• gammaboi

    Nah! They need to stop it already with these bargain bin holograms. Looks like some Def Jam Vendetta shit.

  • Why isn’t the people that organize RTB releasing quality videos of the set. From what I can tell, all these videos are dark, they can’t be judged. C’mon people we want to see the details. The tupac video was nearly perfect, it had close up shots and panning shots. It wasent 100% perfect, but at least the video was quality. The person who was filming this at least had a somewhat steady arm, but it wasent a good angle. C’mon Rock The Bells, release official footage.

  • Anyway, Breaking Bads last episodes are fucking awesome.

  • Megabkny

    I Agree With LiHangin……..2013 Step Ur Vid Cam Up Pleaseeee

  • Jason

    This ODB hologram isnt even life size…

  • dsunn723


  • Dlove

    World stars footage is at better. This is legendary.

  • hellnaw

    eventually the holograms going on tour….and they will sell out cuz niggas definitely wanna see real emcees, better than all these NEW niggas. I just wonder who’s gonna introduce the Biggie hologram? Jay, Wu, Nasir, or will it be Kendrick lol the streets will riot if that niggas bring out Biggie’s hologram im calling it now

  • bumpy johnson

    @ hellnaw …….. lmaoooooooooooooooooo @ kendric bringing out biggie hologram …….