Danny Brown Old Trailer


As Danny Brown prepares to release his Old album on September 30, he takes us back to his roots in the project’s trailer. Pre-order your copy today.

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  • Jrue313

    Danny brown need to get back to that detroit hip hop shit!! Fuck all this techno weirdo rap damn.

  • CJ

    Slept on for too long



  • Jrue313s_Dad

    @Jrue did you not listen to the trailer? You ignorant douche.

  • Morris Day Laugh

    Yeeeah man

  • Jrue313

    @Jrue313s_dad you a pussy .

  • BigDawg

    Danny Brown the type of nigga to snort crack off a white dudes back at a techno fest.

  • Phonte

    One of the best doing it.

  • StarFox64

    he used to b cool

  • Dont Know Why

    Yeah Danny! I was startin to give up on yo Live at the Freaknik ass. Big props for bringing it back to the roots.

  • Danny Brown is the most versatile artists to do it atm whether XXX or Hybrid. he never switched up for anything but the art of it. His influences range from MF DOOM to fucking UK grime. The nigga never been gone, he’s been like this for time, u niggas just sleepin on him cos he aint on that “real hip-hop wave”… This album is gonna be dope.. let him breath and let him be a artist !!!!

  • rahrahrah

    This sounds good. Never checked for Danny Brown before but this works with me.