• Bc

    Now this is the Juvie I wanna hear!! Can’t wait for his new album!!!

  • Morris Day Laugh

    YOOO!!! This shit here is ILL!!!!!!

  • Morris Day Laugh

    and to think I almost didn’t click on this shit. REPEAT!!!!

  • RaTheGod

    This joint ILL! damn, Juve, ima have to start checking for you, again.

  • E


  • Nasty Nas

    Okay juve. I see ya now.

    I was looking at the thickness on the right and decided to click play. I ain’t mad at all!

  • Eddie

    Juve’s wife is Thick as fuck!! Dope joint

  • mrholloway

    Hell yeah!

  • DianeGAlexander

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  • Mr.November

    Of course she thick.. Shes fat lmao

  • Morris Day Laugh

    This the hardest song of the year fuck that!!!

  • junnnnbugggg

    ohhhhhhhhh shit! Dope!

  • EdithEGalindo

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