Mike Will Returns To Breakfast Club


One of the game’s most sought after producers broke bread with Power 105’s morning clique. The Atlanta native spoke on his come-up, his lengthy catalogue, praises an upcoming cut he did for Ciara and more.

UPDATE: Mike Will made it back to the Breakfast Club. He spoke on desires to drop an album, Ciara’s next album, new label deal with Interscope and Miley Cyrus.

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  • Reginald

    Mike Will Produced 5 Tracks On Here – http://www.mediafire.com/?0kq5hfjxw28ofgk

  • Kali

    Dude’s come a long way,deserves all the success


    dude’s beats suck, only No Lie is his dopest beat thus far.

  • Arthur

    this dude is seriously wack. generic shit. this industry is a mess. he is just getting the work cause he gets managed by Jimmy Iovine’s nephew

  • kareem

    House Of Wave
    Delivering the newest music from your favorite beat makers.

  • Terrance

    want to listen to the whole morning show go here http://www.youtube.com/user/terrancelj2 and subscribe


    lmfao u fucking crazy he got crazy beats.. LISTEN TO LUDACRIS – im on fire..
    YOUNG JEEZY – GANGSTA BITCH , there u got different shit.. then he got bandz make her dance, itchin – futre.. etc etc dude got bangers on deck

  • LuxuryRap


  • So you posted the entire interview of a marble mouth no talent who sells “snapbacks” online and has a tumblr dedicated to big butts when 40 oz van was on

    but an actual producer who is creating from scratch tunes that are hot gets the 40 second clip??

    Lester Bangs Of Hip Hop
    No words necessary

  • prai$e

    how much longer till he fades our like lex luger?

  • StarFox64

    ^^ this

  • Boom

    This cat has to get more media training.

  • Redd

    yeah i like his beats, but his personality is soo boring. I couldn’t even finish the interview.

  • LR

    lol he’s improved a lot since his last breakfast club interview but he still needs some more media training…he just doesn’t seem to get his point across

  • He gives an extremely boring interview for how popping he is right now..

  • Theblackrushlinbaugh

    *your wack u bore me* nah, he got joints!!