Kanye West & Charlie Wilson “Bound 2” On Jimmy Fallon

Late Night With Jimmy Fallon - Season 5

“Brandy little sister lame and he know it now”

Kanye’s in the house, watch your mouth. Alongside Mr. Wilson, Ye crashed Late Night With Jimmy Fallonlast night for his first televised performance of his new single. He even alternated the opening line with a shot at Ray J. Yeezus in stores now.


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  • Tev Milli

    Dope performance….
    Charlie was killing it with the singing and the choir….
    I wonder if Ray J gonna respond….
    That’s all I got 2 say

  • BOUN’!!!!

  • just another fan

    wow killer performance really reminded me of old soulful kanye

  • Belly

    That dress flowing all in the wind ruined it for me. Smh

  • Geno

    This nigga wearing a dress smh

  • DaTruthWillSetYouFree

    Great performance

  • mrholloway

    LMAO @ the dress comments. I feel better about the tour now since he seem to be getting back to normal…

  • Eddie

    Fab and ASAP wore the same thing it’s not a dress you dummies. Smh.

  • Eddie

    It’s like those 1930 tuxedo jackets with the long tails

  • SHOTS @ RAY J !!!!

  • Yeah

    very well put together. choir, charlie, the roots. dope performance.

    now, lets get ready for the tour. 11.16.13

  • watchthethrone

    vintage Ye, miss ya

  • Geno

    @Eddie pull ya skirt down B

  • Donn

    Grown man worrying about what another man is wearing

    Are u niggas fashion designers. Listen to the music. Fuck what he wearing

  • E!

    Charlie Wilson be killing it!!

  • Streetz

    Go back and listen to KRS-ONE 9 elements, street fashion is one of the elements of hip-hop. You new niggas wouldn’t know that though. Only good song on the album by the way

  • John Cusack


  • Waymond

    Loved it and Charlie Wilson is ridiculous. I hope to see and hearbetter quality music posted like this more often on RR.

  • DK

    Damn. The choir and drums make this a completely different song. Love it.

  • Jaymalls

    Only kanye can make live performances sound just as good or even better than the studio quality versions. I hope he performs “Bound 1” on tour… i heard that shit is out of this world!

  • derk

    Yall really brainwashed. If your father uncle or son came home wearing a fucking dress you wouldnt say shit?

    Fuck yall. Yall aint even men. When a man speak up, its “why you worried about how another man dress”. Go ahead and put on a dress then and expect nobody to say shit. Straight soft as baby ass. Pussies.

  • Picasso Micheaux

    With all due respect, we aren’t supposed to look to artists for cues on how to dress or how to act…You’re supposed to bring your own values to the venue…Then u can just sit back and be entertained by the artist…
    Some of the dollars in your wallet got men on it, and the wearing powdered wigs…But if you came home to the fam wearing one, of course, they’d be looking at you like, ‘What?’ But them powdered wigs dont stop you from spending that qwop, does it? If someone tried to take yours, you’d probably die for them pieces of paper with them powdered wig wearing pussies on them, wouldn’t you?

  • Leon Sandcastle

    @ Jaymalls

    What’s ‘Bound 1’ a remix or something. Or is that a different song

  • Tony Lavender

    @ Leon Sandcastle
    lmao–there is no Bound 1. The song is called “Bound 2” meaning “Bound 2 fall in love”



  • tmb

    it was a good performance and i like ye as much anybody else BUT THIS NIGGA got on rey mysterio’s pants lol

  • Jaymalls

    @Leon Sandcastle & @Tony Lavender

    “Bound 1” is the “original version” before Rick Rubin got a hold of it along with the rest of the album n striped that shit down! The original sounded as big as the “Charlie Wilson Break” throughout on some grandiose R&B shit with NO ID/Ye drums playing through the verse… Knowing Ye, he may never release it along with “Living So Italian” and a 1000 other unreleased songs/versions!

  • suge knight

    here goes .mp3 of this for anyone who need it


  • brza

    more like kanye dress lol

  • Naveed Asylum

    Dis song is nice but man Dis nigga killled dis joey badass song man u gotta hear it OMG!!! https://soundcloud.com/tay-clark-2

  • Kristyn J. Scales

    my Aunty Makayla just got Mazda MAZDASPEED3 Hatchback just by part time work from a home pc. read what he said

  • zeee

    Watch so called hetrosexual men start making excuses to wear dresses now.

  • Mr. A. From The T

    as if over sized shirts were new.

  • The Brain Trust

    Incredible performance.

    What an artist!

  • Splash

    Nigga kanye just about to cover Katy Perry’s “roar”.. what a waste panty man.

  • glass

    so fucking good. if he wasn’t wearing a skirt it’d be perfect


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  • eddy haze