Ice Cube & Mac Miller On Arsenio Hall


Ice Cube had his late night site down on the new Arsenio Hall Show. They spoke on how they got N.W.A.on the show, Boyz N The Hood and more.  After the jump, Mac hits the stage to perform ”Avian” and “Aquarium”.

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  • Jamie

    I saw Cube and Game kickin it at the dodger game 2weeks ago crowd when krazy Legends #LAKings

  • Brandon

    It’s great he doing TV, but somebody need to change the set back to the original. That ish was hot back in the day!

  • Hannibal Lecture

    You ask me did i like arsenio/well bout as much as the bicentenial – Ice Cube

  • Lol arsenio should of grilled Mac like he did Vanilla ice LMFAO. Mac is dope tho, He’s a good rapper but I can’t believe he had the gull to put some bubble gum bars on the pun classic. That his one slip up. Other than that he does it.

  • Rozay

    @Hannibal Lecture

    I don’t give a fuck about dissin these fools cause they all scared of the Ice Cube, cause what I say, what I display, and all dat, and aint seeen the gat.