Diddy & Meek Mill At Floyd After Party


After Mayweather’s win last night, the stars headed to the Palms for the after party. With Rick Ross, 2 Chainz, Lil Kim and more in attendance, Diddy and Meek Mill performed for the party goers.


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  • Cass

    whose minding puffy’s kids while hes out?

  • JustMyOpinion

    Puffy reminds of that friend who always say “can I come with y’all?”

  • Bow wow look like he snuck in. @Cass u seriously asking that question?

  • chan

    didnt rick ross talk shit about mayweather???? Niggas is too fake.

  • NorthIvyBlueWest

    “That Mayweather money lookin funny in the light.”


    Clearly when Rick Ross said that he was just being a “REAL HATING ASS NIGGA” SMH.

  • Black Shady

    Diddy and Jay-Z always jumping on who’s hot. thats why they still relevant after 20 yrs smh

  • Redd

    who invited bow wow

  • Payattention

    If you liked Drake’s versace verses good lord The Language is something else

  • Homie

    Meek Mill look like that big head dude from school…..

  • kayandgee

    somehow meek mill is hot again! which is great coz hes got that street heat

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  • Theblackrushlinbaugh

    ^^^^ Ross next tho, 100mill