Lil Wayne On Katie


Lil Wayne reunited with Katie Couric yesterday to record his interview on Katie in New York. Before it airs on in full Monday, here are a few previews discussing his health, prison, and retirement.



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  • Young Lucky

    hes a fucking idiot. and what nigga would toss their mom under the bus EVEN IF she did encourage him to drop out of school. thanks for making them crackers think this goes on often in our households

  • MasteMind

    cosign @younglucky

  • JustMyOpinion

    Ooooooo Ooooooo Terio.

  • Jefferson and Figueroa

    I feel like everthing Lil Wayne says is a lie or is somehow, fabricated…
    I feel sorry for the teens who believe this guy and the hoopla of the industry. I used to believe everything rappers said also.

  • AgnesOBurke

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  • Truu

    @YoungLucky I don’t get what you’re saying, it’s not like his mom made him drop out to be a bum or sumn, he dropped out to take the GED which is damn near an equivalent and that was due to circumstances beyond their control. Lets not forget he went on to go to college regardless. Smh you people

  • Yeezus Christ

    lol at people that think they know waynes life idiots

  • Barbara Ella

    yeah maybe hes outlived the lights or maybe trying to say somethin.. pretty katie is a hella stage to do it on

  • Safe Dwade

    Haha these niggas on RR be hella hating on niggas that run the game not from NY