your mom had you while she was on it…

    She was best believe slappin somethin that made sense and went with her high which was some REAL bars. for showin that there was a better way…. if your rhymes have no substance… “thursday rappers” “Garbage” to a REAL one who listen to everything you say.

    and the second time I hear it, I am reciting your bars if they are heat… if not just treat it like a MADLIB and just fill in “verb” here and “noun” here….

    Im from the sucka free, califoolya and i can recite Rakim and KRS like I can Cougnut or Mac Dre (Bay Area for you tardy cats)…

    Bring it to the table or you will have me in your front row of your show Booin your baby shoe cause your’re booty…

    Ben E. Ficial

  • Ben E. Ficial

    And if you are on my spelling….

    I made 74,692 last year on you goofy peasants without puttin a record out…

    There’s a difference between a B.O.S.S. (like Crooked I said…. “Bread Over Sucka Shit”) and an employee…


    No Facebook, No Twitter….

    You follow me and I will stab you…

    Weirdos like Gonzo (Without the “E”…lol)

    Follow my true success…


  • B

    @ Big Sean

    your tapes in my whip man. but your body in pap’s trunk. why would you even say that dawg? just tryin to be cool? that’s the shit that gets niggas in trouble/ looking stupid man. you know you knew who Papoose was… lyin ass corn ball. you gone learn today… DAMN!!


    see what tryin to act cool get you dawg. 72k units sold… under ye… you should have done wayyyy better… my homeboy would have done more with all the resources you got… seriously… guess you aint that good after all… smh


    I totally agree 100% ^^^^^ Papoose would be a great ghostwriter LOL

  • AllDay_HipHop

    Pap killed it but its pap lol Big Sean kinda gotta respond cus this was pretty bad but is it even worth his time? hes doing songs w Jay n Em, hes on GOOD w Ye … idk if its worth it

  • Theblackrushlinbaugh

    *who* big Sean stay cocky wrist rocky baby libarachi!!! That Boy pap butt hurt, boy *big u little bitch* haha

  • Itz Yourz

    Smh,lol. Damn

    Real talk. It dont matter who is in who is not. Who hot who is not in this specific sithation. This is a simple case of not knowing your fucking enemy. Not knowing one wrong word utter your enemy is coming for your fucking head. Lol…what big sean thought it was. You was gonna passive aggress disrespect toward a real man and he not respond? It dont matter if it was jayz or 50 cent or Eminem who said something about him, Pap is going to respond. David and Goliath. Dont matter how big (popular,hot,crew) a nigga…he will respect me. I bet you he know who papoose is now. “A hardcore artist is a dangerous man”. Take this L and walk away….do not pursue this.

  • anthony

    Pussy nigga lil sean just got his first ass whoopin

  • Never seen the movie Breakin’, Beat Street, Krush Groove, Style Wars, Wild Style, damned you a f**k dude,
    Ain’t hip hop in a lotta ways,
    Never walk with a Walkman, your first headphones was Dr. Dre’s!

    That last verse smashed Big Sean to bits! There is literally no come back!


    LOL at all the Pap fans.. where were you when he sold 3k??? 0_o

  • Meeka

    When you dont sell records you dis for attention. Big Sean making that real money. hip hop is not just dis rap. The world has embraced it. The new guys coming up and new ladies are bringing hip hop back. Artists like azalea banks, jacques johnson, joey badass, and Lil Snupe (RIP) make some people with deals look like fools. The industry and a business and they know how to get the money from all fans not just street diss lovers.