• gz

    this website is literally a MMG commercial…this is NOT hip-hop at all

  • kayandgee


  • mrzee

    happiest ive seen rocky fresh ever.

  • CHI-raq

    MMG self made 3…Compilation album, Group project amazing them boyz put there work in….PROJECTION SALE 55-60K first week

  • HaitianMAFIA

    self made 3 BANGER young breed MMG, M.I.yayo wat it do MFers

  • Philly’s best kept secret

    Fuck out of here its a Dud!!!!!!

  • 215

    meekville nigga doubleM

  • juju

    numbers are in

    Self Made 3- Maybach Music Group (Atlantic) 50-55k

  • chasee

    say what you want but ross promotes his artist. hes a good nigga

  • Ricky

    Take notes Jeezy this is how u put or niggas on n let them eat,, this is MMG 3rd compilation n not one from CTE since

  • 215

    ^^real talk all dem niggaz get to shine, for all them haters that be talking shit bout ross y’all need to be MAD at 50 cent he the ONE that make this nigga feel he the shit cause 50 can’t stop his rap career so the nigga keep shinin’ on 50 # SLOWBUCKS get it how you can

  • sean

    mmg getting that money building there fan base little by little

  • fat-slim

    These MFers putting out alot of MUSIC…Albums,mixtape,tours ETC

  • fat-slim


  • Philly’s best kept secret

    If 15 to 20 million heard your music and u have major promotion and backing, and u only sell 60,000 ya first week YOU R NOT WINNING !!!! Bottomline now ya gone have to live what u rap about.

  • fat-slim

    ^^^Fuck Boy

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  • ZoomZoomDadOtis

    William Roberts fans are gullible and dumb. Damn, this guy is an impersonator yall still supporting him and MMG? Yall should be ashamed of yourself.

    Stop listening to fat boy. The solution is Curtis Jackson and Ggggg Unit. 50s next album is gonna do a milli 1st week I guarantee.