• Facts

    headed for that #1 billboard spot han

  • Melman

    J cole is an awesome artist all around…and in my opinion he’s the best in the game for the new generation..great video…fucked me up at the end though wasn’t expecting that..shock value

  • LikeJordan45

    I was JUST thinking that this nigga choked by not making “Forbidden Fruit” a single/video by now and he’s just now getting to Crooked Smile…smh. Seems like traditional marketing for albums has died out considering Drake only has 1 video for NWTS and it dropped back in February.


  • sean

    great video giving a story with the video’s

    but on another note all that cop for a bag of weed

  • Proud fan

    this video is great! cole using his platform to shed light on things the the media tend to over look. The sad thing is this is a true story… RIP Aiyana

  • Mar-tian

    Great video! I love videos that tell a story and have more than just performance scenes.

  • LikeJordan45

    Oh and P.S. this is a dope video, I love the message & that J Cole understands the power of his platform. Respect.

  • veesky

    I enjoyed the video…didn’t necessarily think it was the best fit for the song. Makes me wonder even more now what the original version looked like

  • Word

    Okay, great video. Love the message behind it. Love that he’s bringing awareness to this situation. Love the song. Etc.

    But, this video wasn’t a good fit for the song AT ALL. But maybe that wasn’t the point anymore since he had a video planned and then did this so I’m guessing Cole isn’t really aiming for this to be on BET or something else because its sorta depressing. Would’ve loved to have seen the original, tho I do like this video just didn’t fit with the song.

    Sorry for the loss of the girl but I hope in the future Cole gets back to making happier videos. Power Trip and Crooked Smile are much much better songs than Work Out and Can’t Get Enough, but I loved the videos for Work Out and Can’t Get Enough a more because they fit the vibe of the songs. PT and CS seemed like songs worthy of brighter visuals but instead they were more depressing. Bad call IMO despite being solid enough videos.

  • The Wise

    Now that was actually really dope!! Never been to crazy bout kids music but that let nas down an this joint is straight firee..keep doin what u doin cole keep perfecting ur craft

  • one2go

    i get your points but i also believe its clever for J Cole to shoot a video with a strong message for a song headed to the top (check out billboard) rather than the usual generic images and visuals. I was expecting the usual cheesy smiles, people of all skin types and issues etc., but this goes completely left field and allows a wider audience to see that “Crooked Smile” has a deeper meaning to it IMO.

  • Mr.November

    @ one2go


  • juju

    wow man, that was great.

    video with a story, message & purpose. I love it.

    Artistry in hip-hop.

  • Jax

    Didn’t like it. The video has nothing to do with the song. The song has such a great meaning and the visual for it could have been so impactful. Unfortunately this video does not do the song justice IMO.

  • Nicki Minaj

    This ain’t got nothing on my “Stupid Ho” video, doh!!! RAHHHHH

  • B.Dot

    They busted the door down over some dime bags. Fuck.

  • Jrue313

    This story hits home .. happen in my city detroit, s/o cole for showing respect!

  • asmodeus ashmadi


  • Word

    @one2go I see your point but is loving yourself also a strong message? That you shouldn’t care what ppl think of you? Ppl commit suicide everyday because they get teased about their weight or defects or teeth or whatever. THATS a strong message as well, only difference is that THAT actually relates to the song whereas this video does not. I’m fine with the way he did it but let’s not pretend there isn’t a non cheesy way to portray the original message of the song which is love yourself for who you are.

  • LOL

    damn this video is sad

  • tha OG

    Great video

  • Wow, this video went another totally direction then I thought it would. Great stuff. Sad Story. Salute to everyone involved in the production of this video and R.I.P. to Aiyana Stanley-Jones.

  • E

    This was deep and absolutely amazing video. Many people didn’t seem to grasp the concept. The song is about not being picture perfect. In the video, Cole was sort of a family man. He appeared picture perfect to his family, when in reality he was a drug dealer. It put a different spin on it and i liked it. The end of the video really grabbed me. Wasn’t expecting that. Cole’s videos for this album have been nothing less but amazing so far. Keep up the good work cole and R.I.P to Aiyana.

  • B

    Incredible video. All the little things tied together to make the story. The cop’s daughter and Cole’s little sister in the classroom at the end was just genius and gave me goosebumps. It made the story come full circle. Execution was just great. Cole went left field with both videos this year and delivered with both. He is also the ONLY rapper with 2 number 1 hits this year. This has been Cole’s year, no denying it.

  • I like it because it was unexpected. great job Cole.

  • BetheMusic

    Did anyone catch the shirt Cole had on and the last string Instrumental??? American Anthem …. Crooked Smile is about how crooked america is … as in NOT PERFECT … but also F’d up sometimes… Awesome job J.COLE to bring awareness to our flaws to help each other and love each other !

  • chopzx

    why im crying for watching this video smh

  • While the story is certainly something that needs to be told, I see this more as pandering on J Cole’s part towards everyone’s heartstrings.

    Just to get some attention for a single

    Yea, get mad at me , but after you’re done ask yourself what exactly is the reason for using this song & this story ?

    or Google “pandering”

    @p0is0nedkoola on twitter
    RIP to all those lost way too young & full of innocence

  • bluengold85

    I thought the reason the cops were on him was because this is a continuation of the Power Trip video after he killed Miguel.


    this is more realer than anything dhis nigga could bring to the table, listen http://youtu.be/w2D50TWUri4

  • Dashing

    I’m with @Word on this one. The video is dope, but doesn’t fit the song. It’s such a positive uplifting song that the negative turn feels a bit forced. Still a good video nonetheless.