New Music: Devin The Dude “Probably Should Have”


Should’ve, could’ve, would’ve. And for Devin The Dude, he’s living with regrets on his brand new release. Off his upcoming album, One For The Road on October 8.

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  • (x_x)

    Devin IS that dude!!!

    I just wish some of his beats were better lol sometimes they really sick. Just tryin ta live is a classic album with dope production from premier and dr dre, people sleep on it HEAVILY

  • jeeeem

    if this don’t get her back, nothing will

  • Wow

    Co-sign everything (x_x) said. Devin is that dude. Don’t sleep on to the extreme or Waiting to Inhale definite heat on them too

  • DianeGAlexander

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  • Da Business

    @ (x_x)

    I agree w/ u 100%!!! Devin never got the shine he deserved. Real heads know tho.

  • Van Glorious

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