• NinoDemayo

    Rosenberg and Ciph, please consider editing out the technical mishaps. If you want your product to be the best, deliver it in the best fashion.

    Almighty Nino Demayo

  • Chris

    I think the technical mishaps make the show a bit more endearing to be honest.

  • crazy

    I love the technical mishaps. Keep that shit going.

  • jus10

    Trick Trick! That’s a name you don’t hear too often. But the dude put out 2 solid projects.

  • herbsaac

    jus10 I didn’t have enough knowledge of him to download too much of his stuff.. But that Em verse he got(right before eminem released relapse)(i think it was his first released verse since his overdose) was fucking heat.. meat cleaver leave a bitches with a gash

  • JDR

    I wanted to hear what choke no joke was going to say about the ether/takeover beef because he was actually around Rocafella at that time. It would’ve been a nice gem to help promote this interview but you cut him off. All in all still another great interview.