Eminem Previews Video; Talks MMLP2


Eminem was in the broadcast booth tonight during the Notre Dame vs. Michigan game to preview his new video, “Berzerk”. Afterward, he spoke briefly on his new album and the Detroit ions odds against the Minnesota Vikings. The Marshall Mathers LP 2 drops November 5th.

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  • Lil Majer The Cartune

    Heh, it’s funny, when I first heard this song I thought Eminem had lost all of his marbles, but after giving this a few spins, this grew on me instantly, it’s like I was listening to it in a different way or something, like I heard it in a whole new light, I smile and sing-a-long to it every time I hear it, it’s definitely reminiscent of the vintage Slim (no pun intended). But far as the video, it looks like a “Without Me” chapter 2, which is definitely the direction I was hoping he was going for. He’s back with the dyed and hair and thank GOD he’s back to wearing color again, I got tired of seeing this motherfxcker in that same damn black jacket and Nike Air Max every time! But the real highlight here, is that Kendrick Lamar guest apperance, this has me on a whole ‘nother level of excitement for the future of Hip-Hop!
    But on a side bar, here’s some things I’m dying to hear from MMLP 2.
    1. the second single
    2. a song entitled “Matthew” for obvious reasons
    3. collaborations that include D12 (maybe an unheard verse from Proof also), Royce Da’ 5’9, 50 Cent, Dr. Dre, Obie Trice and Dido or/and Dina Rae
    4. Eminem/Luis Resto/Jeff Bass/Supa Dups produced tracks! (THIS ONE IS IMPORTANT)
    5. the return of SKITS… including a Ken Kaniff one! lol
    6. bonus tracks that includes a part 2 of previous songs made, like a “Renegade (Part 2)” feat. Jay-Z

    You give me all of this, and I would probably jizz instantly. lol


    ^ i agree with you on most of the parts, interview was fucking hilarious.

  • KoldCase

    the kendrick cameo was fucking awesome

  • Black Shady


    Video looks dope! Em wont disappoint. Just wait on itttttttttttttttt Album gonna be FIRE

  • nush

    although i agree with lil majer i was one of those people who liked the track from the first spin.i was getting tired of the “recovery sound” and this is the best direction em could go into for his first single.em perfectly balanced his shout rap by shout rapping the first verse and doing the other 2 verses with his normal sound.chorus is just catchy as fuck and hes mocking the “dumbing down” of hip hop by trying to dumb down himself but then saying..”i dont know how to dumb down unlike these so called hot rappers” that mixed with the beastie boys feel and going back to the slim shady disses with the sense of bringing hip hop back to its roots..the underlying message of the song undeniable.what could you possibly want more from a eminem first single?

  • this will not end well

  • nov 5! I can’t wait

  • Jacob

    im tired of seeing on forums and shit that people think there will be a sequel to stan, THERE WILL NOT BE A SEQUEL, eminem is a smart man he knows that it wont work, it would just be plain stupid, i dont know why people want this because it would suck

  • jakesask

    ^Agree with Jacob completely.

  • brza

    just awkward

  • kjohnson1988

    love this interview. em is the only interview troll i want to see more of.

    oh, and the video looks awesome too.

  • JOHN V


  • Billyyy

    Helll yeahhh!!! hahaha em is fuckin awwsomee!!!

  • RES 1

    This is actually really dope!!!! I still don’t know what to expect from the album sonically…it gets me even more excited about it tho!!!! I’ll definitely support on nov 5th!!!

  • capodadon


  • Agnes

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  • This will be a great Fall Season for hip hop. The videos has a great vibe, glad he is bringing back his alter ego, even tho he’s not as exaggerated as he use to be. I’m really looking forward to what happens.

  • MrHeat

    Em is in full battle mode. All yur fav rappers better be hidin lolzz

  • Rozay

    I believe Em is on drugs again, bad thing for his health but good thing for his music.

  • Rozay

    Oh yeah Lions over the Vikings today

  • Jay Money

    Now this is a real artist not like the cats you see these days..

  • Wall

    Calling it, MMLP2 will go down as a classic!

  • LP1031

    FUCKIN STANS LMFAO !!!!!!! Of course after a couple spin you gon like it ninjas, ya’ll brainwashed. Em was tweaking on that interview by the way. lol It’s more so a promo single, I understand but you can’t fool me into thinking it’s heat or it’s deserving of the look it’s about to get. Lyrics are a given with his man and I like the vintage sound. Chorus is terrible and that’s what’s keeping it from meshing. PLAIN

  • ^ Look son, a faggot!.jpg

  • Word

    @LP1031 Are you aware the song debuted at no 2 on the Hot 100, and I hear it on Urban radio as well as other forms as well? The chorus is whats keeping this song afloat IMO. I like it a lot after a few spins

  • Nangamboko

    Ayo @ LP1031.

    You lost credibility when you said the chorus is garage.


  • Nangamboko


  • bitcoin1000

    Eminem’s new album has been leaked early. Here is the download link I found for it. Already downloaded and tested it.


  • Nangamboko

    Does RR have the best comments section on the innanets or what?

  • Magna Cart-Ugh Holy Fail

    lol Em is fuckin crazy make my wife poppin her head haha wake up with the ugly kardashian Lamar sorry yo Oh we done both set the bar Low lmao fuckin Genius I hope your Bozos smart enough to feel stupid lol the Rap Game without Em is fucking borring Thanks Em and Ya Shady’s back, tell? a? friend

  • flo

    Eminem knows Kendrick is the next one.

  • foolwisefool

    I like football.

  • MrHeat

    Anyone notice how Em is dissin Rick on this track “grow your beard out, just weird out” lolz

  • foolwisefool

    Rick Rubin is hot. and a jew. a hot jew. makes me want hot dogs.

  • Jamesbond

    Great song and its going to be a great video. @LP1031 Stans? Call us fans and not haters. Only a hater would hear a song once and dismiss it, especially when u have been a fan from day 1 and u are well aware of what the artist is capable of. The best songs are usually liked after several spins u idiot. I bet u copped the Jay Z album. A 100 spins won’t make it sound hot or did it?

  • kjohnson1988

    Good luck with getting that Jay album to sound hot any time soon.

    Yeah and just cuz your a fan doesn’t make you a Stan. As I recall, Stan wrote lots of angry letters to Eminem. I’ve never even thought of lifting a finger to type something to the guy, sorry. I must just be a fan.

  • Safe Dwade

    Slim > statisticakly

  • LP1031

    1 username per….STANS, it’s weak. I fducks wih Em, looking 4ward to this project but I ain’t getting excited cuz he naming it MM LP2 and dyeing his hair back especially w/ this as it’s first offering. Problem is he hasn’t had a solid “HipHop ” album since that project. You can say Recovery all you want that just tell me when ain’t listening to the same ish. But once again, mainstream a push him to the forefront of this thing, just because…hell, they already doing it. Lyrical, probably the best to EVER do it. Catalog wise I give you 10 better, and that’s lenient. I make judgement off my own ear and not word of mouf ‘. Shit I found out about Trinidad James that way

  • Young King 206

    No HOE NIGGAS, Em isn’t bacc on drugs. The fact y’all wish and spread that shit.. Says y’all ain’t real fans.. Faggot motha fuccas b SMDH

  • JReezy

    This dude LP1031 is on something. Eminem hasn’t had a solid Hip-Hop project since MMLP? Did The Eminem Show not come out in 2002?



  • emteeel

    I’ve always had a dream every since I was 10 that Eminem would do Stan pt.2, with Matthew having a troubled life since his brother’s passing and finally getting revenge on Slim.

  • shayden

    the reason you have to listen to songs by artist like Eminem more than once before you fully grasp the concept is because its that deep rappers out there now you hear it once know what the song is all about that’s how shallow the substance and its content is waterd down hence what he’s trying to do in the song it takes a good ear and several listen to break down all the puns innuendos and double entendres and wordplay he put in a single song. that’s one of the things I love about him as an artist is skill is not one dimensional

  • Bangers N Mash

    Video looks like it’s going to be dope.