New Music: Pusha T x Kendrick Lamar “Nosetalgia”


Before Kendrick commandeers Pusha’s core fans, he finds placement on this cut off My Name Is My Name. Produced by Nottz, there’s enough drug talk on this one to pique the DEA’s interest. Ugggk! Album drops October 8th.


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  • Set303

    Pusha & Kendrick catching bodies on the same record. I fucks with it.

  • RTM

    dope shit

  • Lil Majer The Cartune

    Heh, why does everyone keep $#!++ing on Drakes new album… it had a few dull moments in the beginning but it’s pretty cool so far… had to pause it for now though, I got tired of hearing that niggas voice, I’ll listen to the rest later… but as far as this song goes, ILL!

  • ramondfresco


  • MrSkeezyMak

    Good stuff

  • Lostprodigy


  • Pusha k

    Go get this album on oct.8th real hip hop real street rap !!! Pushhhhh

  • hiphopfad

    damn !

  • r3dn4s1l

    Now everybody from G.O.O.D. Music gonna use Kendrick for the ratings now?

  • Jrue313

    This shit is nice! I’m supporting this album on the 8th from the D !

  • Wack


    So I guess I’m the only person who thinks this song is OKAY AND NOTHING SPECIAL.

  • stop

    shit pussy t got raped on his own track by kendrick doe DAMN!



  • jinx

    Hard as Fxxk. Pusha got 2nd Album of the year Under Born Sinner.

  • RaTheGod

    Push could’ve laid Kendrick to rest with a second verse, respect on going bar for bar. They came with it, nobody got bodied like Jay did Aubrey on Pound Cake lol. Fans of 1 are going to be biased, im a bigger Push fan than Kendrick & i say it’s a tie. Only edge I’ll give, is to Kendrick for sounding hungrier, besides that, this was a nice sparring match with no clear winner.

  • Jrue313

    Man pusha t is waaayy better than j cole corny lover boy hiphop rappin ass !

  • Jrue313

    @stop / man fuck you! Pusha t is the best out rite now ! You feel me

  • MIKE

    This is good not great and Kendrick didn’t have the verse of the year like these hip hop bloggers hyped it up to be. I’m a fan of Kendrick but his voice is annoying on this to me. Cool hip hop song though

  • My Name Is My Name

    Just listen to the flow! Why you worried bout another mans voice @ MIKE

  • haaann


  • haaann

    Kendrick got him though

  • @YankeeLuvnGiant

    this shit hard fuck what yall talkin

  • ualreadyknoo


  • SpaceGhost

    REAL RAP RAW!!!! I’m purchasing two copies to support dopeness on October 8th!

  • Black Shady





    I got a strong feeling pusha’s last mixtape will DESTROYYYYYYY his own upcoming “album of the year”

  • SMH

    SMH. Now everybody back riding Pusha. Just yesterday ya’ll were complaining bout features. LOL

  • Donn

    Inspiring drug rap! Lol

    Pusha is dope but he doesn’t connect with the ppl. We don’t sell drugs pusha. We never have! How can we relate. Inspire everyday ppl dude. Wtf with this drug shit

  • ss

    nothing inspiring. same ol flow (on pushas part). kendrick was on point for switching it up


    AGREE’d with Donn and SMH.

    Pusha needs to start speaking our language, english.

  • Dro

    Everybody sold something in their life drug rap is the basis of most in the inner city unless you were born super blessed to not be affected by it…my dope my trap is my business and with that said ill forever support cats like pusha T

  • not a fan

    Niggas thas saying kendrick got it are the 1s that got kendrick dick in yah mouth… Pusha came hard as shit on this!!!!

  • malice


  • Chronic

    2 dope verses, cool beat

  • Da Business

    Yo, this is fiya!!!

    I fux w/ Pusha heavy, Clispe has always been dope. But, as a fan of hip hop, I need my man Terrance to pump the breaks on the dope boi raps. It’s too much my G, u’re better than that, be an emcee, get out of ur comfort zone.

  • ayyeee

    Dope as fuck.

  • tha OG

    Kendrick Lamar killed this shit!!!!


    both of these dudes sound nice on this beat, this reminds me of like a raekwon joint

  • Mic CHECK

    I could drop a mean 16 to this beat. Call me Pusha G

  • ME


  • AverageJoe

    damn kendrick lyrics were amazing

  • Hard.

  • D

    Song is cool…….Kendrick catches another body

  • mackfree

    Yall kidding me this beat is wack! And I’ve heard better raps from pusha. If he ain’t bringing that hell hath no fury style then I ain’t fucking wit it. This dude needs pharrel.

  • Soundwave

    this guy gonna leak the whole album song by song

  • Theblackrushlinbaugh

    *pusha t need that radio record*

  • Mar-tian

    its ok

  • Coney

    Hardest joint I heard in a minute. No way anybody can say this is wack.

  • Dre

    Kendrick is scary good! SCARY! U get on a track wit him you better rhyme like its the last time u ever gonna rhyme cause this muthafucka is out for the kill. Pusha couldn’t keep up and dont get me wrong Pusha did his thing on there but Kendrick rapping like a animal. He’s a great MC……..GREAT! And, i dont throw that aronud lightly. Kendrick is Great! And he’s not running from the greats either…….he’s sayin im right here! You want me to spit for you? You wanna get on a song wit me? No wait I’ll get on a song with you however,whenever, wherever! Going bar for bar with some of the best!

  • Young Lucky

    fuck is DONN talking about?
    that nigga T inspired me to get a pack. my nigga i been out on the block since last night when flexx dropped the first bomb on this bitch!! now thats some inspiration for yo ass!! ALBUM OF THE YR!!!!

  • AverageJoe

    damn kendrick impressed me

  • Set303

    Only Kanye & Drake get this many comments. Pusha that nigga!

  • RaTheGod

    LOL at Kendrick being “scary good”. Yea, maybe when you compare him to what’s out right now. Let’s tone the hype down a bit, shall we?

  • flo

    people gotta stop catching feelings of 1 or 2 guys bigin’ up Kendrick. smh

  • elitesmoove

    Breathe of Fresh Air! Especially with Drake coming…EMO Rap is dead man…any album sales Drake gets will be from females…he knows his lane..King Push…will get his sales (legally or illegally) from the real g’z out here grindin day in and day out in whatever you do!

  • K


  • Donn

    @Young Lucky

    Yea incriminating yourself on a blog is smart. But like I said, the average human being doesn’t sell drugs so who is this for? What is this album going to be about. How can we relate. We go to school, and have real jobs and struggle and don’t drive fancy cars and wear expensive jewelry. We’re everyday ppl. Pusha is very talented but he just doesn’t relate to the people. Outside of the blogosphere and internet, this is going nowhere

  • Reginald

    You fukin spectators always talking about who’s verse is better…Want y’all write one better…Sideline fuks…Every song is not a competition dummies….

  • BK

    No Kendrick did not body Pusha on this….You cats are just deaf.

  • Tichaona

    Yikes!!!!……. Thanks Push…..We fucks with this Sir.

  • Young Lucky

    aye @donn go get a kirk franklin album then ya bitch


    @reginald this is hip hop bro, EVERY song is a competition. Every verse is a competition. EVERY album is a competition. THIS IS HIP HOP, it will always be a competition.

  • Reginald

    @STINKMEANER…Every song is not a competition…That’s what’s wrong with Niggas & Hip Hop.Always going against each other…It’s called Willie Lynch…Divide and Conquer…Y’all not even listening to the song because you’re too worried about who sounds better…Concentrating on the finger pointing to the moon and not the moon – Bruce Lee shit…Niggas always worried about who’s better and none of us got shit…Just enjoy the music and stop trying to make every song a fuking fight.

  • Oh no

    Haha too many fucking clowns leave comments on this site. Too many of you to air out on. Comical relief up in this mutha fucka tho.

  • Johnathan Gant

    Yo i’m like 31 and this hiphop shit is just what i do, I love it I live it I was raised in it from a 90’s young buck. I love pusha-t I mean nigga I still got the first clipse album in the deck on repeat and Virgina is one of my favorites of all time. All I got to say is the young bull Kendrick is a mutha fuckin problem. He’s a hardworker. He’s young so he got the energy to go crazy with this thing. Considering he stays on the path he is headed right now, and don’t lax off when he really ain’t hungry no more. He could one of the names that comes off the tip of our tongue for quite a while.