Mike Will Confirms Kanye & Miley Remix


Mike Will Made It joined 2 Chainz on the RapFix couch this afternoon. While bigging up Miley, he confirmed rumors of Kanye and Miley recording the “Black Skinhead” remix shortly after the VMAs.

We went to the studio with Kanye. So we went right back to work. We all working on that. Yea, it’s about done, man. I was just touching on the beat a lil bit. It’s sounding crazy too.

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  • Black Shady

    SMH I really hope it is a joke -_____-

  • Tev Milli

    Wonder how long we gotta wait 2 hear it….
    That’s all I gotta say

  • Nasty Nas

    Put her on a chorus written by someone else. She has a decent voice but I really don’t want to hear her rap again. ESPECIALLY on a track called
    “black skinhead” (not “Blackskind Head”)

  • Mike B

    haha [email protected] Blackskind Head

    Sounds funny

  • Johnny Ryall

    The fans want the feelin of a Tribe Called Quest but all they got left is…….. Nothing.

  • michelle

    THIS IS DOPE. someone need to sign https://soundcloud.com/love_at_first_sound/recklessyouth tho hes making the type of music KANYE should be making FOR REAL CUH

  • Evil

    Kanye fell off and now hes doing songs with miley..sad day for hip hop

  • doads

    He makes SHIT music, he has a SHIT image, a WHORE for a wifey and now he’s talking about the culture when he’s the imbecile that is ruining it. WTF! is this shit, MILEY? REALLY? SMH!

  • Ridalen

    Well never hear this song. I guarantee it