New Video: Iggy Azalea x T.I. “Change Your Life”


From a dip in the pool to the Vegas stage, Iggy Azalea dances her way to no good in her new motion picture featuring T.I. Iggy’s The New Classic is expected to drop this year.


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  • Iggy’s so fly, lol

  • Donn

    I like Iggy but I feel like she doing whatever to stay on. Like the all seeing eye on her shirt, being naked, making pop singles smh

  • NorthIvyBlueWest

    Iggy… The music biz is overrated, porn is the where its at… Make it happen….

  • Miss Fancye

    We are proud of Iggy in Australia and this video is just another example of her outstanding talent – get it girl! I can’t wait for “The New Classic” to drop.

    If you want to check out my music video review for “Change Your Life” peep it here at “I’m Just Saying” 🙂

  • The truth

    Man T.I. Turning it up he been on everything! This a great video you can’t hate on this

  • mrzee

    i want to fuck iggy.

  • She’s really giving this her all. Literally getting naked and having an all seeing eye shirt later in the video. The young pill popping youth will play this in the club. Nothing really rap about this except for TI I think of iggy as pop music and not rapping over it but doing some type of spoken word shit. I just wish she wouldn’t force herself to show off. If it wasent for TIs money this broad would have already fell off. She really needs to focus on modeling. Being a VJ would probably work for her, having her own show. But she should diffently pick up acting, because we all know how easy it is for her to pick up accents at a moments notice. TI knows what he’s doing, so she’ll probably sell a few records doing the pop thing.

  • TUSON87

    Yo this better than them crappy ass Nicki Minaj singles, atleast its tolerable and not corny

  • LOL

    we ain’t being fooled by that all seeing eye shit, but Iggy could still get it. i just don’t find that shit amusing.

  • Safe Dwade


  • Ya need to stfu

    Im just trying to figure out why she was showing tits in this video. Guess it fits the theme. And ya niggas and this illuminati shit has to stop. She’s a rap chick from australia. U really think she’s in? Its a fucking shirt made by someone who knows people will buy it and fools like ya will buy into it. I bet fools find that shit amusing when they got all the dollars with seeing eye on it tho…

  • michelle

    TI need to sign cuz sound like KANYE

  • asmodeus ashmadi


  • Inf

    Iggy gorgeous.

  • Morris Day Laugh

    She sellin every inch of her damn soul to get poppin…good luck

  • tucq

    Iggy can rap and sing decent. Its just she don’t yet have the right songs. She got the looks and everything, too. Just no bangers.

  • reezy

    T.I. is likeeverywhere killing everything !!!! HUSTLE GANG !!! good song by the way

  • besop

    great visual and good song iggy about to run america !

  • Mar-tian

    i liked the video

  • Dope Video. Feels like T.I. wrote her verse. Their rhyme cadence was similar.

  • That Guy

    I respect Iggy, I don’t like this, but that’s alright. She needs to find her “voice” and this formulaic, generic song is part of the process.

  • HK

    She hella fine…but her voice/accent sounds fake. A real Australian accent would be way sexier


    bitch needs a nose job.