MMG Returns To The Breakfast Club


After a busy day and night, MMG visited Power 105. Meek spoke on Twitter while Stalley touched on his deal. Wale discussed his shoe game and his next LP. Afterwards, Omarion talked comeback, Meek plugged his tour and Rozay weighs in on the Heat, his next LP and Bieber.

UPDATE: Back with Power 105, Omarion discussed new album while Stalley talks relevancy even with lack of radio. Meek talks Cassidy, Kendrick while Rozay speaks on his interest on signing with Lil Boosie.

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  • baous


  • ZoomZoomDad-Otis

    MMG Documentary on the way the laughs keep on coming.

  • westcoast


  • Real Talk.

    What are the first week sales projections for Self Made 2?

  • Black Shady

    I swear this nigga watched wayyyyy too many mafia movies lmaooooooo he really thinks hes the godfather or somethin

    but hey, if he really CARES bout all his artists’ success without jerking them….good for them

  • Thats what i always say about ross
    He never gets out if character he so dramatic with everthing he says
    Hes exactly like khaled

  • Anonymous

    Man Wale need to lay off that Yayo… SMH…

  • ridalen

    tough times right now if you hate rozay

  • It’s hard to hate on MMG. They’re brothers just doing their thing.
    Make a song and the video in the same day? Nobody in rap doing that.
    These dudes give you quality music when the consumer wants it. No push backs or drama.
    I rather have MMG than YMCMB anyday. They never step out of their lane individually and I respect that. Doesn’t matter about first week numbers as long as you give the consumer quality music, that’s the goal. I’ll continue to support them fully. Good for hip hop.

  • ZoomZoomDad-Otis

    [email protected]”These dudes give you quality music when the consumer wants it.” You need to be drug tested !

  • deez

    theres gonna be a new single for god forgives, william doesnt, next week, so we’ll most likely see an attempt at another bmf type track, or a dj mustard sounding song with lil wayne on it..

  • nigletswillbeniglets

    @baous why would you even compare MMG to GOOD? lol one group got a bunch of wack niggas(MMG) and one group got niggas that can ACTUALLY rap(GOOD)

    take your old Ross dickriding somewhere else. Ross = the goat? you probably one of those lame niggas that TRY to live the life Ross raps about and probably grow ya facial hair like him, if you even old enough to do that. Only one that can rap in that group is Meek, Ross is iight….no where near GOAT status

    lol you pussy nigga AHHHHHHHHHHHH


  • Jinx

    Breakfast club interview >>>>> Rosenberg’s interview

  • banks919

    i dont understand some of yall man…yall watch there videos and listen to their songs then comment and hate on it…why watch the video???why listen to the music????thats like going to a gay club every weekend and saying your not gay lol…non of them are my favorite artist but i do listen to some of the music and to me im seeing another african american being successfull and doing something with their life instead of nothin…and by you watching the videos and leaving comments all you are doing is giving them more views and it looks like they have a bigger fan base than what it is…if i dont like a artist im not gonna click on the video and watch it

  • required

    @baous Cocaine is a hell of a drug

  • IM730

    haha at ross tryin to eat the mic when hes talkin bout rocky fresh. Damn someone get ricky a burger..shit!

  • Anonymous

    Stalley is slowly gonna get dropped from the label. Give it 4 months, no more no less.

  • xonoemi


  • baous

    @required – it is, I love it

  • mac DIESEL

    According to Hits Daily Double, MMG

  • Jazz

    These Niggaz has been on every radio station and bloggs for the past 6months..And their album won’t push more than 100k..That’s a flopp.

  • My New-found trx method Work Even If You Go to bed!.

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  • Black Shady

    Meek said he had the cass diss for 8 months LOLOLOLOL you can tell Cass got him!!!!! now hes telling lies lmaooooooo

  • StayingSchool

    Ross High as fuck..
    Clubs ColeMeek
    Albums Cole>Meek
    Skills Cole>Meek

  • Smokey!

    I said last year William would be on boosies dick when he gets out. He thinks he can just buy people and respect.
    Mmg definitely looks like a business label and not a family and those old tweets from wale meek and fresh just prove that they only fucked with William when he gave them some money.
    Really hope boosie says no like dmx did.

  • Mar-tian

    Meek seems bitter as hell

  • ZoomZoomDad-Otis

    MMG is back I need a good laugh.

  • StarFox64

    if lil boosie signs that would end terrible….

  • StarFox64

    all these dudes is on perk 30’s not yayo..

  • Jay Money

    Remember that Triple C’s album sold 12k First Week? Now that was funny! This is just boring

  • Ridalen

    I really don’t understand why y’all combine posts from so long ago

  • StarFox64

    it shows growth mook master flex…

  • joy road killa

    roc nation manages meek and wale thats the reason they win over the other members Stalley needs mgmt Ross only co signs you and gives you a chain the rest is on you…Meek shut the fuck up theres tons of street rappers out here they dont have deals or teams thats why your the only fool screaming that..nigga album flopped and he wont get any bigger so you damn right your gonna do a million shows and be burned out real soon Ross yall aint winning shit stop it meek flopped..stalley will never sell..rockie happy to be on the team wale flopped self made 3 aint nothing but a dj khaled comp album with a mmg logo..rap game is trash…kdot..cole..drake…..the rest are just new niggaz

  • The ship

    @Ridalen. Exactly!!! Please stop doing this

  • Facts

    BOOSIE ain’t gon sign to a fuckin COP. POLICE ACADEMY BULLSHIT. goddamn y’all are the WORST

  • haaann


  • Hannibal Lecture

    Boosie signing with CTE thats a no brainer! Jeezy held Boosie down. Weak Will your a sucker!

  • Boom

    Why does Rap Radar have an ad before the MMG interview plays and Power 105’s website doesn’t??? Y’all ain’t shxt!

  • Good interview

  • call this ghetto chat line 2188953266 press 7 to go to the live rooms its full of broke hoes and fat niggas from da nyc to-jets

    btw rick ross looks like he got a ball sack in the back of his snap back

  • 89

    they shud’ve asked ross bout meek being cool with 50

  • the word streets is overrated did meek say they dont say the n word please that the most stupid sjit i heard your lp did not go gold Nas did j cole did ross never sold a mill with all the hype

  • epod

    i was feeling where meek mill coming from til he said he can rap with big words wtf that shit blew his whole point

  • epod

    but hate it or love it MMG doing they thing doe

  • ZoomZoomDad-Otis

    G-Unit is the real Untouchable Empire not MMG. 50 Cent is the real Boss not William.

    Hope y’all downloaded Tony Yayo’s platinum tape.

    Be on the lookout for Street King Immortal.

  • ZoomZoomDad-Otis

    Somebody please stop the person using my name. I’m the real one fuck the impersonator

  • rico

    @ZoomZoomDad…Pussy still talkin’ that B.S you ain’t street MFer…. Ask Banks fifty ain’t lookin’ out for no NIGGA but himself…Niggaz ain’t loyal no more so S/O to the MFers who still keepin’ real with eachother…As for G-unit them niggaz know what it is keep suckin’ 50’s dick cause them fuck boyz ain’t poppin’ for SHIT…

  • youngpledge

    I like how meek mill and rick ross made charlamagne a little bit uncomfortable, wouldnt just laugh with his petty scumbag ass.