New Music: James Blake x Chance The Rapper “Life Round Here”

Forbidden Fruit - Music Festival - Day 1

UK crooner James Blake brings his experiences to wax on this moody cut featuring Chance The Rapper. Not for nothing, James should’ve kept this one to himself.


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  • Clown

    Fuck what your parents told you cornball

  • Niggas be like…

    Ayo that new Justin biebs/ drake is tough, real tough

    You an oxyMORON doofus

  • Anon

    Rockie Fresh rapped over this shit too

  • LR

    James Blake should win best new artist at the Grammy’s…his last album is perfect.

  • 124

    get a new line B Dot

  • chris

    Chance sucks.

  • Mike B

    I asked my girlfriend if I knew who James blake was….I guess I don’t…sad face…but chance is nice

    but these players never play on my shit

  • Karma

    Not for nothing, but James DID keep this one to himself… it’s off his last album “Overgrown” and Chance just remixed it.

  • Set303

    Exactly what Karma said. Chance just added a verse on his own.

  • yo

    chance didnt do it on his own. this is an official remix. they shot the video already.

  • Chronic

    chance just kills anything he goes in on, flow is fuckin ridiculous, dude sounds like a simple version of lup, if lupe did massive amounts of lsd

  • Jays

    I like it before a chance started rapping