New Music: Slim Thug x Z-Ro “F.T.P. (Fuc Tha Police)”


Slim Thug and Z-Ro’s King N Tha Boss album is still on the horizon. But until we get a concrete date, here’s the tandem’s song against the boys in the blue. Thankfully, the right to remain silent doesn’t apply here.

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  • CHI-raq

    Fuck Niggaz…scarface the only MFer I got respect for from country ass texas… S/O UGK

  • tha OG

    ^^^^fuck you bitch ass nigga Texas got real ass niggas that can get yo top blown off

  • Mr Opinion

    Stop The Violence My Niggas!

  • CHI-raq

    ^^^Nigga you ain’t sayin’ shit COUNTRY BOY…Get out dem fields before I tag ur country ass up…When since texas cowboyz got balls to act hard, y’ll niggaz slow as fuck just catchin’ up on GAME…. WOW

  • CHI-raq

    @ OG..Y’LL SLOW ON GAME, niggas tryin’ to flow universal

  • tha OG

    ^^^^stfu gay ass bitch dumb chi city boy soft as fuck nigga I bet you talk like chief keef dumbass hoe

  • tha OG

    And come down hear to Dallas Texas so I can knock you the fuck out

  • jj

    Chicago is pussy city full of fags Texas stay trill

  • Kevin

    Chicago is so lame Texas is the home of the screwed and chopped

  • Kid

    @chi-fag nigga I stay in Texas ain’t no damn fields in Houston Dallas Fort Worth or alrington. Come to Fort Worth and say what you sayin and you’ll be on the evening news boy

  • DianeGAlexander

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