• Kurosaki

    this shit actually bangs tho

  • london

    His touch? Ok.good to have you back ja you can quit now.again

  • Ricflair

    I’d rather hear this than a new 50 song wow how times have changed!!

  • Check out King Shark – The Anthem, directed by Chief Keef’s director D-Gaines…more then 40,000 views on You Tube already.

  • S

    He went in

  • Darko

    So we’re gonna act like Ja Rule didnt just jack Meek Mill’s entire flow? Aight…

    • kvnburley

      but meek took is flow from tity(2chainz)…actually most of these rappers in the industry got they flow from tity

    • Dirty SkillZ

      Shut the fuck up You were probably born in 1990. Only know Meek Mill, Rick Ross and lil wayne. You dont know shit. Read Rules catalog and what was happening when you were 9 years old (1999). That was when your dad was still plowing your mother and you were at the door listening. Fuckin dickhead.

  • i see somebody is following The Light.

  • Hannibal Lecture

    @Darko he jacked the flow but the wordplay was nice. In this day of wack ass rappers i wouldnt mind hearing Ja Rule. People forget besides the pop hits he made he had bars (Murdergram, Story To Tell, NY).

  • fg1000

    rule is back

  • If yall niggas remember ja been yellin on tracks like this I guess niggas for got about holla holla

  • Fresher


  • yeemjay

    Always fucked with ja even during that 50 bullshit, always was real

  • b.i.g

    beats terrible

  • mag

    now this ish sound good, wassup wit him and cash money

  • Puto

    I thought the top five posts supposed to be the ones with the most comments. Seems like you just picking and choosing at this point.

  • JustMyOpinion

    @ Ricflair

    ^ Be the same cats on here, dedicating their love for Drake. Yeah you.

  • TRUTH be told : This is harder than anything 50 came out with in a minute. And Im Queens nigga who fuck with 50 but he pump faking on some detow shit. props Ja. Welcome home

  • dsunn723

    ja came thru

  • Strong Johnson

    This is a banger…Keep going Rule

  • MrHeat

    Read the interview where he shows respect to 50 and Em. Times pass let this guy get his break. Dope song. Welcome back in the game.

  • djnitti

    I always like JaRule and didn’t understand why everyone turned on him like they did. Funny thing is that JaRule was one of the first with rap-singing flow and then everyone turned on him and made fun of him for it and now practically everyone is trying to do it. I really think he needs to get back to that rap-singing flow and leave this gangsta shit alone because nobody will accept this from him now. Ja’s best work were those rap-singing songs for the ladies and if he got back to that he’d have a much better shot at a comeback than trying to be this super gangsta, IMO.

  • gboi


  • LOL

    let’s make Ja Rule make a comeback before 50 Cent, who’s down wit it?

  • K.I.N.G

    @MrHeat what’s him showing respect to them have to do with anything? 50 irrelevant and was just tryna come up off his name and he murdered Em rightfully for interfering. him showing respect to those clowns would actually take away from his credibility

  • mattleezy53

    Damn this is actually heat

  • @Darko, you mean like people started jacking his flows after he made singing on hooks even more popular? Didn’t someone criticize him for doing that and then switch to that style themselves?

    Let me explain, nothing’s been new since Big Daddy Kane
    Flows will get recycled passed around to different names – Ludacris

  • realtalk

    word dis shit fiyaaa

  • static

    cant front its dope beat and flow but aint nothing i aint heard before sorry rule i like it but your day is over… no comeback

  • King

    This shit is FIRE!

  • Surface2Air

    Damn.. this shit explosive!

  • Morris Day Laugh

    Too easy….drop that mixtape now.

  • Rumando

    I like this song I cannot lie but his time has been over. Even if he drops nothing but fire here on out the rap fans of today have been moved on from him. This is a “What have you done for me lately?” era and Ja hasn’t had a hit record since 2004. 9 years is way too long to fall back. Rap now is about who has the dope beat with a catchy hook and the cliques you roll with like MMG, GOOD Music or YMCMB. Murder INC dismantled way long time ago. Hell even Lloyd is doing songs with Banks and 50. Ja came from the class of Nelly, Jay Z, DMX, Missy Elliot, Lil’ Kim, Ludacris, Eminem, Outkast and Trina and Trick Daddy but the only ones who can still today be relevant out of all of them is Shady and Jigga. Eminem is white with a loyal fan base and Jay has been always putting out tunes. Ja had his time on top and he did his thing but all good things must come to an end.

  • jose


  • Thisisit

    This shit here is a amazing, hopefully he got more to come. Hip Hop need this

  • 85



    @static “but aint nothing i aint heard before sorry rule i like it but your day is over… no comeback”

    If that’s the case you might as well STOP listening to rap then because niggas been saying the similar shit since their first album. Case in point Jay-Z but he still goes in and that goes for your favorite rapper as well.

  • mrholloway

    NY need somebody else….why not Ja Rule???

  • Montalvo


  • The Raisin Looking Fortune Cookie (#1 HATER @ RR)


  • The Raisin Looking Fortune Cookie


  • PistolPistol

    Agrees w @djnitti..
    Ja started this singing shit, perfected it, the rest of these clowns ruined it.
    Jacked as hell w that lil head! Lol

  • PistolPistol

    Gave a listen. Ja still sucks.. Shame Em won’t attack his corny ass trying to get back in the game. Perfect time too w this MMLP2 dropping. Well see…

  • MrHeat

    @K.I.N.G.: You are wrong. Dude did do that in an interview and he never murdered Em. Who are you kiddin? Dudes carreer was over after that beef while Em went on and sold another 50 million records. Get your facts straight man

  • Jay

    Eeh not bad, at least the flow is still there. Much better than Shyne when he got released; no disrespect.

  • Corporate Thug

    Fresh!!! LOL

  • Its over for most of these old rappers!

    Peep this video if you like street music!



    Detroit Music

  • truer

    ja is back and better than ever rule’s up



    “You know, I used to like Ja rule…” Dick riders.

  • Krow

    Now I remember who Freddie Gibbs reminded me of…

  • phuckyoopinion

    * yawns *


  • Track´s Dope… but yeah, for him it is a bit hard for a comeback, what i´d advise him to do, is try not to fall for this corny rap era and try to make good genuine rap music and i think he´d be good.

    Then try to stick to the movie career that he is trying to emerge from now..

  • emcee718

    So wackkk, perfect for this era of hip hop.

  • stallion407

    It amazes me how some saying he jacked meek mills style.. gtfoh. Ja rule been rapping this way since meek mills and ace hood. He has always been a solid rapper. This song actually bangs hard giving how long he as been away. Maybe just maybe da rule is back. time will tell

  • Darko and any other nigga that thinks Ja is using Meek’s style needs to go kill themselves… You don’t know hip hop or murder inc then. Thats Ja’s normal way of rapping. Before the r&b/hip hop songs. Go listen to Venni Vetti Vecci or Irv Gotti Presents The Murderers

    Notable tracks from 1999:

    How many wanna die
    We murdererss
    Let’s ride