New Video: Macklemore & Ryan Lewis Ft. ScHoolboy Q x Hollis “White Walls”


Along with SchoolBoy Q, Macklemore and Ryan Lewis give new meaning to old school in their stunning visual aid. Cameos include Wiz Khalifa, Big Boi, Trinidad James, A$AP Rocky, DJ Drama, and Seattle pioneer Sir Mix-A-Lot. Off The Heist which you can download here.

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  • The cameos made the video what it is. I tried to like this song when it came out, just not for me. I love the cars but I couldn’t see myself playing this in a car like that. I need something that’s pimp like. And this video was kinda disturbing in parts, but I can see a lot of white people get down to this song. I got some of his tracks on vinyl (limited edition). STARTING OVER would have been an awesome video with cameos, I hope he comes out with a video for that, that my favorite tune on the heist. Someone needs to tell him to do a video for that.

  • somebody nana

    lol he got some grandma’s up in there. yeah the cameos are good but i would have like to have seen “starting over”or “jimmy iovine”—imo Q verse was the best part of this song.

  • TPE

    yea that was aight..check out the other side of SEATTLE tho, here –>

  • HK

    I respect Macklemore’s grind but don’t like his music. Q’s verse was cool and the visuals were entertaining though

  • Yuup

    I’m genuinely happy for them and their success but they’re just not my cup of tea musically. I can’t relate to these dudes at all and they come off a bit cheesy. I also don’t consider them Hip Hop but whatever. I tried to give them a listen but i’m good. Someone mentioned their older stuff is better so I might see about it but I’m in no rush.

  • Mar-tian

    They make the best videos in terms of replay value

  • Reggie

    rapping on beat is so underrated nowadays; can we please go BACK to rhyming on beat, 2 Chainz, T James, Macklemore…

  • bk2chiraq2dtown
  • Dashing

    This won’t be a hit. With where he’s at now, he woulda been bette off going with “Castle” It’s not my kinda joint, but it’s more in line with the poppy sound he’s got.

  • JOnathan

    I have a love/hate relationship with this album. It’s very creative, the beats and rhymes are good, at times Macklemore/Ryan Lewis remind me of that old school Beastie Boys creativity.

    At times, I get into the album, ride with the flow. Other times I skip the songs when they come on my iPod. I think it’s hard because it’s so different. When you have an iPod with Jay-Z, Kendrick Lamar, J Cole, Jeezy, etc, then you have the Macklemore “sound” mixed in, it can be a shift at times.

    Keep it up Macklemore, hip-hop needs your creativity.

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