• Regular Guy

    big ups to ed & snoop.
    Can’t hate or criticize on people tryna make a difference.
    and the song isn’t half bad.

  • nice i cant front

  • Mar-tian

    Nice vibe

  • Sheezee

    I thought Rap Radar dont fuck wit Reggae ohh it Gotta Be Snoop Liar in it that makes it hiphop fuck outta here.

  • Eddie

    I dnt normally comment but this is Fire

  • ???

    so we’re going to ignore the original in-studio video with the uglier back up singers and cheesier vibe…lol the industry funny son

  • Interesting that Eddie Murphy is re-inventing himself going back to singing career (I believe he had a pop hit in the 1980’s). Either way, I like this record. It’s positive. Shout out to Uncle Snoop.

  • oj Da Cornball

    Any one must not front at this point. this is fire.

    Somehow, Mr. Lion should’ve hire Eddy’s producers for his album.

  • ZoomZoomDad-Otis

    This joint is nice.

  • rahrahrah

    Yes!! Yes!! This is why I didn’t hate on Snoop Lion…If this is the energy that is being put in the world as a result of that decision, then that’s great!

  • Mickey Holstein

    this ain’t that bad, we need the positive vibes yall!!

  • brza

    this is dope and would’ve been even without snoop

  • bylaw99

    Yeah been vibing to this for bout a week now! Good shit Mr F**k U monn and D. O double G!

  • Damn, I guess we can’t all just Party All The Time ??

  • brollya

    haha dats funny wen eddie murphy get more comments den french montana

  • Realist

    Like the song. Honestly could’ve done without Snoop tho. Rather have a real reggae artist on it then him rapping like he’s from jamaica.

  • MrSkeezyMak

    @Brollya haha right! Thats cuz French Montana is fuckin awful, once in a while I click play just to hear if his simple ass rhymes can get any more basic.

  • @SelectahSnipa

    This is actually a dope record. I was truly impressed.

  • the One

    Nice track!

  • wow

    first jamie foxx now eddie lmao..

  • iam607


  • wtf man >.<