New Music: Gucci Mane “Say Dat Then”

Gucci Mane Invades "The Whoolywood Shuffle"

Gucci let off a series of tweets today going at industry folks from Waka to Nicki Minaj to Rozay. This evening, producer C4 liberates a previously recorded track from March. You said enough, Gucci.


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  • DJ Semtex’s Prothsetic

    gucci’s losing it man, not like Young moneys much better but, atleast they kinda keep theyre shit together compared to this guy

  • Safe Dwade


  • Safe Dwade

    This is what happens when you don’t leave the hood

  • Dolla

    This is a shitty attempt at a dubstep/rap hybid beat. Like realllly shitty

  • Jb

    Well…….Excuse the fuck outta me!

  • Musikal

    Gucci is to far gone now.

  • louis

    who gives a shit what gucci has too say in life

  • D Twice

    Bra this dude came at them so fucking reckless. His music is awful but the nigga is pure comedy.

  • RaTheGod

    Crazy how much people love drama, dude gained like a million followers for going on that twitter tirade.

  • Jamesbond

    Dam this is whack plus dude is going so off beat.

  • Evil


  • bk2chiraq2dtown

    Gucci is a sped case

  • Streetz

    I bet some of what he said was true

  • kayandgee

    he got hacked, has to be or hes gone nuts

  • besop


  • Lax

    Gucci’s OG. Nuff said

  • Bstunna

    ” ohh he geeked up, oh geeked up, ohh he geeked up, oh geeked up”
    “Bitch I might be, Bitch I might be, Bitch I might be,Bitch I might be!”

  • StarFox64

    lmfao if you really think bout it gucci is one of the realest rappers in the industry..this shit was hilarious cuz u could tell this dde gucci was on like 10 zans tryna send out tweets..