New LP: Gucci Mane Diary Of A Trap God


Guwop’s been making headlines for the past few days. And right on time, he liberates 24 tracks for the low-low price of free 99. Stream and download below.

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  • brandonpitts

    Wow Soo that means that his twitter wasn’t hacked and that was him sending all those tweets… Well damn! whats the angle brah?…. Anyway thanks for more free bricks!

  • ZoomZoomDad-Otis

    illiterate Nigger poster boy

  • M&M

    Worst rapper alive or dead….worse then taiko…

  • Smokey!

    I feel bad for gucci it’s pretty clear he has problems and needs help

  • Yo Mama

    realest nigga alive.Get em guwop

  • Q

    Who cares bout this irrelevant nigga doing dumb shit post sum positive post Like Game paying for that lil 6 year old funeral in LA

  • Facts

    Jeezy and Tip are Atlanta and BEEN and WILL

  • Peekay

    Don’t you mean Dairy of a Trap God?

  • Peekay

    still think he’s better than Chief Keef

  • Sorry, the file you requested is not available.

  • KoldCase

    thats one ugly motherfucker

    he needs to stuwop making music

  • Deebo

    Deleted his twitter tooo

  • N-Slick

    Let me guess 24 more songs about how he runs the trap house, doing work in the kitchen, and a few “Burrr” adlibs…I’ll pass

  • Midsize Jerm

    What better way to celebrate 9/11 than with the latest installment of Gucci’s monthly mixtape series?


    dey mint ‘Diarrhea OF A CRAP GOD’ SMH


    Yo….I dont know which one of these weirdo ass dudes it was….but whoever the dude is with that annoying ass yellin ass style on “Virgin”….SMH. I cant do it. That dude gets no wiins over here. Young Dolph or Young Thug…DAMN. SMH.

  • crysis

    not even worth 99 cents lol. garbage

  • trapped

    babygurl aint no virgin!!!!

  • brandonpitts

    That boy Pee Wee is too much!

  • 7inff_Nyc bars..his last mixtape