• The truth

    Fire! Get that 75 Mil Tip!!!

  • Believe

    Great song and video…. Dro need to leave them Polo costumes in the past though

  • SpaceGhost

    I ‘clare….Mystikal STILL AIN’T PLAYIN’ WITH THESE FOLKS!!!!! He killed that shizzy!.

  • RaTheGod

    This beat was made for Mystical to rip, I always get nostalgic hearing him do his thing, his music was a big part of my youth. That jail time, really derailed his career.

  • brollya


  • UptownBachelor

    Best song on the mixtape! GDOD

  • Trillionare

    They hyped that mixtape up so much and it was trash!!!!!

  • CHI-raq

    ^They joking mmg shit …no 75 mill for them jokers more like 20-25 mil

  • yung

    ^Tip along with Jeezy spear headed that trap shit into mainstream, then ross and mmg ran with it, get your shit straight nigga