Chance The Rapper Covers Complex


Chance The Rapper has his mouth full on the front cover of the upcoming October/November issue of Complex. After fast forwarding to an excerpt below, read the cover story in full here.

Things weren’t always so lovey-dovey between father and son. Prior to his success, Chance describes their relationship as strained, if not estranged. In a family that stressed the importance of education, Chance didn’t seem to care about school. He lays part of the blame for this attitude on Kanye West: “I was a mad impressionable kid, and every skit from The College Dropout was telling me how I didn’t need school. And I think that had a very big impact on how I treated it.” The one assignment he remembers turning in during senior year was an essay on why he didn’t want to go to college. The 10-day suspension for smoking weed didn’t help matters with his father. “I was like his bad son,” says Chance, whose younger brother, Taylor, is also a budding rapper. “At one point [my father] was like, ‘I might have to kill this nigga. He is too bad. I put this nigga in the world….’” Chance trails off, leaving the rest to the imagination. “He used to say that. Only way more violently.” Chance told the Chicago Reader that he once let three months pass without speaking to his father. The silence was broken when Chance’s friend Rodney was killed in August of 2011. “He picked me up from the hospital. It was a really crazy situation that we went through,” says Chance. “And from then, we just valued each other a lot more. He really started taking my music shit seriously.”

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  • minenhle limako

    ey chance you’re real nigga and funny as well, chance I got you my nigga I got you. My favourite song is favorite song… Show the world what you’re about.

  • Muggsy B

    Chance is that nigguuuuuuuuh

  • rahrahrah

    I love these statements about how people are affected by entertainment. “It’s just entertainment” is the dishonest excuse used by too many irresponsible entertainers.

  • LikeJordan45


  • StreetNIGGA

    He aiiiight.



  • juju


  • StarFox64

    dudes dad is cia…

  • Acid Rap is a modern classic. Joey Badass, Chance & Milo have put out classic hip hop albums. Glad to see one of them getting lots of exposure. Milo and Badass …..and Action Bronson deserve more recognition.

  • Donn

    I want this dude to win. Just because I want these pissed off baggy pants XXXL tshirt wearing niggas to be mad cus the youth is winning and the new generation of HipHop is here with our own stories and emotions and ideals. Chance is your turn boi

  • derk

    You guys are true idiots. This is not even music. Followers. All stuck in a loop. What happened to intelligence. Loser generation.

  • derk

    Its cool to be dumb, illiterate, anti social, in prison, spend a large amount of your life in prison, be on the way to prison, be coming home from or just come home from prison, drug addicted, alcohol addicted, have a baby mom instead of a wife, never go to school, never raise a family, stay in the hood your whole life, never have ambition outside of RAPPING(which teaches nobody anything except to hide in emotion, who does that feed?). All because rap told you that was cool?

    I dont understand why its so cool to be an idiot today but you young kids got it down pat. Have fun failing at life. Fuck it if you agree with the bullshit way of life. Keep turning up.

  • derk

    Its funny you guys are so braindead. All someone has to do is wear a fitted (Bieber) or act loose (Miley) to get inside of your world. Meanwhile you can wear the finest of suits and cant ever get into white places. The stupidity really floors me.

  • RaTheGod

    LOL @derk, you been wanting to get that off your chest for a while huh? Cant say i disagree, homie.

  • Lockhart

    @ Dark… While I Understand and agree with some of your comments and views concerning the attitude in Hip Hop towards education, I am really not feeling your negative and undeserved comments against this young brother. He might have said kanye’s views influenced his past attitude about education but dude he was a kid. I mean as much as our parents would like to be our biggest inspiration at times they are not. We are all subject to influence of some kind. Its a shame that you have tried to put him down. If you have a message, speak yours through your words. you dont know this kid or who he is. Sometimes the reason that we can not progress because people like you are to busy playing blame instead learning how to just be leader. A leader does not put down his people, he learns how to use their capacity to build them. You sound like you have a lot to say brother, If you do, say it but allow others to find there own light instead of casting them into the shadows.

  • chris

    “Acid Rap is a modern classic. Joey Badass, Chance & Milo have put out classic hip hop albums. ”

    What planet are u on? LMAO. Chance is weak as fuck. So is joey fuckboy

  • DJ Semtex’s Prothsetic

    chance is dope and creative f the hate

  • derk


    the truth hurts

    Nobody can be a leader from a computer.

    Im just not letting the weak shit slide.

    I wont apologize for 2pac “influencing” me to believe that these rappers should use their voices for uplifiting their people and communities instead of emotional subjective stories. I hope they are “influenced” by someone to do better.

    Cause the game is all backwards now.

  • Lockhart


    That may be true bro, but you know although i was a Tupac Fan , he is the influence for most of the the idiotic craziness in hip hop over the past 10 years. He played the Thug Roll so much that his messages were lost in the pool of over used identity association with that image. So he only left mis guided followers.

    I agree with the fact that we need better messengers in the art but hip hop has always been variations hip hop music… party music, crazy music, motivational etc. its just that there is not enough of the music that gives us knowledge and guides us towards something positive