New Video: 50 Cent “Can’t Help Myself”


You know what they say: You can take ’em out the hood, but you can’t take the hood out them. And while Fif revisits


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  • KingJugganott

    Shits tight. Track and video.

  • rico

    YO Keep that money you got NIGGA cause as the rap game goes ur career been OVA # Karma

  • CHI-raq

    dammmmmnnnn homie in high school you was the mannnnnnn homie WAT the fuck happen to you….

  • ClassicX

    Dope track

  • Q

    Tables turned you need Game musically now

  • Mogal

    The rap game needs 50 bak . They got to get ride of these knock offs like 2 chains n rozay

  • ss

    this is fly.. dope flow

  • DT

    Funny how Rap Radar didn’t post his latest track “Don’ Turn On Me” but they post Rick Ross’ single. SMFH this site is trash for that. 50 Cent is one of the legends in the game and no rapper can replace how real he is in the game. With only 4 albums over 30 million records sold, where they do that at? ha.

  • jordanyroc

    @DT, haven’t you noticed that RR only posts material that have been approved by the artists/label to be released… They keep away from posting leaks and things like that, they leave that up to other sites

  • Morris Day Laugh

    I coulda been watchin porn instead of listenin to this shit…Come on Fif!!!! Get back on that shit like u care about rhymin again.

  • Peekay

    Enh. Lazy beats & rhymes

  • 8 Mile Mitch

    Mr Cee aka My NYCee is a New York nigga to.

  • Windycityg72

    Listening to 50 after the shit we’ve been brain washed with , its like oh yeah I remember this, this is what real rap is…………

  • RaTheGod

    Nobody ever points the finger at 50 for bringing down NY rap(and subsequently hip hop as a whole). Im one of the biggest 50 & G-unit fans out there but his reign doomed NY rap. He took the focus away from NY’s strong point (lyrics) and put it towards their weak point (and the south’s strong) crafting catchy pop songs. He’s the only NY king that wasn’t a lyrical juggernaut.

    But yea, this shit is garbage, i keep hoping he’ll get that hunger back, but i understand why he wont. Dude’s well paid & far away from that street shit, there’s a difference in how you tell it when you’re hungry & living it versus when you’re well paid & acting it.

  • ZoomZoomDad-Otis

    Curtis Jackson The King

  • CHI-raq

    ra theGod…Could never said it better MY NIGGA

  • LOL

    50 destroyed NY hip hop, he’s one of the reasons why it isn’t on top anymore. he was supposed to unite, not divide the East Coast. i’ll wait for a nigga to say he didn’t.

  • WhoWantWhat

    NY fans brought NY down period and I’m a QU nigga

  • Da Business

    This shit is dope. I can’t understand how niggas continue to hate on this dude, 50 is the last REAL nigga in hip hop, the game needs dudes like him.

    Ay Fif, fuck the mainstream bs, hit the independent route, u have more than enough followers to keep u afloat.

  • Black Shady

    just a year too late smh

  • @BlueScalise

    50 Cent – War Angel Better than anything Ross or Chainz ever released.

    Forever King

  • LOL

    and one more thing, how this nigga mad at Banks taking long to release music videos when this mothafucka drops it about a year too late? is this nigga releasing an album or not? keep stalling, you gon be left in the dust.

  • dsunn723

    50s SK

  • mr.lino79

    LMMFAO..KARMA…..NIGGA 50 CNT EVN SELL SINGLES..HE DONE RELEASED 7 SINGLES FRM THT PUNK Ass ALBUM N NUN HIT…HES DONE…NOTHin cn help tht nigga..not even a verse frm kendrik….lol..u knw he thot tht ws gna b his hit…..ur done 50….rip to ur music carreer….

  • michelle

    THIS IS DOPE. KANYE NEEDS TO SIGN tho hes making the type of music KANYE should be making

  • NovaKaine

    50 dope he just need to do 50 again thats all but look at that late 90s video style with the fades

  • NovaKaine

    ^^^^^^^^^^^ this is what 50 and Cassidy would sound like a on track

  • Streetz


  • Beats?

    Can’t see how a hip hop fan can’t like this. Unless you just don’t like 50 cent.

  • BK

    NIIIIIICE…….50>all these new cats…..

  • Corporate Thug

    It is about time. I like this joint. 50 make an album like this and see how much it will sell. This is what we want to hear. That bubble gum @@@@ is done. Check out the numbers!

  • Real is Real

    shit tight 50 be doin his thang. he hated on people so long they just returning the favor now. but 50 still that dude, he better than a lot of these soft ass fake rappers nowadays

  • Streetz