Lil Wayne Walks Mayweather To Ring


Last night, Floyd Mayweather easily retained his WBC welterweight title against Robert Guerrero. But before the opening bell, Lil Wayne escorted  him to the ring with a performance of “No Worries”. Good to see Tune back on his feet.

UPDATE: With”A Milli” playing the background, Weezy and The Biebs escorted Floyd Mayweather to victory over Canelo Alverez. Speaking of milli’s, Mayweather took home $41 million last night.

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  • skrillz

    Wayne TRYING to fuck with 50 and his new growing boxing empire – but WAYNE is dying, so that’ll never happen

  • 50 cent you should slap yourself with your bumb ass fighters ..floyd wins again

  • HaitianMAFIA


  • ZoomZoomDad-Otis

    MMG stans are here in full effect. I still have to buy some mountain dew. Thank you for dropping him by the way.

  • logan

    ima just be real and say it mayweather is the greatest of all time.he’s better than Muhammad Ali!

  • Steve

    Go watch Mike Tyson’s training video and tell me who the greatest fighter is.

  • The Real Truth

    Logan = Most retarded comment ever.

  • Black Shady

    nigga said Floyd is the greatest of all time lmao

    floyd my nigga, but come on. you don’t know boxing

  • Balla

    @Logan lmao. “most people don’t know shit about boxing”

  • AT HaitianMAFIA… Is that you Gunplay ??LMAO.

  • good look for wayne but a bad look for floyd

  • HaitianMAFIA


  • Evil

    Floyd ducking the best boxers and he`s a womanbeater,thats a pussy right there.

  • COOL..

    THAT WAS A GOOD FIGHT, no comment on wayne


    HOLD ON HOOOLD ON, WHY DO MUTHAFUCKA DO SHIT LIKE THAT “he’s better than Muhammad Ali” C’Mon! I Bet He Thinks “Lebron Is Better Than Jordan”

  • I dont really care for Floyd having Lil Wayne walk him out, ehh!! But I do respect Floyd as the best boxer out, gotta give props when props are due!

  • EmDeeR

    Fuck outta here saying he’s the greatest BUT Floyd’s defense isn’t to be fucked with. There’s a reason fighters end up screwed up in the end – too many jabs, hooks etc to the head/face. Can’t be mad at him for sitting back and winning in his own way.

  • Kristen

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  • Stone

    Excuse The Guy who said Floyd is Better than Ali…. He means 44 And 0…… Compared To The Rest…..Perfect Offence… Perfect Defence, Perfect Record…. Same As Eminem….Authomatically Equals BEST……Just Don’t Compare… Just Know It In Silence…!!!!

  • Amoney

    @Stone is a wise mofoka

  • Floyd Mayweather still the pound for pound champ…Wayne walking him to the ring like Pac walked Tyson to the ring…lol.. Do ya thang

  • Mishal

    Start working at home with Google! It’s by-far the best job Ive had. Last Tuesday I bought a gorgeous Lancia Straton from earning $4331 this – 5 weeks past. I began this 7-months ago and right away started to earn at least $69, per-hr. I use this website,,

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  • Donn


  • creo

    Lol @ logan floyd is great but never the greatest. Sugar ray robinson n leanard would whoop floyd. Ali is who floyd tries 2 be. Comment section is pure comedy

  • Jerzzz

    Somebodey tell that lil nigga wayne the only men with they shirts off at a fight are fighters and faggots and he damn sure aint no fighter.
    And fuckin beebers there? Floyd mad suspect since he got outta jail.

    What a garbage ass fight. 41 Mill for that bullshit? Fuck Outta here Floyd, that kinda money and that snow nigga shoulda been praying to god he can walk again but that boy eased outta there like he was floatin on a cloud and shit.

  • ss

    50cent wouldve been a better look


    justin bieber out there lookin like johnny bravos son n shit


    justin want to be a nigga so bad

  • LOL

    both Lil Wayne & 50 Cent are irrelevent, they should team up together and make a campfire for their dead usic careers. and please, don’t respond about their money and how much they are worth. only fuckboys care about that shit.

  • Jav

    @the majestic niglet lmao at the johnny bravo comment hahahahaha

    yeah. weak fight in the sense that I feel like neither gave it their 100%

  • Donn

    This guy just made 41 million, Lil Wayne and Justin Bieber’s networth is crazy and you niggas is on computers hating??

    These are young niggas getting money for doing what they love and you honestly hate. Niggas really saying Sugar Ray and Ali would whoop Mayweather’s ass? Like cmon, Ali would big up this young brotha and so would Sugar Ray. They want us dead, locked up in jail, and in the hood and Mayweather is coming out on top and white america is mad. And y’all wanna shit on him


  • MarionWBobby

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  • sean

    maywether need make with 50 cent

  • Jav

    every body has to stop making things about race. Like seriously the president is half black who cares now. “They want us dead, locked up in jail, and in the hood” no we just want educated people.

  • creo

    Niggaz sound like hoes talking bout another mf money. Smh bum ass niggaz would suck dick 4 a taste of sum1 else cash.

  • Starfox64

    No matter what, nobody can convince me he earned those mills….

  • E!

    Wayne performance was embarrassing




    Really has it come this far.. are we ignoring the fact that bieber is there? wow.. people are retarted..

  • really 23

    Floyd MAyweather is the greatest of all time, because he learned from Ali, Leonard, Tyson, Jones Jr.#RespectTheArchitects

  • martin

    wow crazy intro,wtf was beiber doing there,wayne was bit wak imo

  • jt3000

    Floyd is a great boxer but he is not in the same debate with a ali or Tyson, different weight class different style of fighting. I would put my house on Tyson right now in a fight verse Floyd homeboy would have to gain a hundred pounds

  • the watcher

    wayne performance was BEYOND WACK … and floyd is not the greatest of all time, he’s one of the smartest of alltime (business wise). Actually u can compare floyd with Jay z, both one of the best at what they do but they sold out on so many different levels that they will never have any impact on history like Mohammed Ali, Tupac, Nas, etc..
    These are people that stood firm in their believes in promoting black consciousness,