The Weeknd Debuts High On Charts

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Kiss Land just might be the happiest place on Earth. Early reports from HDD indicate that Abel will come in tomorrow at #2 on the Billboard charts with an estimated 97,985 in first week sales.

As for 2 Chainz, his sophomore set B.O.A.T.S.2: Me Time is expected to land at #3 with 60,644 while Janellé Monae’s The Electric Lady closes out the top 5 with 47,894. Congrats all.

UPDATE: Billboard has the final verdict. The Weeknd 98,000. 2 Chainz 63,000 and Janellé Monae 47,000.

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  • Facts

    now watch MMG flop in a week… I smell <20k

  • Hannibal Lecture

    Damn 2 Chainz 60k.

  • West West

    What will Drake do? I say 700 – 800k

  • Pete

    “2 Chainz” he says in a sad ad-lib voice.

  • LR

    yup, i’m thinkin mmg will do about 25k

  • Gambino

    2 Chainz had a decent album. That Mannie Fresh track is dope

  • itsMe

    That’s awesome, great album. No radio play. Great to see people support great music.

  • StarFox64

    self made bout to do triple c’s numbers..

  • Devante

    Y’all know Drake cd doesn’t drop till next week right?

  • Itsfarfromover1

    If he had a single he would’ve smashed the charts

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    Rap Radar has the scoop on what’s going on this Weekend

  • Dashing

    I wouldnt have guessed that The Weeknd would outsell 2 Chainz first week, but 2 Chainz is gonna kill it on the singles anyway.

  • JustMyOpinion

    I guess 2 Chainz doing a few extra shows brought him 20k more than I predicted (40k).

  • Word

    Damn, from 100k a year ago to 60k this year? What a drop 2 chain. Congrats to Weeknd though. And Janelle Monae had solid numbers too even with no single that I ever heard on the radio.

  • Nasty Nas

    Sold better than I thought too. Good shit.

  • Set303

    Janelle Monae’s album makes the Weeknd’s album sound like scrub material.

  • Regular Guy

    janelle monae on bad boy?

  • riDylan

    Check out this music video!!

  • Theblackrushlinbaugh

    ^^^^ nigga talkin bout mmg #s. lol

  • herbsaac

    Not a big MMG fan here but to the dude who says 25k first week you forget wale is on that shit? wale steady puts out 140k+ releases. No way this cd goes under 100k and thats off the wale love and maybe 50k from Ross fans.

  • Facts

    @ herbsaac

    hahahahaha!! damn… you gotta learn some stuff… smh…

  • Canyonero


    Fuck man, you just stupid. Not even a Kanye West feature would make that sell over 100k, let alone Wall-E. 30k-40k tops.

  • realtalkbru

    how the fuck 2chainz did 150k to 60k LMAO gtfooooo

  • juju

    numbers are in

    Self Made 3- Maybach Music Group (Atlantic) 50-55k

  • Slim

    Those numbers are good for Self Made 3 – I was expecting 40K tops.