Nas “You Wouldn’t Understand” On Arsenio Hall Show


Keeping his new late night gig in motion, Arsenio Hall invited God’s Son to his show. Closing out the evening, Esco gave a live rendition of track 9 off last year’s standout, Life Is Good.

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  • This is bringing me so much joy at nights. Love that Arsenio is back. Like Esco said: He’s the king of Late Night Television. Esco, George Lopez and Magic. It gets no better. Great show

  • meek mill this man and jay are killing it on the east-coast and sold more records with his latest lp dope

  • michelle


  • tha OG

    Arsenio hall got a great show & Nas is a legend!!!! Much respect

  • How Wonderful…

    Good to see Arsenio back on the air. I like that he kept his original formula as well. I caught Nas’s performance last night and the whole thing made me smile. Its bugged how Arsenio hasnt aged that much as well.

  • Regular Guy

    Dope performance, glad to see Arsenio back hopefully the show will last, rooting for him

  • ss

    amazing. living legend.

  • Wo

    Probably my fav joint off the album, 3rd verse is stupid

  • foekist

    NaS is by far the WORST live rapper ever. Dude forgets his own lyrics all the time. So disappointing bcuz dude is a legend.

  • Tbones

    @Foekist, tell em why u mad. Niggas kill me all the time with their BS online. SMH

  • Theblackrushlinbaugh

    *escobar season begins* lol

  • Rah hill

    Life is good. This shoulda been the first single off the album DefJam drop the ball again. I wish Nas go back to Sony

  • CBH

    Love that Arsenio is back. I really hope the powers that be don’t cancel his show…

  • dude still a beast check it

  • it’s like it’s 93 again.
    Loch: Afro American Horror Story mixtape hosted by DJ Doo Wop

  • Jay

    that flow is smooth

  • Aaron Ocello

    I don’t care who you are his name shouldn’t be in caps God’s true and only begotten Son is our Lord Jesus Christ and found in His One Holy Catholic and Apostolic Church.