New Video: Eminem “Berzerk”


Sporting his signature blonde ‘do, Eminem brings the raucous to Detroit Rock City. The video features cameos from Rick Rubin, Kendrick Lamar, Slaughterhouse, Alchemist, Kid Rock and—Paul Rosenberg?! Ha! Do remember: The Marshall Mathers LP 2 drops November 5th.


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  • N-Slick

    You forgot Kid rock, Yela, and alchemist ^^^

  • Holla

    sounds a one of the beastie boys ghost wrote for him… or maybe royce .. this sounds forced by Em

  • Lil Majer The Cartune

    Sweet! had a feeling he’d release this video at 12pm est!

    Btw.. Here’s a rumored tracklist for MMLP2, take it with a grain of salt.

    1. Public Service Announcement (Skit)
    2. Return of Slim Shady
    3. Berzerk
    4. Dead or Alive (feat. 50 Cent)
    5. Return of Paul (Skit)
    6. Jaywalk
    7. Return to the Racetrack
    8. Genocide (feat. Slaughterhouse)
    9. Time-Space Continuum (But Now I’m Back)
    10. Serial Killer
    11. Fifth of Rum (feat. Yelawolf)
    12. Breaking Bad
    13. Yellow Jumpsuit (feat. Dr. Dre)
    14. Never Gave A Fuck
    15. Inspiration
    16. MAC-11 (feat. Kendrick Lamar)
    17. Return of Ken Kaniff (Skit)
    18. Survival (feat. Liz Rodrigues)
    19. The Proof is in the Pudding (feat. D12 and Royce da 5’9)
    20. Respect Mah Authoritah (Bonus Track)

  • london

    lmfao that was fucking funny .no tracklist?

  • The Biased Honkey

    Video makes the song so much better

  • gz

    em is crazy authentic
    nothing forced
    no labels tell the guy what to do, no corporate influenced decisions…just marshall
    best rapper ever

  • the truth

    I see “Bee” is written on the card that Paul puts down playing against Rick. Possible title for next single?

  • gz

    i hope 50 makes a promo move right after Em…and it’d be a dream if Dre had some shit in the works at any time in the next 24 months!

  • Seealejo

    Love the classic rock references, graffiti writing, and the wrestling themes, as well as the cameo.

  • JustMyOpinion

    Great song, great video. The essence of rap music and a lyrically infused song.

  • Black Shady

    King Mathers is bout to shut shit down


  • Wall

    Super DOPE.



  • JustMyOpinion

    @ Holla

    ^ Go do your research; it’s a Beastie Boy sample. Smh

  • KingChris

    @ JustMyOpinion

    ^ Go do your research, it’s actually a Billy Squier sample. The song is called The Stroke. Smdh…. The only Beastie Boys sample is when you hear KICK IT and the begining of the song. That is sampled from Fight for your Right.

  • MrHeat

    Haters be like: …………………

    Dope video, dope track, period!

  • Dashing

    The video is cool. Makes the song a little better, still not what I want to hear from Em. Hoping that this and Survival are the 2 worst songs on the album…

  • NCHT

    Fucking crazy! He’s back to basics

  • tha OG

    DAMN this shit go so hard!!!!shady is back

  • JP

    lol… fake ass hip hop heads be like, ” eh, dope video, dope rhymes, just not what I wanted from Em. Get the FUCK outta here with that bullshit. If you can’t appreciate this, maybe you should consider leaving hip hop alone and delve into another genre of music.

  • South West


    Survival’s 3rd Verse is Epic

  • Still

    @The truth …….. could be!!!!!!!! it makes sense honestly

  • shayden

    @ jp
    I totally agree real hip hop fans from the beginning will get the direction he is going with this song and album the rest of the young generation that use to the water down bullshit this out there now of course arnt on the level so they won’t understand and I agree with you they should just go to a different genre of music that is less complex

  • KillaTesh

    @The truth @still

    no “Bee” is the brand of those playing cards, google it. Dope video though

  • BK

    Love it!!!!!SHADY=G.O.A.T!!!!

  • Dope!
    Get em EM!

  • westcoast


  • Still

    @killatesh .. oh , thnx for the info man…n yeah, the song and the video its all SICK!!!!!

  • Da Business

    Ok can’t front, this joint grew on me.

  • NovaKaine

    Its clear

    Dre and Jay finna go head to head Aftermath vs the Roc
    Dre trying to bring back lyricism Kendrick album his control verse Em new single Jay releasing his kanye cole and wale album its a good time in hiphop

  • the truth

    @killatesh @still yeah I saw that but that whole segment looks like an entirely different video… different tone, mood, and look, like its a lead in to another song. That part was purposefully in black and white to stand out from the video. It means something

  • herbsaac

    Everyone who keeps saying their will be a Kendrick feature you are wrong.. They both have stated that they haven’t collabed together.. Just because they wre in the studio together doesn’t mean they worked together.. Jesus.. Get outta here.. Kendrick ain’t on a level with the gods yet( I secretly hope they make me eat my words though)

  • RES 1

    great video!!! ayo bdot you forgot YELAWOLF!!!

  • ppthetruth

    Also the control verse meant nothing.. He went at the likes of Mac Miller and J. Cole… The only significant part of it was kendrick saying he was the king of new york which is blasphemous.. You fucking idiots commenting are the hype machine we don’t need.. He is not trying to re create the marshall mathers lp sound.. The reason it is Marshall mathers lp 2 is because it is where Eminem as a person is again.. Marshall Mathers LP was about his actual life mostly.. Thats what this CD will be like.. About what he sees as a person.. It will be completely different from MMLP and it will be great.. As long as he doesnt rap like Bad Meets Evil(amazing lyrics but just forced delivery) and as long as it isn’t the stupid pop nonsense that was Recovery(even though was again the lyrics were great but the production was very forced..) Relapse was his best cd after his first three.. Then Encore then bad meets evil and then Recovery.. Eminem has to rap the way he is now because he lsts proofs influence.. If anyone of you listen to Proof(which you dont and never did since its not on the radio you fucktards) you will see that the old eminem is HEAVILY influenced by proofs style harmonys and melodies that he could think of.. since shady no longer has that influence with him on every track we have the Eminem we have now which isn’t as good as the old but isn’t bad by any means.. Thats the truth.

  • KingJuggaNott

    LOL…this shit is horrible. The worst.

  • Ro

    That video is on LSD. I like that about it!

  • DK


    Personal feelings about Kendrick’s “Control” verse aside, it DID undeniably mean something, what with the endless amount of responses that poured in barely 24 hours after the damn thing was released. I also doubt that he truly believes he’s the “King of NY” even though there’s no one really filling that title as of late (No, not even Jay-Z. Fuckouttahere with that.) Perhaps if New York rappers want to hold some prominence again, they should find someone who doesn’t sound like they went to school on the short bus in Atlanta.

    Also, you criticize Em for not sounding like a real person or sounding candid/genuine about his life, and then you cite Relapse as one of his best albums? The majority of Relapse was serial killer fantasies and prescription pill namedropping. Something doesn’t quite add up there. Recovery, while spotty in some places, was arguably the most unguarded look at Em we’ve ever gotten- “Going Through Changes”, “25 to Life” and “You’re Never Over” being prime examples of that.

    I’m cautiously optimistic about MMLP2, though. If he does it right, it could be something truly significant.

  • shaaaadyyyyyycomeoutandplaaayyyyy

    This shit is pretty dope.. Finally he isn’t sounding like he is forcing the raps like on Bad Meets evil and Recovery.. I love the way you can hear the pitch changes in his voice again and all the record scratching like the old school shit we all fell in love it.. Gotta say the way he is rapping is sounding promising like we won’t have to hear him like he was on that forever verse or every song on bad meets evil except for the one entitled Reunion(that was the old eminem that was waaaaaay too dope where he admitted how much he loved the relapse cd and hated the people who hated on it..(relapse was one of his best cds.. People younger than 25 the year it came out have no idea though since they all wanted encore/eminem show style eminem…)) Anyways.. Fuck the haters and the people wanting MMLP2 to sound like the first one.. I hope his rap is different but the beats stay the course of berzerk(not over poppy and forced like the recovery cd beats)

  • Jacob

    @herbsacc while that is true that they both said how they didn’t collab, that WAS a few months ago when that was said, during that time Kendrick has opened for him during ems European tour and a verse could have been sent as well

  • Chronic

    Video is fuckin sick. So much goin on with it…but it’s the cameos that really make it. The Kendrick and kid rock ones especially

  • LikeJordan45

    Lmao this shit wack son

  • Evil

    Great video!
    EM with blonde hair is dope.

    Nice to see EM giving props to LL Cool J with that black and white scene at the end of the music video.

  • Mar-tian

    The video made the song a little better. Knowing that this is Em, I can appreciate that his first singles are always somewhat quirky and off the wall. I’ll look fwd to MMLP2

  • ppthetruth


    No dude. Control meant nothing.. who the fuck responded? Papoose? Cassidy? hat the fuck.. Meek Mill? All of these people are insignificant nothing rappers.. seriously.. hat control verse emant anything aside from Pap? Everything else is just like Miley Cyrus.. Big sean is the male version of Miley.. Boring ass music made by other people..

    what I meant about MMLP2 was that eminem was not trying to re create MMLP but just using that as the context that it will be from his perspective not from eminem ala eminem show/ recovery not slim shady ala sslp/relapse/encore but it would be him as a person and how HE felt not the personas he created.

    Yes relapse is one of his best albums because it catered to his fans from the beginning not the peeps who like him because of songs like mockingbird and the song from his movie.. Honestly.. I hate eminem fans nowadays because they generally don’t like sslp which is an amazing piece of art.. I like eminem when he stays true to what he has done in the past.. Not trying to dumb down his shit like Big sean tyga and all these other cornballs today who put out music..(TDE aside)

    Plus hova is the king of new york.. His fucking album is actually the truth.. The hit he says on that CD he does/owns.. It was amazing to hear the perspective of a rapper who has stayed the same throughout his career(I hate blueprint 3 though) and he killed almost every song.. I like when rappers like hova talk the truth(they live not like tyga renting cars and houses and claiming he owns it or rappers like ross that lie and fabricate and the dumbness of new age rap fans leads to him garnering fans for some reason ) and when rappers that ride beats(eminem) do it well(see d-block feat eminem) I hate new rap and I am happy eminem isn’t catering to the new rap fan but is rather claiming he is sick of them(the lines about P.E. and ren and stimpy cartoons are evidence of that)

    Also the song with elton john on relapse beats 25-life and shit.. The songs about him recovering that u seem to like so much are bullshi(meaning he did quit some drugs but its still what he loves but he rapped like he quit so people with sticks up their asses would buy his cd again).. He did that because relapse didn’t sell as well as the return of eminem after a couple year hiatus should( because the culture that (actually)buys music isn’t as into drugs anymore and he needed to kick that shit since it wasn’t as popular as it was in the 2000’s when that shit(drugs) became more available for purchase to high schoolers and college kids alike(its 13 year old girls and hipsters who loved and praised recovery)) so eminem catered to them on recovery and it sold well.. Now that he has his old fans who bought into him again because of relapse and the new fans who bought into via recovery we will hopefully get the stubborn eminem who smokes weed and drinks(which i am pretty sure he does but lays off the pills nowadays) and not caring about stupid shit like setting good examples for people..

    Its your life live however you wanna.

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  • wow.. people are sheep.

    wow.. this video sucked and the song sucked even more.. dying your hair blonde doesn’t bring the shady back.. it doesn’ can see he doesn’t have it anymore.. he lacks ambition and he’s not hungry anymore.. having rick ruben in the video is not gonna “save” the video.. people are you dumb look at the video’s like purple pills,forgot about dre,guilty conscience,shit on you, fight club? the only “white” rapper in the scene right now is Drake.. kendrick.. i ain’t even mad bruh I understand..

  • Loki

    All these people commenting must be on payola cause this joint aint it. Sorry.

  • LOL

    dope vid, it’s something different in this day and age.


  • Mubazzegh

    All of the dumb ass retarded ingnorant fucks saying the “old” shady ain’t back or eminem is finished or he ain’t how he used to be….FUCK THAT…….fuck the “old” shady…….fuck what he used to be…and fuck you……No matter what he matter how he sounds, looks or whatever….He still the greatest rapper alive so just fuckin’ deal with it…you don’t have to like the sound of the track but the LYRICS he spits..the metaphors..hidden meanings and stuff like recompensates it all… least he doesnt do the empty stupid music that rappers like wayne, tyga, or wtever other rappers do (there are exceptions of course)….You probably just don’t like Em cuz he’s better than your favourite rapper…….dafuq is happening to this world

  • Morris Day Laugh

    Em always drops a corny song first…glad he got this bullshit out the way while I’m overseas and don’t have to hear this shit coming out of these goofball”s cars

  • M&M

    So stupid….

    Stupid video

    Stupid dumb down lyrics
    White boy acting like he’s black

    Worst rapper alive

  • Savimbi

    This track sucks, I’m sorry. I see what he was trying to do but major fail. The obvious is that most of you calling it dope are (fill in the blank) more than likely born after the 90s looking for a hip hop savior that looks like (fill in the blank) fact is eminem will never be GOAT for that his fame was begotten by publicly humiliating his mother, and the woman who gave birth to his only child. The Pacs, Biggies, Kanes, Jays, Rakims, PE all stood for something more and actually had something to say, their music connected with the people because within we saw and felt the bigger picture (Freedom) and by We I mean (fill in the blanks). still a fan of his old music tho, not this new shit, it’s uninspiring, he himself knows he sold his own mama for fame and still has a hard time dealing with the fact so he’s trying to save face on some ” look at me I’m bringing real hip hop back” blah blah, real hip hop been here….it’s just that for the last few years a few Uncle Tom boot licking niggaz sold their own people for a couple bucks.

  • JP

    @ Loki

    I’m on payola because I like the song/video?!! The fuck kind of logic is that?!! There ain’t nothing wrong with being a fan. You don’t go diamond twice by accident. I have a love/hate relationship with the internet. It’s nice to have all sorts of info at your fingertips, but it also allows every idiot with a broadband connection to be a “critic”. Notice every comment dissing the song lacks any sort concrete judgement or argument to justify such claims. I’m not saying it’s for everyone, but your lack of merit reeks of ignorance.

    In 2013, everyone is a rapper/critic. Why don’t you leave the music and arguments to those who are viable in context.

  • Loki

    Stfu with your long ass explanations nobody reading

  • ppthetruth

    savimbi go back to whatever feminism/gay pride convention you just left.

  • respect

    Eminem makes the best songs and videos…..GOAT

  • Pedro

    music still sucks, dope video

  • Starfox64

    The worst part about this song is u can still hear remnants of shady..

  • crysis

    @ Savimbi your a knob…do you know who sold more albums than anyone in the past 13 years??? well do you?? its the man here marshall mathers guy 100,000,000 million albums sold world wide. you know who is second to him the past 13 years in record sales well its The Beatles. know what the fuck your talking about before you open your lip. now bow down to King Mathers.

  • Dashing


    “If you can

  • Evil

    You know EM have made it when you see haters trying so hard to pick his shit apart.LOL

    Song sold 370 000 in a couple of days,went to nr 1 in on itunes in 10 different countrys and the video is getting mad plays on Vevo.

    EM stays winning,haters cant do anything about it,must be hard for you guys to take that.LOL

    EM = GOAT

  • Dashing

    It’s not about sales. When Crack a Bottle came out, it broke the record for the most downloads ever in a week. That song still sucks though..

    It’s Eminem. He’s gonna sell regardless. Encore, which is by far his worst album, sold 5.3 million copies.And Relapse went double platinum. Sales do not equal quality.

    And this song isn’t good.

  • LiquidSwords

    lmao damn people are odee on eminems dick. This shit is so fuckin wack/mainstream. Real heads don’t listen to this.

  • crysis

    @ dashing really only 5.3 million for encore try 30+ million. eminem has three Diamond LPS, MMLP, Eminem Show and Encore. GTFO guy. no other rapper has 3 diamond LPS.

  • kayandgee

    i hate to say it, the video is cool but this song is not that good

  • JOHN V


  • The Wise

    Great video..shitty song!..where the fuck is yelawolf tho..he needa put him out more then this slaughter house bs

  • SpaceGhost

    I’m sorry…….after Jay Electronica….Kendrick Lamar…….Black Hippy……..Jay-Z……..THIS SHIT JUST DOESN”T CUT IT.

    I admire Em’s attempt to mesh his style with classic Beastie Boys and Limp Bizkit, but it just a cute song. It’s a pop song for white hip hop/rock fans and black fans who are whitewashed and want Em to be hip hops savior. Yes, Em is a Legend, but without Dr. Dre’s interest everyone on Aftermath has lost their mojo…..with the exception of Game and Kendrick. Hopefully, for Em’s sake, Dr. Dre produced a few of these songs, otherwise,,,,Jay-Z still has the best modern day Rick Rubin produced hip hop song hands down in “99 Problems.”

  • Rah hill

    This is Fire.

  • DrDreThatDude

    ok I am stupid, but when was Yela in this. Timestamp? But agree with earlier that “the vid makes the some better”. I get it now. And I like it.


    this shit is super corny b.



  • Obama

    On a separate note.. Funny how none of these rap fans even notice all the plastic surgery Eminem has had over the last few years.. Looks weird as fuck…

  • peter pan

    yelawolfs on the bike ! but yeah Eminem has to push yelawolf more than slaughterhouse

  • Yuup

    Lol the video still doesn’t help me like the song. The record is just corny in my opinion. I know this was a safe radio record for Em though so I’m not tripping, we’ve seen these type of records before from him so I’m still amped for MMLP2.

  • Damnrightslimanus

    Y’all are all ingorant as fuck. You aren’t gonna get the old slim because he is perceived completely different now. Back then the fact that he was this rapper that no one wanted to like, and he was in your face about whatever was on his mind. But now that he is solidified as one of the greats, he is unarguably a great rapper. now he doesn’t have all these people who dislike him. Now everyone likes him. I don’t mean to sound like a hipster but now when people hear him say crazy shit the response is “oh that’s just eminem, he just says stuff like that”.

    Having said that, he can’t go back to who he was. It’s impossible after all that he’s done lyrically. But that doesn’t mean this cd won’t be dope. Relapse was completely different and it was dope as all hell

  • West West Yall


    EMINEM is the greatest rapper of all time.


  • buss

    Awesome video. Makes the song more enjoyable.

  • Stoner

    Hidden messages in Video… He Hit With A 20 And Caught An Ace…. Yuppppp.. Means He Knows He Toped MMLP With MMLP2….Even Though It Was Harmless Fun.. The Black Dude That Came Out With A Thumbs Up After The Birdman Line Was Probably The Fact That Birdman Makes A Shitload Of Cameos….Lol…. The World Ain’t Ready For A Mature Slim Shady…

  • Safe Dwade

    Ahh fuck he’s selling more mills

  • the12thletter

    I’m a real hip hop head, and I love this song. Real hip hop heads don’t knock something down because of artist status. Eminem is by far the most mainstream dude but he comes with the lyrics like come on you’re gonna tell me “dumb it down I don’t know how, question is are you bozos smart enough to feel stupid” didn’t catch your hip hop ears attention? You knock this song down because of his voice and because of the beat and y’all don’t listen to the words cause if y’all did y’all hear a song filled with metaphors and punchlines. Jay talked about you niggas “do you listen to music or do you just skim thru it” Em also made an example out of you niggas “while I diss you to the beat, fuck the words. You don’t listen to ’em anyway” I’m a real hip hop head I grew up with the kanes, bdp, odb, 80s to the 10s hell even Drake got some quotable bars y’all just gotta listen and stop being ignorant music is music

  • Savimbi

    @Pee Pee the thot, I can see you turning pink from here @crisys and that says what exactly? Still doesn’t negate the fact that he sold his own mama for those 100,000,000 records muthafuka. Here is a better concept for your pink self, The Beatles might have sold all those records, but their impact on the world isn’t as felt today as it is with Bob Marley’s music, so take those numbers and shove em up your mom’s ass.

  • eddy haze



  • Word

    Anybody, whether for this song or against it, that uses the term “real hip hop” or “real hip hop heads” should be discredited. You folks think you can so easily qualify what a real hip hop head is, and then when you think you have, you assume that the opinion of this “real” hip hop head should be the end all be all of a discussion. Dashing, nobody cares if any “real” hip hop heads YOU know likes this song. That’s such a small segment of the ppl that’ll hear this song, the opinion of the “real” hip hop head doesn’t sway the masses. Whatre you hoping to convey when you make a statement like “no hip hop head likes this”? Okay folks stop commenting. The “real” hip hop heads Dashing knows don’t fuck with the song so all your opinions don’t matter.

  • wolfer

    Where’s Yeller???

  • crysis

    @Savimbi awwwww someone is butt hurt whaaa whaaa he is going to use racial epithets to make me feel degraded whaaaaa whaaaa why cant bob marley be the greatest ever whaaaaa whaaaaa. all i hear is lot of crying form you son need some tissues to wipe your ass from all the diarrhea you just spewed.

    yea Bob Marley good reggae artist best of his own genre. but have to say The Beatles have been way more influential to the music business and across all genres like none before them have done. than you have our boy Marshall Mathers sold more records than anyone in the past 13 years and has done what none have done before him in his genre of music and that is take the whole game and flip upside down and no one is even close to him. i know you hate that but if any one else happens to do what he does guess who they will compare them to?? EMINEM is the answer guy.

  • lol at anyone who disses anyone else for liking or not liking the song…its a matter opinion..animosity isn’t really needed. my opinion the song is whack…i’m not saying its not typical shady but its the type of eminem that i dont like…i honestly dont like rap songs that are too playful with the sound effects and stuff like that….so yeh..thats “my opinion” ..peace

  • I can’t wait for the new album ! Fuck Miley, fuck Nicky, fuck EVERYTHING ! Eminem is BACK !

  • Dashing

    @Word, before you get yoursell all hyped, re-read my comment. It was a direct response to crysis who said “If you can

  • Savimbi

    @crysis silly little rabbit, no one here is talking about the music bizzness you idiot, Bob stopped a civil war from brewing in Jamaica so go ahead and keep sucking on them beetles dicks, . Just deal with it, Eminem will never be considered goat. #fact his impact on social issues/life is none existent and the main point you seem to forget is, he sold his mama out, and humiliated her in front of 100,000,000 people. Hence his fame being ill gotten. You probably never heard of any other hip hop artist outside if Eminem, I can tell, stick your thumb in your ass and go bezerk. Muthafuka. Scarface was right.

  • StarFox64

    if yelawolf and mr. porter are kept far away from this album it has a chance..

  • vomit

    …real hip-hop just sounds better doesn’t it ?

  • crysis

    @Savimbi i know bitches and hoes is better in rap songs i forgot thats what hip hop culture like to say in there songs that makes it better to sell out women and demonize them that way thats makes it right. LOL your a knob

  • Elena

    He looks so young. And him in a month 40. Blonde again. So better

  • Wall

    banger, shit bangs.

  • Stoner

    I Understand What You Mean By Marshall Will Never Be ” Goat” Because He Lacks Uplifting Social Impact…. Good Point.. Except You Are Forgetting One Thing……. His Life Is All The Social Impact He Needs… He does Not Preach What He Does Not Believe Or Does Not Find Entertaining…He Is The Only Rapper That Had Truly MASTERED RAP!!!!! Yupppppp… Mastered Rap… Marshall Puts More Thought And Effort In Every Single Word He Spits Than Any Rapper Has… Ever!!!!!! He Has Never Made His Fans Feel Bad About The Fact That We Made Him Millions And Millions Of Dolars.. How??? He Never Rubs His Riches In Our Faces Like Almost All Other Rich Rapper Do…!!He Understands We Work Hard For Our Money.. That’s Why He Goes To Genius Extremes To Entertain Anyone That Spends A Dime On Him…!!!! FYI .. Someone Mentioned That He ” Sold His Mother Out To 1000000000 People”…. Hmmmmm That’s Logical To Think But…. He Had A Bad Childhood, Bad Parents, Bad Enviroment.. Now He Got A daughter Who Is No Secret His LIFE.. He Gets A Deal And Comes Out As The Most Candid Brutal Honest Rapper We’ve Yet To See.. Of Course He Will Rap About His Life… Don’t get Mad At Him For Exposing His Mom.. Get Mad At His Mom For Giving Him Those Things To Rap About…….. Eminem Is One Of A Kind.. Love Him Hate Him… You Just Can’t Deny Ot To Yourself.. That He Is The Best RAPPER OUT!!!! Ps.. I’m Nit An Eminem Fan… Just A FAN OF HONESTY AND RESPECT…!!! My Bad For The Book.. Lol

  • JP

    @ Loki

    You mad? Reading and comprehension isn’t up to standard? I’ll give you a pass

    Dashing said “That is hilarious.I don

  • Dashing

    @JP, Nah man, just someone who trusts his ear too. And this song aint it. Agree to disagree. Em aint mad. He’ll sell either way.

  • Wall

    Em bout o sell a mill first week.

  • 645681486

    Eminem is a King


    THE NEW HIP-HOP !!!!!!!!!!

  • Nutsonya Chin


    where are these crazy metaphors and “hidden meanings” …

    I didnt hear any funny or clever bars like the shit he came with on slim shady lp n mmlp .

    Hes still referencing K-fed?

    Spittin till the am?

    i dont fuck with this song. or his last 4 albums really.
    Get off his nuts.

    Listen to his song “fack” and tell me hes the greatest rapper ever ..

  • eddy haze


  • TDE/Aftermath

    Official Eminem MMLP2 TRACKLIST !

    1. Public Service Announcement (Paul) (Prod. By Rick Rubin)
    2. The Aftermath ft. Xzibit ,Busta Rhymes , 50 cent, & The game (Prod. By D-Parker)
    3. Berzerk (Prod. By Rick Rubin)
    4. Route 666 (Prod. By Kanye West Co-Produced By Rick Rubin)
    5. Rolls Royce ft. Royce Da 5’9′ ( Prod. Eminem)
    6. Worship the devil (Prod. By Kanye West)
    7. Slim Shady PT.I (skit) (Prod. By Jermaine Cole)
    8. Bromance ft. Dr. Dre (produced by Alex da Kid)
    9. Obama bin laden (Prod. By Just Blaze)
    10. Yes New Friends ft. Kendrick lamar & Tyler the Creator & Justin Timberlake (produced by Scott Storch)
    11. Raping Kim (again) (Prod. By Rick Rubin)
    12. Emperor Of The West Coast (produced by Dr. Dre)
    13. Friday the 13th Ft. Yelawolf (skit) (Prod. By Eminem)
    14. Detoxles ft. Kendrick Lamar (Prod. By J.Cole)
    15. I’m Back ( Back again) Pt.II ( Produced By Dr.Dre & Mel-man)
    16. Bitch Please PT. IV FT. Crooked I, Royce Da 5’9′ & Bizarre (Prod. By Dr. Dre)
    17. Pledge of Allegiance (Prod. By J.cole)
    18. Eminem (skit) (Prod. By F.B.T.)
    19. Alright Stop (Prod. By No I.D.)
    20. 3 a.m. In Detroit ft. Obie Trice & Big Sean ( Prod. By Hit-boy)
    Bonus Tracks:
    21. Yes New Friends (REMIX) Ft. Drake (Prod. By Scott Storch)
    22. Rick Roll (Prod. By Rick Rubin Co-Produced by Dr. Dre)

  • AKL

    This song is greeaaattt. A lot of people – the young especially – miss the old school hip hop representation in this song… it’s genius! Look up article about it. And his rhymes are always top notch. Unless you are smart enough to see & understand the art of word play, you’ll overlook the rhyming schemes & hear the accents & beat only. He rhymes so naturally; it isn’t forced & it isn’t basic “cat in a hat” type of sh*t. I don’t see many other rappers with half the skill bringing anything like this back to “the game”. People are entitled to their opinion, but Eminem has mastered the art of word play & syllable rhyming unlike ANYONE else. Above all, he doesn’t rap about being a massive millionaire who “makes it rain” in strip clubs… like mostly everyone else mainstream. He is REAL. Eminem is known for making classics. Known for making complex rhymes. Known for creating a story line so vivid, the listener sees it & feels it. Known for creating great extended metaphors that just make anyone say “wowww, that’s crazy… i.e., “I’m harder than me tryna park a Dodge. But